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The Thirty-Second Version

That’s all the time I’ve got to compose this post…

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Spending More Than We Earn

I’m sure you’re growing a little weary of the farce that Australian politics has become this last week. I’ll keep the previous thread going, with updates as they occur. If, as I suspect, moves begin in Cabinet against Gillard, I’ll … Continue reading

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Beware Of Greeks Demanding Gifts

I’ve just been reading what I regard as the most comprehensible article (to a non-economist) I’ve read covering the causes of the current PIIGS financial crisis in Europe. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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The Sixty-Four Foot Cube

As I write this, the United States of America today reached its statutory debt ceiling of 14.294 trillion dollars. Treasury has announced that, unless Congress grants the Obama administration an increase in the debt ceiling in the next few weeks, … Continue reading

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The scene: a desolate, barren moonscape. Lightning bolts flash occasionally across a blackened sky. Boiling, bubbling lava pools dot the ground as far as the eye can see, sending plumes of reeking smoke into the gloom. The only sounds are … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Dissent Part III: Naked National Interest

The emergence of China as the world’s new superpower has raised many questions in the international community and across the blogosphere regarding the longer-range agenda of the Middle Kingdom. In a recent discussion on this forum, the question of Chinese … Continue reading

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The Dragon And The Chrysanthemum

It is the world’s fastest-growing economy. Within our lifetimes, it will become the largest. And yet, the face China presents to the world belies the truth of the lives of 1.4 billion people. To speak of broad generalities and the … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Dissent Part II: Carbon Tax As A Trade Weapon

The publication of the Introduction to Low Carbon Plot by Gou Hongyang, on this forum twelve days ago caused reverberations around the world. In it, we saw how China dismissed the purported scientific consensus on Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW), … Continue reading

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The China Syndrome

G’day Everyone, I’m away today (doing research for a new article) but I’ll be leaving you in the very capable hands of some of LibertyGibbert’s finest talents…

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The Dragon’s Dissent

As you’re probably aware, most warmists appear to believe it vitally important that the reputed consensus in the scientific community regarding CAGW remains inviolate. Any questioning of this consensus, any appearance of pockets of dissent anywhere in the world, is ruthlessly … Continue reading

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