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Abandoning All Pretence

Behold your future. Coming soon to a banking system near you. Last weekend’s announcement by Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades that, as a precondition of the acceptance of a €10 billion EU bailout, his country would impose an immediate “tax” of up … Continue reading

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The Thirty-Second Version

That’s all the time I’ve got to compose this post…

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A Whisper In The Ear

OK, so now the people of the Hellenic Republic won’t have a referendum on the Big Fat Greek Bailout. PM George Papandreou has done a remarkable backflip in the last couple of days. Reading his rhetoric of four days ago, … Continue reading

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Spending More Than We Earn

I’m sure you’re growing a little weary of the farce that Australian politics has become this last week. I’ll keep the previous thread going, with updates as they occur. If, as I suspect, moves begin in Cabinet against Gillard, I’ll … Continue reading

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Is There Really Such A Thing As National Character?

I found myself asking this question after reading GE’s thought-provoking essay in Notting Hill Editions. In it, James contrasts what he sees as different national traits of America with those of his homeland. He arrives at the conclusion that the … Continue reading

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Beware Of Greeks Demanding Gifts

I’ve just been reading what I regard as the most comprehensible article (to a non-economist) I’ve read covering the causes of the current PIIGS financial crisis in Europe. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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The Last Respectable Prejudice

I can’t believe I’ve just read this in 2011. The Melbourne Herald-Sun’s Andrew Bolt picked up on this article in the Los Angeles Times, regarding a citizen-initiated referendum in the state of California seeking to outlaw male circumcision.

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