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LibertyGibbert Open Forum

I’m tied up with work at the moment so don’t have time for an in-depth article; so I’m throwing the floor over to you. A couple of starters: A number of British readers have expressed a bit of envy at … Continue reading

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DT Down for Maintenance – Ozboy’s Still Open

James Delingpole’s posters are welcome over here till service resumes… Current topics include the recent sacking of Tim Flannery and Drunk Tanks. Or anything else that takes your fancy. I’ll close off this thread after the DT blogs resume operation. … Continue reading

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The New, Libertarian Conscience Of the Senate

I said the other week that I agreed with Paul Keating’s famous denunciation of the Senate as “unrepresentative swill”. It’s now looking highly likely that, due to complicated preference deals which few voters understood or were even aware of, six … Continue reading

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Clean Up Australia Day

Today’s the day. After six years of Labor incompetence and obsession with leadership battles, Machiavellian sub-plots, the best-forgotten Gillard Experiment, and the finale of Rudd Redux, Australians today will finally have their chance to go to the polls and cast … Continue reading

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