James Delingpole – demise of a mighty blog

Just a quick post for those of you who have come over here from James Delingpole’s blog at the UK Daily Telegraph, where I post as ozboy. The new blog software has been universally hailed as an unmitigated disaster, snafu, stuff-up, clusterf$^k, you name it. Some are hinting darkly at a conspiracy; I suspect that the more likely, albeit prosaic explanation was it was a case of a long-planned “upgrade” being rushed prematurely into production, owing to a hacking attack last week.

Whatever the reason, all the Delingpole gang are most welcome here on my blog. Semper fi troops, semper fi…

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530 Responses to James Delingpole – demise of a mighty blog

  1. Pointman says:

    Thanks Oz and I agree it was rushed into service and it’s strictly chat room software never intended to handle 500 plus posts per blog. We could maybe live with that and were already trying to do so but the censorship thing was unconscionable. No huge conspiracy but the solution seemed to be obvious – hand the moderation back to James and that’s the worrying thing. Why wasn’t it done?


  2. orkneylad says:

    keep yer chin up.


  3. Mack says:

    Sorry I’m late

  4. Mack says:

    Remember the rude blog from some waster called Chivers on the DT regarding Lord M.? There was to be a response to the complaint from the aforementioned Lord today ,no sign of it yet.
    Also [ and I mentioned this on JD’s site ] there was a comment just before the cock-up on his blog which said ‘ no platform for fascists or deniers’ anyone else recall that one?

  5. manonthemoor says:

    I repeat here my comments for the record which I stand by– Just in case they get deleted again.

    manonthemoor says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 7, 2010 at 8:41 am
    Good morning all
    Just been getting an update reading the DT shambles
    I have some suggestions for Pointman following our dialogue last night and will post separately.
    I offer suggestions and ideas for comment and all are welcome to add their four penneth.
    I will assemble my ideas coherently via MS word and report back in less than an hour

    manonthemoor says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 7, 2010 at 9:34 am
    @ Pointman and All Others
    Following our discussion last night, I am now convinced more than ever James should go it alone, the DT blog today has moved to farce because of deleted comments.
    My suggestions for James are as follows:-
    I will number them for easy reference and additions and comments can thenbe added as sub references.
    1 Publicity
    I suggest a five minute professional video, with Lord Monkton interviewing James about his contribution to Climategate and his plans for the future. In effect a commercial for his new blog., but within any Youtube rules Thus then to be published on Youtube and we can all reference it on other blogs.
    2 Sponsorship
    The biggest problem seems to be computing power and bandwidth, The format of the blog is established and carries its own powerful goodwill.
    2.1 Why not seek a sponsor like an ISP who have the necessary power and would be interested in advertising access
    2.2 There is also an opportunity for a ‘sleeping sponsor’ like the Express whose owner wants to break the mould and would be willing for a period to support James, and subsequently decide a plan for long term stability, funding and promotion.
    3 Funding
    2.1 People buy shares in racehorses, why should we not buy share in James.
    2.1.1 James has our email addresses and could make invitations to sponsor or donate
    Basically one horse in a one horse race there we know the winner
    2.1.2 10 x 10 pounds for 12 months share investment could be money well used ina good cause, money back after 12 months
    2.1.3 The RealityReturns list up to the election contained around 100 dedicated James fans who were prepared to stand up for UKIP principles and subsequent EU nonsense has made their argument more powerful.
    Again if these people were to donate money probably via paypal this would provide an income to get started. (Note paypal is an easy worldwide payments system which could be used for a nonexistent product)
    2.1.4 UKIP had around a million votes, plus in addition there must exist another million people who are dedicated to the AGW fight and this is just in the UK.
    I would not like to think of the numbers world wide
    Thus a ONE pound donation via Paypal again would make a real contribution to the ANTI AGW cause.
    4. Charity
    For tax reasons and other organisational reasons the may be value in James becoming a charity organisation, properly arranged with terms of reference and accounts etc.
    5. James Book
    We have not heard much about his book and the recent event may affect some of his background material, but also this represents both an opportunity to take stock and publish to date, but with a second book for the new beginning a possibility.
    Publishing is changing iPads, ebooks even downloadable .pdf’s are ALL options that need to be considered, again with the option to promote the blog as an up to date dynamic source of information which it has been,
    6 My comment
    6.1 Time to move on James – You have the support — Grasp the nettle
    6.2 This document is a serious intention to move the ANTI AGW campaign forward and once again gain the initiative
    6.3 Thank you for taking the time to read this ALL COMMENTS WELCOME
    Manonthemoor 7 June 10:32

    manonthemoor says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 7, 2010 at 9:48 am
    Like Pointman I have just made my exit from DT the blogs
    I have made a reply to Pointman here but it/they are awaiting moderation would you believe

  6. Edward Longshanks says:

    Identity crisis,
    Feels like someones stuck me in the GAFA without wheels, still looks as though there’s a billabong here Ozboy.

