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DT Down for Maintenance – Ozboy’s Still Open

James Delingpole’s posters are welcome over here till service resumes… Current topics include the recent sacking of Tim Flannery and Drunk Tanks. Or anything else that takes your fancy. I’ll close off this thread after the DT blogs resume operation. … Continue reading

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Abandoning All Pretence

Behold your future. Coming soon to a banking system near you. Last weekend’s announcement by Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades that, as a precondition of the acceptance of a €10 billion EU bailout, his country would impose an immediate “tax” of up … Continue reading

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Early Exit For 2012

If the Mayan calendar is correct, this is the final LibertyGibbert thread ever, so farewell.

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And So Say All Of Us

I’m currently looking at GE’s recent thread at the DT, lamenting the rise of the Welfare State and the normalization of welfare dependency, helplessness, and self-righteous mendicancy; a subject LibertyGibbert has previously visited in detail.

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A Few Days Yet

G’day folks, I had planned a new post out today. Unfortunately, Santa’s main present for me at Christmas was a recurrence of this damn chest infection that laid me low in 2011. So I’m getting some rest, and I hope … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas To All

That’s it from me this year folks. LibertyGibbert will be officially closed from Friday, 16th December till Thursday, 5th January. You’ll still be able to access all articles in the archive, and comment if you like, but all posts will … Continue reading

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MSM – A Monoculture

Just a quick post today, as we’re all still recuperating from the ‘flu down here. I guess we can’t ignore the goings on in the British media; James is on the case, so I thought I’d give you all a … Continue reading

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What’s Your Poison?

In a very thinly-veiled effort to give this chronicler a few days’ breathing space, I thought I’d throw open the bar and pose the question close to everyone’s heart at 6pm. What’s everyone’s most desired drink, loved libation, needed nepenthe?

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Playing the Race Card

I couldn’t let the current events at the DT pass by without a comment or two, and a chance for us to have a somewhat more sane discussion if at all possible.

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Snowed Under

Sorry there hasn’t been a new post for a few days; I’m a little tied down by work at the moment. However, the last thread was getting a little long and slow to load, so feel free to continue your … Continue reading

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