Senator Must Resign

CoryBernardiFederal Senator and former national representative athlete Cory Bernardi is today facing numerous calls for his sacking, after News Limited’s South Australian outlet, the Adelaide Advertiser, this week published a series of explosive e-mails detailing his scandalous misuse of public funds prior to his entering parliament in 2006.

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Everything’s Under Control, Folks


Politicians (of all stripes) are such gifted liars, that you often don’t even smell the BS until someone points it out, say, by compressing years of them into a montage. Credit to this article by Andrew C. McCarthy in the National Review, via Catallaxy:
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The Argument Of Last Resort


It’s one pretty much certain way to determine that you have won a debate. Your opponent, having despaired of countering your arguments one by one, having consulted Shopenhauer’s 38 Stratagems, and found nothing to aid him there, finally, in desperation, is reduced to calling you either a Nazi (an abject admission of utter defeat anyway), or…

A racist!!!

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Alba Gu Bràth

Is there anything Australian actors can’t do? 😉

Seriously, though. I got sick of publicizing an ex-politician at the top of my blog, and thought a discussion of Scotland’s secession vote next week might be worthwhile.

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The Mills Of God Grind Slowly…

Julia The Red

…but they grind exceedingly small.

The Heydon Royal Commission into trade union governance and corruption, which opened proceedings in Sydney in April this year and is due to report to the Governor-General by 31st December, has heard testimony from an impressive number of witnesses in the time available to it. But as the hearings have dragged on, week in and week out, the names on the daily witness list have been getting bigger and bigger. And now, we’re at the pointy end. Tomorrow’s schedule, Wednesday 10th September, has been cleared to take testimony from just one witness.

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The Reality Of The Middle East

This is the reality.

What’s happening in Israel and Gaza at the moment is a catastrophe, no doubt about it. But it’s a tiny part of the real picture. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dying in an internecine religious war, being financed by fanatical plutocrats.

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MH17, Separatism And Liberty

MH17BodyBagsG’day everyone,

In what must sound like a familiar refrain to all regular readers of LibertyGibbert, I’m up to my eyeballs in work, and have had no time for writing. This is a pity, for there is a very great deal I’d like to talk about at the moment, not least of which was the new solar cyclic theory of David Evans. I must confess it will be a month at least before I’ll have the chance to even begin reading it in detail.

The discussion on the previous thread inevitably turned to the breaking news of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, over a region of Eastern Ukraine currently controlled by Russian-backed separatist rebels. The aircraft, in which all 298 passengers and crew lost their lives, was almost certainly destroyed by a Russian BUK surface-to-air missile system, supplied to the rebels by the Russian government, trained in its use by them and—just possibly—operated by a Russian national as well.

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Every Parliament Needs One

Thus begins a journey of a thousand miles—with a single step.

You may recall back here I introduced you to David Leyonhjelm, newly-elected Australian Federal Senator from New South Wales, representing the Liberal Democratic Party, Australia’s primary Libertarian political party. Having taken his seat on 1 July, yesterday he gave his maiden speech to the Senate. Dare we hope it presages a revolution, in Australia at least?

Here, without further commentary from me, is the text of that speech, reproduced in full. You can access the original transcript in the Australian Hansard. Readers of LibertyGibbert overseas, read it and envy us… Continue reading

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The Threshold Is Reached

GoostmanJust a brief post today to mark a milestone in the history of mankind.

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UKIP Storm To Victory

As Nigel Farage remarked at a press conference on Sunday evening, the only surprise is that it didn’t happen earlier.

Warm congratulations to all UKIP members, supporters and voters. Your efforts have resulted in a watershed in British and European history. Fed up with the business-as-usual refrain from the three main parties, which resemble one another more closely with every passing year, Britons have voted to take their homeland back, make their own laws once more and trade with the world as they see fit, not how they are told to by a foreign overlord.

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