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Parliament On A Knife Edge Part VIII – Panic Stations And A Palace Coup

This has now gone so far beyond a joke that I hardly know where to start. So much ink has been spilled by hoary press gallery veterans covering Labor’s leadership soap opera, that there is very little new that LibertyGibbert … Continue reading

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Libel, Reputation and Thin Air

This isn’t something I had planned to discuss any time soon, but recent headlines in Australia have pushed it to the head of the queue. If you don’t follow Australian politics closely, you may have missed the recent news that … Continue reading

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The Lemmings And The Cliff

Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself. We’re now down to just 99 days until the Federal election. And for 99% of the Australian community, it just can’t come quickly enough. For those planning to vote for the coalition, it’s a … Continue reading

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