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Freedom Of Suppress

As of today in Australia, the right not to be offended trumps the right to free speech.

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Chutzpah In The House

How can you not be cynical? As the Labor government this week introduces into the House of Representatives the bills legislating the Carbon Tax she swore before the election she’d never countenance, La Gillardine’s courtiers have clearly advised her that her … Continue reading

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A Day To Pause And Reflect

I still don’t know what made me do it. It was late on a cool Tuesday spring evening in Sydney; I had been working sixteen hours straight at my computer, and my head was filled with ten thousand lines of software … Continue reading

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Spending More Than We Earn

I’m sure you’re growing a little weary of the farce that Australian politics has become this last week. I’ll keep the previous thread going, with updates as they occur. If, as I suspect, moves begin in Cabinet against Gillard, I’ll … Continue reading

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