    Whotcha!!……….. welcome to the rabble,
    Me? I’ve always been a rabble with too many points of view, better decide on a name, Jnxs was the one, Edward is what I’ll stick to.
    Ozboy !! I never did ask you about the 20/20 world cup result?:>)))))

    Mack says:
    June 7, 2010 at 10:17 pm
    Chivers is a fuck witted bonehead…..er can I say that? Hehe I think I just have:>)))

    Oz, I don’t think anything you’ve ever made comment on hasn’t been (weirdly) identical to what I would have said and today I’ve read all of your posts so far and so far…… so good!
    Everythings ripper mate!
    I remain yours,

  7. Many thanks Edward – welcome aboard. It’s starting to look like a nice little summer barbie over here – MOTM, Orkney, crown, you, pointy, mack…

    I’m posting something on AGW in the next few days, but from a libertarian perspective. Should be an interesting exchange.

    And BTW, yes you (and all the other English posters) won bragging rights from me at the T20 World final. So bring on the Ashes!

  8. Edward Longshanks says:

    libertygibbert says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:41 pm
    Can’t wait for the greatest Test series bar none, will be back soon.

  9. Mack says:

    I changed my avatar on that disgust to the Israeli flag,wonder if it will be banned? Must go over to the DT and have a butchers.

  10. orkneylad says:

    The incredibly schrinking blog…..747, 743, 741……how low can she go?

  11. manonthemoor says:

    Still no comment from James

    and DT blog frozen an hour ago

    and no new blog

  12. @MOTM – Just checked Lord Tebbit’s and Gerald Warner’s blogs- no recent posts appearing on either. Software meltdown for sure.

  13. Off to bed on this side of the planet – will drop by again in a few hours.

    Night – Ozzzzzzz…

  14. Mack says:

    Software meltdown? or are they trying to unsink the Titanic

  15. Mack says:

    orkneylad ,noticed that yet my Israeli flag is flying still,going to you place now,I got 2 cases of Goldings this am from Lidl

  16. manonthemoor says:

    In fairness on comments pages the software is better by that I mean interactive and not so dependent on group working and time stamps but with more moderation.

    However it is manifestly unsuitable for our blog

    Perhaps — Perhaps — Comments will keep DISQUS
    and blogs will revert to WordPress

    After all they were different before, why not now?

  17. Amanda says:

    Hello Ozboy and gang,

    I’ll be checking in here from time to time and having a look round. Thanks for letting us know you had a blog!
    Cheers, Amanda

  18. NoIdea says:

    Hi folks,
    Pointman I hope you do not mind, I “borrowed” your fine post and took it to the front page. Hopefully I made it very clear, that it was your words of eloquence that fitted exactly what I felt needed saying.
    This page feels nice.

  19. manonthemoor says:

    Welcome noidea — LONG MAY WE REIGN

  20. Pointman says:

    NoIdea says:
    June 8, 2010 at 1:12 am

    NoIdea – Not at all. I felt I was expressing something for us all and thank you for reposting it.


  21. Pointman says:

    crownarmourer’s comment

    “just now I was correct tested my theory about what is blocked, comments about gay people, race and islam. ”

    just got zapped!


  22. manonthemoor says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 1:40 am

    NoIdea says:
    June 8, 2010 at 1:12 am

    Just recommended that post on DT — We can ALL do it!!!!

  23. NoIdea says:

    Hi folks,
    I got sent a final “gift” from izen today, the updated cartoon.
    Now with all new improved and original windmills.
    A collaboration between
    Walt O’Brien – Storyboard and script
    Izen – Rendering and animation
    NoIdea – Music and dialogue

  24. Mack says:

    3 from Me,will they last?

    ‘Did someone use the word Islam ? Why you all still here? No point to it is there?’

    ‘You are only giving encouragement


  25. Pointman says:

    Mack says:
    June 7, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    “I changed my avatar on that disgust to the Israeli flag,wonder if it will be banned? ”

    Mack – Make it a bloody swastika, they’d like that. I’m keeping two windows open at watching which posts are deleted by refreshing one.


  26. Mack says:

    Just dropped by, its so sad

    bie bie. post any news of developments over at Delingpoles or Orkey’s or Oxboy’s

  27. Green Sand says:

    Thanks Oz,

    Anybody any idea what is wrong with this: –

    Green Sand says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 7, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Anybody care to comment on The Coalition: our programme for government DECC statement


    “We will push for the EU to demonstrate leadership in tackling international climate change, including by supporting an increase in the EU emission reduction target to 30% by 2020.”

