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Back To Basics

Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes for 2016. As you’re aware, I haven’t published anything here at LibertyGibbert for the last six months. I am undergoing a bit of a career change, and have been tied up with … Continue reading

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Some Random Jottings To Start The Year

Happy New Year everyone. I’m still neck-deep in work at the moment, and might not have time for anything lengthy till the end of the month. But here are some conversation starters, the main issues of the last two months … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings For 2014

Sorry I’ve been AWOL folks, but there hasn’t been any time to scratch my nose, let alone blog. I’m involved in a sort of side project that has ballooned, and looks set to become my new full-time career when it’s … Continue reading

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Everything’s Under Control, Folks

Politicians (of all stripes) are such gifted liars, that you often don’t even smell the BS until someone points it out, say, by compressing years of them into a montage. Credit to this article by Andrew C. McCarthy in the … Continue reading

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The Argument Of Last Resort

It’s one pretty much certain way to determine that you have won a debate. Your opponent, having despaired of countering your arguments one by one, having consulted Shopenhauer’s 38 Stratagems, and found nothing to aid him there, finally, in desperation, … Continue reading

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Every Parliament Needs One

Thus begins a journey of a thousand miles—with a single step. You may recall back here I introduced you to David Leyonhjelm, newly-elected Australian Federal Senator from New South Wales, representing the Liberal Democratic Party, Australia’s primary Libertarian political party. … Continue reading

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The Threshold Is Reached

Just a brief post today to mark a milestone in the history of mankind.

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A Slap On The Wrist

Twelve months. With nine of them suspended. What a bloody joke. At long, long last, corrupt former union official and Labor MHR Craig Thomson, the man onto whose vote the Gillard government clung by its fingernails, was today sentenced in … Continue reading

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Not Right

I feel like a bit of a semantic quibble today. It concerns the term “right-wing”. As most of you are probably already aware, the terms “left-wing” and “right-wing” have their origins in the États Généraux, the old French Legislative Assembly, back … Continue reading

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Judicial Activism And Its Threat To Liberty

This week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the long-promised Royal Commission into union corruption. Its terms of reference—initially confined to a small number of unions and designed primarily to shine a light on the activities of the Australian Workers Union … Continue reading

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