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Faster And Faster…

Strewth! You lot are posting faster than I can write new threads! When the comments on any particular thread get to 400 or so, the page start slowing down in loading, so here’s yet another brief “spill post” (as I … Continue reading

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…But Some Are More Equal Than Others

Another brief post while I find some time to work on my next long one. For the average punter, not possessing a science degree can sometimes make the scientific AGW debate seem a bit esoteric: geeks firing gobbledegook-bombs at each … Continue reading

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Beware Of Imploding Watermelons

Just a brief post today, as the last one’s getting a bit long. I should have a full post up mid-weekish. I was looking at Watts Up With That this morning when I came across this hilarious story of a … Continue reading

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It’s Still Just Weather, Not Climate—Isn’t It?

This won’t surprise those of you in the United Kingdom and the USA, who have recently endured the coldest winter in living memory: it’s happening again—this time in South America.

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What Is It With The English Anyway?

OK, you’ve read my thread on the Commonwealth. For those of us fortunate enough to live within its present or former extent, the British have given us the English language, parliamentary democracy, the writ of habeas corpus, Common Law and … Continue reading

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LibertyGibbert Writing Competition – Prose Winners

Entries in the prose/poetry section were not as numerous as I had hoped, but of a uniformly high standard. And after serious reflection, illiquid and otherwise, I have decided on a winner.

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Wheels Within Wheels

This is just a very brief post as the last one is growing a tad long (and slow). I’m just reading a very strange conspiracy story here, linking BP and the Lockerbie bombing. Even our own Captain Sherlock couldn’t make … Continue reading

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Get Out Your Scarves And Mitts: Jack Frost’s A-Coming

I thought I’d touch on a science topic briefly, as it has popped up rather a lot recently in the MSM. I’m assuming you’ve all at least heard of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation? Good. For some time now it’s been … Continue reading

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A Neglected And Forgotten Resource

You know, I listen to your tales of Britain’s ongoing Euro-woes with a certain sense of wonder. Nothing in my own Antipodean experience compares to the kind of legal and bureaucratic subjugation that seems to have infected the UK from Bruxelles … Continue reading

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