    Been there for 5 hours?

  28. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi Oz,

    Just thought I’d drop by to say thank you for your kind offer of this “safe harbour”.
    I’m still pondering what this new world order will entail for us and how best to fight it. Before going ahead with anything, I thought it would be best to ask fellow refugees how they feel about alerting Alex Jones to this Dellingeddon. Any thoughts?


  29. Mack says:

    I go with that Billy,the more that folks hear about these shenanigans the better. It might help concentrate a few minds if criticism came from outside the DT ?

  30. Mack says:

    Its 4am in Oz,I vote that someone sneaks in and puts Ozboy’s hand in a bucket of cold water.

  31. Green Sand says:

    Pointman, if you are about, have you been doing a bit of infiltration?

    “10 years needed to seal climate cuts, says UN pointman (AFP) – 3 hours ago”


  32. Pointman says:

    Mack says:
    June 8, 2010 at 3:57 am

    Leave him be Mack, he’s due to become a Daddy this week. We all know he needs to bank as much sleep as possible before the event!


  33. ScouseBilly says:

    Thanks, Mack. TPUC also would be good here in the UK.
    Perhaps even David Icke. Never mind what people might think about Icke, we are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to a numbers game against the MSM.

  34. Pointman says:

    Green Sand says:
    June 8, 2010 at 4:00 am

    If I were the pointman on that type of op, I’d lead them over the nearest bloody cliff.

    I feel angry and sad. This song expresses how I feel. Read the words first, they mean something, then listen to it.

    Eyes burn with stinging sweat
    Seems every path leads me to nowhere
    Wife and kids, household pet
    Army green was no safe bet
    The bullets scream to me from somewhere

    Yeah they come to snuff the rooster
    Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
    You know he ain’t gonna die
    No, no, no, you know he ain’t gonna die

    Here they come to snuff the rooster
    Ah yeah, yeah
    Yeah, here come the rooster, yeah
    You know he ain’t gonna die
    No, no, no, you know he ain’t gonna die

    Yeah they come to snuff the rooster
    Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
    You know he ain’t gonna die
    No, no, no, you know he ain’t gonna die

    Walkin’ tall machine gun man
    They spit on me in my home land
    Gloria sent me pictures of my boy
    Got my pills ‘gainst mosquito death
    My buddy’s breathin’ his dyin’ breath
    Oh god please won’t you help me make it through

    Yeah they come to snuff the rooster, ah yeah
    Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
    You know he ain’t gonna die
    No, no, you know he ain’t gonna die

    Well, this rooster ain’t going to die. It’s been a long road and I’ve been on it a number of years. I never expected to win every battle and in the early years, didn’t win any at all. My chin’s still up and I’m still in the fight. Fists and guns are good but it’s guts, brains and fortitude that will get us there in the end.


  35. Mack says:

    Billy ,I think any outlet should be used. I wonder what would happen to a post on WUWT ? Some alert to what can happen when the MSM gets inot bed with trolls?

    Pointman, forgot about the baby, Oz will get enough piddle over him soon enough.

  36. Mack says:

    Green Sand, what do they mean by ‘seal’ ? I thought it was all about polar bears. 🙂

  37. Mack says:

    “Amid complaints from affected business-owners that BP was not paying compensation quickly enough, President Barack Obama yesterday said he wanted to be sure that “the money flows quickly and on a timely basis”.
    Obongo sounds like the leader of one of those islands that is supposed to sink.”give us all your money and everything will be OK”

  38. Mack says:

    All today’s posts have been culled from the soon to be dead JD blog !!

  39. Mack says:

    Ooooooops sorry, I was lead astray by that disgust software,stand down the guns.

  40. manonthemoor says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 4:19 am

    I echo your frustration and positive thoughts.

    In my posts recently I have use the word TEAM a number of times.

    You are not alone WE ARE A TEAM

    I agree we should use all means available to us.

    As others migrate here – Yes they will find us – Also hopefully there will be lurkers as well, and our influence can grow again.

    Many people followed the James blogs and we must assume some of them may have influence.

    It may take a week or longer but I live in hope our voices of reason will be heard.

  41. Mack says:

    ““The EPA’s effort to regulate greenhouse gases will affect virtually every aspect of our economy and our lives. In expert opinion, this will result in higher energy costs and job losses while having — by their own admission — virtually no effect on cooling global climate.”
    It is this unbelievable act of madness that must be fought against, for all libtard governments will copy this stupidity if it is allowed to go on.


