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Is There Really Such A Thing As National Character?

I found myself asking this question after reading GE’s thought-provoking essay in Notting Hill Editions. In it, James contrasts what he sees as different national traits of America with those of his homeland. He arrives at the conclusion that the … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Nut Cases Are Every Bit As Reprehensible As Left-Wing Nut Cases

I’ve said before many times on this blog, the left-right divide is a fiction. The real differentiation in politics is between Libertarianism and Populism (aka Totalitarianism). Left-wingers and right-wingers merely squabble over what freedoms they choose to repress first: economic … Continue reading

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Parliament On A Knife Edge

A few thoughts while I’m still working on my next main article. You’ve heard me mentioning in the last thread the tenuous situation currently existing on the Australian parliament’s Lower House, the House of Representatives. Of the 150 seats, Labor … Continue reading

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MSM – A Monoculture

Just a quick post today, as we’re all still recuperating from the ‘flu down here. I guess we can’t ignore the goings on in the British media; James is on the case, so I thought I’d give you all a … Continue reading

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Style Versus Substance

In May this year, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Corporation created space travel history by achieving the first “feathered” re-entry of its experimental craft, SpaceShipTwo. Oversize stabilizers mounted on the wingtips rotated upwards by 65°, giving the craft the geometry … Continue reading

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The Australian Labor Party – A Dying Brand

The Australian Labor Party does not even call itself a socialist party. Actually it is a liberal-bourgeois party. V.I. Lenin, 1913

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Beware Of Greeks Demanding Gifts

I’ve just been reading what I regard as the most comprehensible article (to a non-economist) I’ve read covering the causes of the current PIIGS financial crisis in Europe. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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