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The Pioneer

The Lincolnshire Sniffer Dog strikes yet again! LibertyGibbert’s Pavarotti of pictorial punditry, Fenbeagle, this week brings his historical epic forward to the Victorian era, and that greatest of all British engineers. At least, when he stuck to building railways, bridges … Continue reading

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The Cognoscenti Speak

Here’s a post where you can discuss the current JD thread in a bit more detail. I never really knew much about the Bilderberg group. They seem to be compromised of pretty much everyone who actually runs the world, and … Continue reading

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The Time To Let Up?

G’day everyone, and thanks for keeping LibertyGibbert humming away while I’ve been out on the road. I note the rather triumphalist tone in James Delingpole’s latest post in the UK Daily Telegraph; I’m not so sure I agree with it. … Continue reading

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Here’s A Real One-Way Climate Trend

Seeing as we’re back onto our favourite topic, I thought I’d mention an issue that’s been buzzing around the Ozboy headspace for a while now. In the AGW debate, it’s clear the battle lines (for such they are) were drawn … Continue reading

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Be Prepared

Today I’m taking a slight detour around AGW, with a brief visit to one of my own personal hobby horses. I’d like to talk to you about disaster preparedness; why you should think about it, and some of the simple … Continue reading

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An ill wind

No ill wind can pass unnoticed by the nose of the Lincolnshire Sniffer Dog! Continuing his historical romp through alternative energy sources, LibertyGibbert’s Leonardo of lampoon, Fenbeagle, this week zeroes in on the Tudor era, and one man’s relentless alchemic quest … Continue reading

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Green Scam: Business Creating Its Own Demand

I commented on this issue recently on the DT blog in response to this article by Christopher Booker, but it’s a topic worthy of further attention. I’m sure most of you have heard of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a … Continue reading

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