  42. ScouseBilly says:

    JD’s own site seems also to be moderated akin to the DT version.
    I tried to post (over 2 hours ago),

    “Not a word from Mr Dellingpole.
    Has he been compromised?”

    Could he simply be on holiday?
    Has someone else got power of attorney over his own site?
    If not, what’s he up to?

  43. Pointman says:

    Something I just posted at JDs but I feel it’s important to say here. We need all the allies we can get

    @Locusts June 7, 2010 at 6:53 pm
    AND @All

    I was a lurker at the telegraph blogs from the beginning, as with a lot of other blogs. It’s just an impression but I’ve learned to trust my instincts. If there’s someone behind torpedeoing the blogs, it wouldn’t be him.

    Being a good lapsed Catholic of many years standing, I’ve read his blogs often and feel he’s not only a decent type but recognise how the telegraph blogs came alive under his editorship. Good things happen with good leadership and the reverse is even truer.

    Again, my feeling is he’s not standing by idly while something he’s built up over a long time is being disassembled. I’m not privy to what’s happening at the Telegraph today but I’m sure he’s in there fighting to preserve what he’s built up.

    We need to cut him some slack and be as supportive as possible. If you want to post to him then preface it with an acknowledgement of where he took the Telegraph blogs – from a dull nowhere appendage of the newspaper to a vibrant forum for many ideas.

    Just my opinion, but if he’s fighting for us, and I’m sure he is, he needs us at his back showing solidarity from the blog rather than hacking at him from the front. Give him some ammunition, some good posts to his blog.


  44. Pointman says:

    @Scouse, Again, a repost from JDs Blog

    Pointman says:
    June 7, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Oh and BTW, unless I miss my guess, James is doing a lot of running around at the telegraph today. So, if there’s any of the regulars waiting to get approved here at his own blog, have patience – I’m sure he’ll get around to you after he gets home and sinks a well deserved drink.

    In the meantime, pop over to OzBoy’s blog https://libertygibbert.wordpress.com/2010/06/07/james-delingpole-demise-of-a-mighty-blog/#comment-49


    THE PERSON LOCUST AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT IN THE LAST POST WAS Damien Thompson, editor of the Telegraph Blogs

  45. Mack says:

    Mission accomplished Sir, Sir please may I have another 🙂

  46. Pointman says:

    @Mack – If that means you’ve posted summat supportive at Damien’s blog, thank you.


  47. Mack says:

    Indeed I have Sir,now can I take off this corset that you made me wear so I could slip in under the barbed wire.

  48. Pointman says:

    You may loosen your stays, Sir.

  49. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi Pointman,

    Funnily enough was just reading it there.
    I’m with Msher that it is strange that JD has made no comment whatsoever.
    In his shoes, I would take out 5 mins just to reassure his readership that he/all is well.
    I hope your instincts are good but my infallible antennae are alive with ill forbodings.
    Whatever, we need to see how things pan out and think carefully about what we do worst case. Without info though we have the fog of war.

    Still smells like a psy-op to me – what would captainS say?

  50. ScouseBilly says:

    P.S. I think you are right to spin positive on the JD site.
    I suspect it’s far safer to speak your mind here.

    P.P.S. Have you got orkney’s url?

  51. Pointman says:

    Hi Billy. We’re not in his shoes but if you consider the situation, it’s no surprise he’s silent.

    He’s got a blog that probably gets more hits than all the others put together and we’re not just talking UK but worldwide. It gets hits 24/7 from around the world and is not only widely read but influential in surprising places. Nobody sane would try to kill a net presence like that unless it was pure politics or spite.

    There’s obviously some sort of war going on at the DT and as we all know, unless you’re the boss of either of the factions all you can do is keep your mouth shut and hope the leader of the faction you’re in wins out. That’s why I went freelance in the end.


  52. ScouseBilly says:

    Snap lol

    I got a ginormous leaving card from Granada TV.
    A poster of The Smith’s Big Mouth Strikes Again.

  53. Edward Longshanks says:


    THE PERSON LOCUST AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT IN THE LAST POST WAS Damien Thompson, editor of the Telegraph Blogs

    Damien Thompson, he don’t like us, I don’t like him, s’pose I should in some ways (being a Christian and all) but sometimes he has a way of derogatorily putting me and others of my political persuasion down.
    He has been particularly scathing of little Englanders, well it was little bloody Englanders who rescued the army at Dunkirk and after regrouping we landed (with our great allies, Yanks, Anzacs, Canucks and Poles ) on the Beaches on June the 6th 1944 and fought Hitler tooth and nail through Belgium and onto the Rhine.
    Yes I hate the EU, Damien doesn’t, I hate cast iron’s government, Damien doesn’t I support the UK independence party, Damien says they’re full of little Englanders…..that is why I’m in the bloody thing.
    Fuck off Thompson and stuff your sanctimonious bullshit opinions.
    End rant.

