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The Principles Of Freedom – Some Bedtime Reading

I’m still drowning in work down here, and will be doing so for at least another three weeks. The thread on children looks likely to happen probably around the second week of November. Sorry about the delay, but I know … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Connection

Last Thursday, Tasmania’s Lower House of parliament passed a bill which, if ratified by the Upper House next month, will make the Apple Isle the first state of Australia to legalize gay marriage.

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Deferring To Our Betters?

I’m in the middle of writing a longer article on religion; but meantime, here’s an article from today’s Sydney Daily Telegraph that caught my eye, and which has serious implications for the administration of criminal justice in all countries whose … Continue reading

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Copyright And Intellectual Property – A Case Of Overkill

Two pieces of information I’ve received in the last 24 hours prompted me to open a discussion on Libertarianism and intellectual property rights. Firstly, the tragic death yesterday of Australian band Men At Work’s multi-instrumentalist Greg Ham, in his suburban … Continue reading

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The Darkest Debate

In this thread, LibertyGibbert will look at the topic which, more than any other, divides Libertarians. It’s a topic I have been reluctant to raise on this forum till now; indeed, I have been advised by some of you that … Continue reading

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Agree Or Else

I thought I had better post another discussion point for those who haven’t read Ayn Rand; so how about this article, by the Sydney Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine, to which Dr Dave and CommonSenseMajority alerted us the other day.

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Life Imitating Art

While on my recent road trip, I took the opportunity in my spare time to re-read Atlas Shrugged. It’s been quite a while—over thirty years, in fact—since I first picked up Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, and was struck by how accurately … Continue reading

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Woody Guthrie, Abbie Hoffman And A Big Mac

Capitalism is evil! Down with the system! Peace and Love! Yeah, right.

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A Game Of Chicken

The Gillard Government’s Carbon Tax legislation passed the Lower House yesterday, by the slenderest of majorities. Next month it will pass the Senate, in which the Australian Greens hold the balance of power. The eighteen bills of which this legislation … Continue reading

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Freedom Of Suppress

As of today in Australia, the right not to be offended trumps the right to free speech.

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