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Ugly Australia

This isn’t the thread I had planned to write. Actually, I had planned to put out an essay last Thursday—Australia Day, commemorating the 224th anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove. I had planned to tell … Continue reading

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A Very Selective Blindness

What if a journalist had asked JFK this sort of question in 1960? Or Clinton in 1992?

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Waste Not, Want Not

A very happy New Year to you all. Well, it seems the world is still here: Europe hasn’t imploded (yet), America is not yet (completely) certain of getting another four years of Obama; North Korea hasn’t deployed nuclear missiles (or … Continue reading

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A Few Days Yet

G’day folks, I had planned a new post out today. Unfortunately, Santa’s main present for me at Christmas was a recurrence of this damn chest infection that laid me low in 2011. So I’m getting some rest, and I hope … Continue reading

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