  54. Pointman says:

    @billy Orkney’s URL – for a man well-versed in Norse poetry, he’s a lot slicker at this strange internet stuff than one would expect but then again, we’re all a tad more accomplished than we like to let on …



  55. Edward Longshanks says:

    Should have read ‘being one of a dying breed – a Christian and a DT newspaper purchaser for 25years’….I used to pinch my Da’s before that.

  56. Pointman says:

    Ed, we’re all entitled to our say and I understand that (why wouldn’t I, we share a lot of political views). I respect you and I respect him expressing his viewpoint. Don’t get me wrong, I rarely agree with anything he expresses a strong belief in – there’s simply no common ground, since I don’t believe in a God. Having said that, my impression is that he’s a fair man and as I said, I’ve seen the DT blogs grow from boring uniformally uni-politics to good old fashioned in-your-face opinions, right or wrong, under his editorship.


  57. Pointman says:

    @Ed Too much bollocks about ‘respect’ in the last post but you know what I mean. Right or wrong, like him or not, he’s on our side. We’ve got to work with what we’ve got. That’s war …


  58. (Yawn) Morning all. I see you’ve been having fun during the antipodean night.

    A couple of things about this blog I hope you can give me some feedback:

    1) I have the timestamp set to my local time (AEST). Let me know if you’d like it set to UK (bit nostalgic for the old JD blog)

    2) WordPress has a feature where you can set your maximum commenter’s avatar rating (G, PG, R, X) – I’ve got it set at PG currently, but experimented last night raising it all the way to X – I still didn’t see any Israeli flag.

    I’ll be back shortly, right after I – erm – change my sheets. Mack, you bastard – you’ll keep (:-S

  59. ScouseBilly says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 6:38 am

    Thanks. Yes, he’s very good.

  60. Edward Longshanks says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 6:51 am

    I think Thompson represents a way of thinking, he tows the line, behind that though there has been a sea change on the blogs and it has been since the Barclays have positioned themselves as champions of the ‘middle way’ or Dave’s way….Thompson follows his leaders, gotta keep the wolves from the door.

    @Ed Too much bollocks about ‘respect’ in the last post but you know what I mean. Right or wrong, like him or not, he’s on our side. We’ve got to work with what we’ve got. That’s war …
    Agreed, I am at one with you on that, my ranting is loud sometimes. BTW Orkneylad is a bit of a whizzkid on the quiet I have always suspected, good luck to him.

  61. Pointman says:

    @OzBoy – leave your timestamp as is – we’re visitors to your place and thanks for the hospitality.


  62. manonthemoor says:

    @ Ozboy
    Good morning it is close time for my sleep

    I just have one suggestion, if and when James puts up a new blog would you consider opening a new thread with just the title.

    We do not need any more, because we will read and interpret the James original.

    In this way we have a discussion thread which hopefully will not tread on too many toes at the DT

    Others may have other ideas but we can work here but still keep the DT numbers up as Mack is suggesting.

    Thank you

  63. Mack says:

    posted on Damiens blog,surely I will now be done over by the Inquisition ??
    “Knock Knock,excuse me for butting in Damien and I know that I am way off topic,but do you think that you might spare a moment or two to call in at the Delingpole blog to advise us on this new horrid software? Sorry for interrupting but it is important”
    That me banned I guess

  64. Pointman says:

    @Ed – The arse tends to fall out of the ‘middle way’ when money or in this case, clicks, walk out the door, as do advertisers. The deafening silence from the DT tell me the internal battle is still wageing.

    I’m staying away until the censorship lifts. If it does, I’m back. If it doesn’t then sadly my position remains as stated in my last post there.

    ‘I’d rather remember the good times’


  65. Edward Longshanks says:

    libertygibbert says:
    June 8, 2010 at 6:58 am
    Keep the time Aussie, you’ll just confuse us pommies and you know that’s easily done mate:>)

  66. Pointman says:

    @Mack June 8, 2010 at 7:18 am

    Mack, We’re pals and although giving Damien a boost was entirely my idea, I feel your prose need a little polishing. You’re obviously new to this whole scraping and bowing idea and it’s obviously a new world to you but if I may be permitted to help.

    Okay, where to begin …
    Your original text toDamien.

    “Knock Knock,excuse me for butting in Damien and I know that I am way off topic,but do you think that you might spare a moment or two to call in at the Delingpole blog to advise us on this new horrid software? Sorry for interrupting but it is important.”

