Views Of Tasmania

I thought I’d use this page to publish some photos of Tasmania. Of course, the best place to start is Mount Wellington, which rises behind Hobart to 1270 metres, or 4200 feet.

Mount Wellington, seen from Lindisfarne BayIn days gone by, it was a popular challenge to climb the mountain. Charles Darwin and Mark Twain are two who did it the hard way. This photo, one of the earliest known, was taken in 1900, five years after Twain’s visit.

Mt Wellington, 1900The road to the summit was completed in 1937. This archival news photo shows the opening ceremony.

MtWellingtonPinnacleRdOpeningJan1937The view from the summit of the mountain is particularly spectacular. This panorama, also from wiki, shows Hobart below on the shores of the Derwent Estuary, and out past Lauderdale, Opossum Bay and Cambridge through to south-east Tasmania and the Tasman Peninsula (click through to enlarge):


My home is in the mountains in the far distance at the right. Our little piece of paradise.

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