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O God-Emperor, Wherefore Art Thou?

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Rudd Gone

Kevin Rudd has just this minute been rolled, unopposed as Australia’s Prime Minister. Former Socialist Forum Secretary Julia Gillard has been installed as Australia’s 27th PM. Rudd’s personal popularity has plummeted since his back-flip on the Emissions Trading Scheme earlier … Continue reading

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Stop the presses! You heard it here first…

China’s Central Communist Committee have just announced they have the ability to shut down the global internet, and are introducing enabling legislation in the People’s Congress giving Premier Wen Jiabao broad emergency powers over the World Wide Web in times … Continue reading

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What the hell is going on in the Gulf of Mexico?

Someone help me out here: I read with great interest Walt O’Brien’s analysis of WWII oil tanker losses off the U.S. Atlantic coast. They equate to double the current spill in the Gulf of Mexico, every day for six years! And … Continue reading

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Express Your Disqust – the LibertyGibbert Writing Competition

G’day all. Having seen so much dissatisfaction expressed at the new blogging software at the UK Daily Telegraph, I thought I’d give you all the opportunity to vent your anguish/outrage/disqust/insert-your-own-emotion-here, by casting it into verse.

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Anthropogenic Global Warming and Parallel Universes

There are times when I must confess to being a little confused. Everyone I talk to says the Anthropogenic Global Warming debate is over. I’ve said it myself more than once. But what is meant depends on to whom you’re … Continue reading

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It’s a girl

Allow me to indulge myself for a moment. The world has been graced by the arrival of a beautiful new Ozgirl, born by caesarian section @9:15 am local time, 3.2 kilograms or 7 pounds in the old money. Bubs and … Continue reading

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