    Could I suggest a very very slight rephrasing? Something along the lines of –

    “Please excuse me your Damienship, but a matter troubles me and I’m terribly sorry to disturb the heavenly peace of a Brahamin of your divinity but us fleas on the backside of a mangy undeserving dog dropped from the womb of a cheap Wangchi whore require a few seconds of your benificent attention. If it may please your royal golden Rhinoceros, would you take a minute to visit the humble hovel of one of your grateful subjects, the serf Delingpole. It’s on fire and only your godlike intervention will save it being burned to the ground”

    Sorta along these lines. Can anyone give their own suggestions? All entriesgratefully received.


  67. Pointman says:

    Not quite sure about the ‘Rhinoceros’ bit …


  68. crownarmourer says:

    What’s with the picture of the sheep?

  69. Edward Longshanks says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 7:39 am
    Perhaps it is all hands to the pumps and behind the scenes something is happening unseen by us puny mortals (Wangchi whore?) or not.
    Why the concern, though, I use the blogs at DT because of the community there (and JDs stance), the community can move and then so what………. and yah boo sucks to the DT.
    Agreed, it will not be the same tho’.

  70. i_was_ferret says:

    Copy pointmans remarks on thanks for the hospitally. This blog is now bookmarked for regularly reading.

    If anyone hears from JD, will they post….

    G’nite all


  71. Pointman says:

    Oh God why’d you have to mention sh**p word. The apple crumble brutaliser will be here any moment. Listen, can you feel it in the air?


  72. ScouseBilly says:

    Anyone ever use http://www.newsnow.co.uk ?

    Only the most popular news search site in the U.K.
    For some time now, you never get a JD blog in their “climate change” section.
    In fact, I just did a search for “Dellingpole” and got zilch.
    Just another pointer as to how wide the conspiracy is to limit dissent and scepticism.

  73. Pointman says:

    @Edward Longshanks June 8, 2010 at 7:49 am

    My thinking exactly. James can post on the DT, we can discuss it anywhere else as a group, that’s what we enjoy after all.


  74. Mack says:

    Pointman discussion is all very well ,but reaming trolls and shafting ducky is important too 🙂

  75. Mack says:

    Night all, I have to go an iron me avatar, do try to get 1000 comments before morning
    And the score at this hour is
    Wind 57 for 4500 overs
    Rest of the World of Power 31719

    57Mw out of 31719, it does raise a smile dunnit ?

  76. Mack says:

    Scud is wandering around lost over at the DT, I linked to here but maybe someone could go over and drop a few flares to guide him home?

  77. sher says:

    “I suspect that the more likely, albeit prosaic explanation was it was a case of a long-planned “upgrade” being rushed prematurely into production, owing to a hacking attack last week.”

    That makes sense to me.

    Nice site.

  78. orkneylad says:

    scousebilly –

    “Authority has every reason to fear the skeptic, for authority can rarely survive in the face of doubt.”
    Robert Lindner


  79. @i_was_ferret, ScouseBilly, sher, scud – welcome all.

  80. msher says:

    sher above is msher. That was my typo, not a hacking or moderator.

  81. Pointman says:

    @Mack June 8, 2010 at 8:07 am

    We’re a village. Everyone brings something to the table. Nobody gets left behind, not on my watch but every village needs a warrior, someone who can survive that run and then turn around and bloody well come back again through it. You’re it.


  82. scud1 says:

    Ah!…’ello chaps.
    Frikkin fungin ‘ell. All of a sudden me feels likes I’m living in some sort of nightmare commi state. Where even me old friend ‘The Daily Telegragh’ is partisan…fuckin’ ‘ell fellas…we got a put a stop to this and bastard double quick.
    I’ve posted before over at JDs DT blog about ‘Common Purpose’ (those noticed by the dippy ‘mods’ have gone) but if you’ve not heard of these treacherous f***s I’d suggest you check ’em out and get noisy about the bastards….pronto.

  83. Pointman says:

    sher June 8, 2010 at 8:23 am

    They’re having a little war over there, we’re just collateral damage.


    BTW Sher is more chic than Msher …

  84. Pointman says:

    G’Day Scud. Welcome to Australia. We’ve applied for immigrant status ands OzBoy’s doing his best but you never know …


  85. ScouseBilly says:

    Scud, I have a feeling you may be right.
    Has the hallmarks of CP but we don’t have any evidence yet.
    Perhaps a mail to Brian Gerrish to see if he’s got any DT names on his CP database…

  86. ScouseBilly says:


    G’day and thanks again.
    I like your site and the comments sequence has a familiar feel to it:
    Date and time stamps, first post at the top, no page breaks but even better previews to the links posted.

