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Anthropogenic Global Warming: the theory or claim that human activities are pushing the earth’s environment towards catastrophic changes in climate.

Hoist On Their Own Petard

Happy New Year to all my readers. I thought I’d interrupt my summer holidays in balmy climes to have a bit of a chortle at two seemingly unrelated stories in the news over the last few days. One concerns cricket, … Continue reading

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LibertyGibbert Open Forum

I’m tied up with work at the moment so don’t have time for an in-depth article; so I’m throwing the floor over to you. A couple of starters: A number of British readers have expressed a bit of envy at … Continue reading

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The Non-Conference

It’s all I can think of calling it. The MSM aren’t touching it; you even have to search WUWT carefully to find much mention of it.

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A Game Of Chicken

The Gillard Government’s Carbon Tax legislation passed the Lower House yesterday, by the slenderest of majorities. Next month it will pass the Senate, in which the Australian Greens hold the balance of power. The eighteen bills of which this legislation … Continue reading

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Style Versus Substance

In May this year, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Corporation created space travel history by achieving the first “feathered” re-entry of its experimental craft, SpaceShipTwo. Oversize stabilizers mounted on the wingtips rotated upwards by 65°, giving the craft the geometry … Continue reading

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Give ‘Em Hell, James

It would be remiss of me not to wish our God-Emperor all the best on his current American promotional tour of his new book, Watermelons. I just heard him being interviewed here (H/T FergalR) on Ron Smith’s WBAL Radio show. I’m … Continue reading

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So: Impending Ice Age Or Not?

I thought I’d follow up the current JD thread as it seems to have worried the warmists enough to send a few new trolls over; some of the new crop even appear to be scientifically literate.

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Not A Good Time To Visit Tasmania

But before Tourism Tasmania sends a hit man out after me, let me tell you why.

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Gone Skiing

Well, I wish I was anyway. Today marks the start of the Australian ski season, and reports from all resorts indicate it’ll be a ripper.

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My Favourite Pom

Sorry folks: that’s it for penises and Jews for me for a while. I thought I’d pay brief homage to one of the century’s greatest philosophers, connoisseurs, insanely fast drivers and all-round bon vivants.

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