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What Is Libertarianism Part II

Since I published my original short article on this subject, a number of you have asked me to make some clarifications and extensions. I thought it appropriate to deal with some of those today.

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It’s Just A Jump To The Left

…followed by the inevitable step to the right.

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McLurg’s Law

I wasn’t planning to comment on the Japanese earthquake, as it’s being fully covered elsewhere. But last night’s hysterical treatment of the relatively minor damage at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on the local current affairs TV program Four … Continue reading

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Yet another grab for power by the state over the citizen, in ways never mentioned in the Constitution. Today’s story is set here in Australia, but all readers around the world take note, because if this law succeeds here, its … Continue reading

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The Centre Of The Universe

A column by Boris Johnson in the UK Daily Telegraph caught my eye the other day. It shone a cold, hard light on man’s seemingly innate tendency to place himself at the centre of everything.

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What Are Rights?

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The Gates Re-open…

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