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Libertarianism And Drug Liberalization

G’day everyone, Just arrived back home safe and sound. Sorry there hasn’t been a new post in several days, but just at the moment my family needs me more than the Bar and Grill does. Dr. Dave has graciously stepped … Continue reading

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Stealing Democracy?

G’day everyone, Ozboy here. The United States mid-term elections are just one week away, and the mounting resentment many Americans feel about the way their country is being governed appears certain to be made clear at the polls. One of … Continue reading

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MWP – The Warmists’ Retreat Gains Speed

I’m on the road at the moment, so just a brief post today. I was most amused to read the latest article in Watt’s Up With That? concerning a climate conference that occurred a month ago in Portugal, and attended … Continue reading

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It’s Started Again – Biodiversity And The IPBES

We’ve been predicting it, and now it appears to have happened. After Cancún, Anthropogenic Global Warming is generally expected to have oulived (by far) its fifteen minutes of fame, and will be quietly dropped by Western governments; so quietly, in … Continue reading

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Has Multiculturalism Failed?

It has, if you believe the words of German Chancellor Angela Merkel this week. Multikulti, the concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it, she declared, has failed utterly. For a modern German leader to … Continue reading

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The Dragon And The Chrysanthemum

It is the world’s fastest-growing economy. Within our lifetimes, it will become the largest. And yet, the face China presents to the world belies the truth of the lives of 1.4 billion people. To speak of broad generalities and the … Continue reading

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A Bit Of British Fair Play…

…or so it seems from this story in the UK Daily Telegraph. Under new guidelines published on Tuesday, the BBC will henceforth be required to give “appropriate weight” to dissenting views on controversial subjects—like Anthropogenic Global Warming. Our God-Emperor is … Continue reading

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