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Give ‘Em Hell, James

It would be remiss of me not to wish our God-Emperor all the best on his current American promotional tour of his new book, Watermelons. I just heard him being interviewed here (H/T FergalR) on Ron Smith’s WBAL Radio show. I’m … Continue reading

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What’s Your Poison?

In a very thinly-veiled effort to give this chronicler a few days’ breathing space, I thought I’d throw open the bar and pose the question close to everyone’s heart at 6pm. What’s everyone’s most desired drink, loved libation, needed nepenthe?

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So: Impending Ice Age Or Not?

I thought I’d follow up the current JD thread as it seems to have worried the warmists enough to send a few new trolls over; some of the new crop even appear to be scientifically literate.

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Not A Good Time To Visit Tasmania

But before Tourism Tasmania sends a hit man out after me, let me tell you why.

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Gone Skiing

Well, I wish I was anyway. Today marks the start of the Australian ski season, and reports from all resorts indicate it’ll be a ripper.

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My Favourite Pom

Sorry folks: that’s it for penises and Jews for me for a while. I thought I’d pay brief homage to one of the century’s greatest philosophers, connoisseurs, insanely fast drivers and all-round bon vivants.

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The Last Respectable Prejudice

I can’t believe I’ve just read this in 2011. The Melbourne Herald-Sun’s Andrew Bolt picked up on this article in the Los Angeles Times, regarding a citizen-initiated referendum in the state of California seeking to outlaw male circumcision.

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Free Speech, Gag Orders And Accountability

I’m going to tackle this in more depth a little later. But the other day I was shown (Hat-tip Izen) the existence of something called super-injunctions, of which prior till now I’d been blissfully ignorant. It’s important enough to call … Continue reading

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