  87. scud1 says:

    Hey Pointman my man.
    Ozboy’s done one great hatchet job here…I’m proud of him. At least we can come here and share info without fear of the Stasi.
    Just unbelievable the intolerance that’s out there over this and shakes me to the core that it exists!
    Can’t let up for a second!

  88. Pointman says:

    You know, posting to a site in Australia has some singular benefits, not least of which is one is not constrained by silly things like D-Notices. Ask Peter Wright.


  89. @ScouseBilly June 8, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Many thanks mate but the credit really goes to WordPress. If only the DT had used it properly, and JD had stepped in firmly with moderation when the hacking started, none of this would have happened.

  90. Al Gore says:

    This forum appears to allow any screen name. I might not really be Al Gore.

  91. scud1 says:

    Hey scouse’ my friend.
    Actually, I think it was you and I…A couple of months back that first mentioned these bastards and we both had fairly innocuous comments deleted. Proof positive…to me at least, that these arse’oles do indeed work within the confines of the DT.
    I have a ‘screenshot’ of my last comment ‘awaiting moderation’ …it was nothing more than a link to ‘stop CP.com’.

  92. @Al Gore June 8, 2010 at 9:10 am

    Yes MSHER but I have super powers that enable me to view anyone’s true identity.

    I have some particularly nasty surprises in store for anyone who thinks they can try that DT $h!T over here.

  93. Pointman says:

    msher, for a lawyer, is quite surprisingly knowledgeable about ‘false flag’ things …


  94. ScouseBilly says:

    Scud, yes, I remember it well.
    It’s still far from common knowledge and they sure want to keep it that way.
    Still, there may be a bright side to our wrecked economy – people will start to listen when we out these bastards.

  95. LiverpudlianGuillaum says:

    @Ozboy and Pointman


  96. Pointman says:

    and for someone who’s supposed to be all arthritic thumbs with these new fangled computer thingys, very quick to get to their profile, edit it and nip out again. I suppose someone on this site actually enabled logging and looked for the last person to do that activity. Eek …


  97. scud1 says:

    Oz’ Thanks very much for creating this site…How long I wonder till JD posts and we can pick his brains for the machinations of the DT.

  98. Pointman says:

    Logging, of course, would be something out of left field at the DT but they’re something every professional reads like the morning paper. All the sins ae there …


  99. Incidentally, at the moment I’m not holding any “first comments” for moderation. This was so all the JD crew can make their way over here quickly and easily. So yes, yes I know you can use a false handle – for now. Anyone trying to impersonate another poster though, and I push the red button.

  100. ScouseBilly says:

    If anyone missed this story:


    Never thought I’d be promoting a biography of a ManUre and ex-**** but it looks rather interesting.

  101. Pointman says:

    You’re no fun, Oz. You pushed the button too early on her/him. I’ve had it on the line for months. Spoilsport …


  102. scud1 says:

    Ah… tell you what fellas. Budapest. Used to be commi but I tell yer they’re a whole lot happier now!
    Find the right bars in ‘Pest’ and it’s £1.50 a pint, fags are £1.60 a pack and the nosh is pretty darn good and cheap too…aye, the misses and I had a damned good weekend…highly ‘recommend.’

  103. Pointman says:

    But always nice to work with a professional, OzBoy. What the Hell, let’s start clean here with no bullshit personas.


  104. izen says:

    May I lurk, and if you want a token troll to strafe, just post some scientific nonsense and I’ll provide as much pretentious pomposity as I can manage …

    (maybe there would be an interesting discussion in how the libertarian ideal of individual autonomy is enhanced in some instances by communal solutions to the problems of shared resources… – I’ll get me coat…-grin-)

  105. @izen June 8, 2010 at 9:47 am

    You’re most welcome here izen, and re your suggestion, I’m one step ahead of you – watch this space.

    As I said in my opening post, I welcome dissenting voices here. As long as they have substance.

  106. Pointman says:

    @izen – a one sided debate is just an echo and just as convincing. Where’s NoIdea? Let battle commence. I’m sure he’s missing you as badly as you’re missing him. For those of us who enjoy a good gladiatorial contest, it was always riveting. Seriously, welcome brave soul that you are. There’s a lot of anger in the air but I’ve done a bit of damage to a bottle of Jamesons so I’m cool or kool as they text nowadays.


  107. Pointman says:

    I’m going to miss the msher persona. I’ve been trying to develop a profile for months but have been severely hampered by a very strong visual thing. In my head, there’s this image of a fat profusely sweating white man of about 19 stone cross-dressed in a tatty ball dress with a big white cowboy hat on his bald head. I just can’t get by it. Do you know what I mean?


