Juke Box

Welcome to the Music Room at Ozboy’s Bar and Grill!

Here is where you can swap YouTube clips at will, without worrying about the current LibertyGibbert thread page growing too long. I’ll clear this page out every week or so to keep the length manageable. Stay and chat as long as you like; we’re open 24/7/365. And the Jukebox is free!

To embed a YouTube clip, click on the juke box above, navigate to the clip you want, copy the URL (web address in your browser), and paste in the “Leave a Reply” box below in the following format:


Use square brackets [] not parentheses () as I did above (note in particular, no spaces). It will look like this:

Do pop back into the front bar every now and then to refresh your drink, and let us know that you’re here; you never know who else is about!



9 Responses to Juke Box

  1. Ozboy says:

    Here’s how it’s done.

    Update: sorry to hear INXS guitarist Tim Farriss lost a finger in a boating accident last weekend. The 57-year-old says he doubts he will ever be able to play again.

  2. Ozboy says:

    Yeah, it’s 80s synth pop, but I happen to have been in the audience for this one – Sydney Entertainment Centre, 1987. Plus, one of the best harp solos you’ll hear anywhere.

  3. Ozboy says:

    Another from that era. My band once supported these guys not long after this song came out, and the crowd reaction to it was something to behold. Great hook, I guess.

  4. Ozboy says:

    I must be in a retro mood this week. Another 80s Aussie classic.

  5. Magilla says:

    Last night at the Proms – Status Quo

  6. farmerbraun says:

    R.I.P. B.B.

  7. Ozboy says:

    Few people were aware of BB’s extensive charity work.

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