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A Day To Pause And Reflect

I still don’t know what made me do it. It was late on a cool Tuesday spring evening in Sydney; I had been working sixteen hours straight at my computer, and my head was filled with ten thousand lines of software … Continue reading

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Free Speech, Gag Orders And Accountability

I’m going to tackle this in more depth a little later. But the other day I was shown (Hat-tip Izen) the existence of something called super-injunctions, of which prior till now I’d been blissfully ignorant. It’s important enough to call … Continue reading

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Animal Welfare: A Good Cause Gone Bad

Very few things burn me more than cruelty to animals. Every time I see a story in the news regarding the mistreatment of horses, dogs or other domestic or wild animals, it produces a visceral reaction in me not unlike … Continue reading

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Libertarianism And Immigration

I was going to wait a while before tackling this issue, but it has become topical in so many countries, including those of most of you reading this, that it’s appropriate we look at it today. It isn’t a cut … Continue reading

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Gaia Rights

For those of you wondering why I expend so many words banging on about rights, here’s a story which illustrates the point nicely.

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Liberté, Égalité, Sororité

Today marks the official introduction of France’s new law banning the burqua and niqab in public places. Under it, gendarmes encountering a person wearing this garment are forbidden to forcibly remove it, but if she refuses their request to lift … Continue reading

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The scene: a desolate, barren moonscape. Lightning bolts flash occasionally across a blackened sky. Boiling, bubbling lava pools dot the ground as far as the eye can see, sending plumes of reeking smoke into the gloom. The only sounds are … Continue reading

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What Are Rights?

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