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The Next Emperor?

Even the Middle Kingdom is no match for one small sniffer dog when he’s in the mood! LibertyGibbert’s grand master of mirth, Fenbeagle, this week aims his pencil at an oft-forgotten but oddly familiar chapter in Chinese history…

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The Dragon’s Dissent Part II: Carbon Tax As A Trade Weapon

The publication of the Introduction to Low Carbon Plot by Gou Hongyang, on this forum twelve days ago caused reverberations around the world. In it, we saw how China dismissed the purported scientific consensus on Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW), … Continue reading

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A Plague On Both Our Houses

The Australian Federal election has been run and won. It’s just that, we don’t know by who. Mr Rabbit and Julia the Red have both come up short of gaining the 76 seats needed to hold a majority in the … Continue reading

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Global Warming And The Hot Water Bottle

Our God-Emperor has taken ill. And to cheer him while he recuperates, why don’t you record your best wishes, offer suggestions, remedies or reading materials he might like? I’ll start with one that’s sure to tickle his funny bone: A … Continue reading

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To Refuse To Choose

On Saturday, Australians go to the polls in an election that will, in all likelihood, shape the way we in this country work, eat, travel and power our homes for decades to come. Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard is seeking … Continue reading

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A Difficult Decision

A note to all LibertyGibbert’s readers…

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The China Syndrome

G’day Everyone, I’m away today (doing research for a new article) but I’ll be leaving you in the very capable hands of some of LibertyGibbert’s finest talents…

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Milanković And The Exploding Chook Shed

I thought I’d cover another science topic today, after this week’s fill of politics. Most of you have probably heard mention of Milanković Cycles (the spelling usually Anglicized to Milankovitch Cycles) in relation to the study of the earth’s climate. Today I’ll explain what … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Dissent

As you’re probably aware, most warmists appear to believe it vitally important that the reputed consensus in the scientific community regarding CAGW remains inviolate. Any questioning of this consensus, any appearance of pockets of dissent anywhere in the world, is ruthlessly … Continue reading

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Dobson, Dykes And Diverse Disputes

G’day All, Ozboy here. As you may have noticed recently, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to spend here creating posts. Rather than me offering another mere one-paragraph “spill post”, MemoryVault has kindly offered his services in … Continue reading

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