  108. Amanda says:

    Pointman, June 8, 7:39 (Ossie time: keep your timestamp, Ozboy, like they said — otherwise we’ll get ALL confused):

    LOL. Beautiful. Perfect.

  109. Pointman says:


    Quelle surprise, Du auch sprechen mit viele Zunge. It’s been an interesting Jour en la monde blogosphere. Fin de siecle I’m afraid. Never mind. Care for some good time rock and roll? I go first purely because I’m typing and have done some serious damage to a bottle of Jamesons. Einverstanden liebling?


    ps. Don’t get too involved with MSher, remember your Scotsman joke …

  110. msher says:


    “msher, for a lawyer, is quite surprisingly knowledgeable about ‘false flag’ things …”

    No personal experience. A lot of reading.

    “this image of a fat profusely sweating white man of about 19 stone cross-dressed in a tatty ball dress with a big white cowboy hat on his bald head


    Why not a svelte black or oriental woman dressed in couture and – don’t forget, singing opera?

    I will stick around wherever the contents are interesting. Right now, whatever is happening on the DT blog – and the posters] adaption thereto – is fascinating.

    Could you educate me on why Damian Thompson is getting so much flak? Both here and the Mundabor guy who is doing the homosexual rants on the BT blog. I don’t follow Thompson’s blog closely enough, and my knowledge of ecclesiastic matters isn’t good enough, for me to understand the issues involved.

    Btw, on “alternative” forums, all my previous objections to certain kinds of content vanish. For me, it was always about keeping the Delingpole blog a shining advertisement for the caliber and knowledge of skeptics. I don’t think that even James himself shared that goal.

    I am posting at 6:15 pm Monday June 7 (California time and date)

  111. msher says:

    Sorry about all the bold in the post above.

  112. msher says:

    Comments of (former?) DT posters, from at least 3 continents are now spread around 4 different threads on 3 different blogs on 2 continents. Confusing, chaos? Yep. But fascinating.

  113. Pointman says:

    A little bit late “msher”, by about four or five months. Suddenly your prose is, dare I say it, very very direct, as was your sudden discovery of the bold HTML tag but of course, you recovered that in your next post (sort of …). It’s a bit harder to bounce back from nipping into your profile, editing it and reposting as Al Gore. Unfortunately, OzBoy knows what he’s doing here on this site and you were ‘outed’. Silly Billy …

    The bit – “Both here and the Mundabor guy who is doing the homosexual rants on the BT blog”
    I can only interpret as – ‘Both HE and the Mundabor guy who is doing the homosexual rants on the DT blog’

    Eek. We can all interpret that.

    You were blown from the start. Every lawyer I’ve ever met told me what the legal opinion was, that’s why I paid them. They never asked ME what the exact legal position was – and you’ve been doing that for months …


  114. theunbrainwashed says:

    msher says:
    June 8, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Comments of (former?) DT posters, from at least 3 continents are now spread around 4 different threads on 3 different blogs on 2 continents. Confusing, chaos? Yep. But fascinating.

    Isn’t it just though….?

    Post Normal = Strangely Strange..

  115. theunbrainwashed says:

    Eh up Pointman

    Whit a pulaver eh??

  116. Pointman says:

    msher June 8, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Dearie Me. The Dowager of Delingpole Street using such terse Hemmingwayesque language? Sounds amazingly less doddery to me.


    Suddenly that blocking image has a certain fidelity. You bloody fool, Pointman, How many fucking times, trust your gut you stupid bastard, trust it …


  117. Pointman says:

    @msher BTW

    “Comments of (former?) DT posters, from at least 3 continents are now spread around 4 different threads on 3 different blogs on 2 continents. Confusing, chaos? Yep. But fascinating.”

    A bit too early to gloat, fatso. What makes you think you were ever running the game …


  118. crownarmourer says:

    Pointman…We’re a village. Everyone brings something to the table. Nobody gets left behind, not on my watch but every village needs a warrior
    Yes but every village has an idiot as well, so who do we invite to be ours?

  119. crownarmourer says:

    Pointman and if your village is really old like mine your church can double as a fortified building and the village has a nice stone wall around it.

  120. crownarmourer says:

    libertygibbert….I have some particularly nasty surprises in store for anyone who thinks they can try that DT $h!T over here.
    Is that what the sheep are for got a nasty bite on em.

  121. Pointman says:

    Ask yourself a question ‘msher’. If I knew all along, why didn’t I say and what was I doing in the meantime?


  122. Pointman says:

    Come on ‘msher’, stop hiding behind hijacking Crown’s Id. Speak Fatso.


  123. Pointman says:

    I see. You have no personality. You just hide behind real people. What a sad sack.


  124. crownarmourer says:

    pointman trying to follow the conversation this is just an msher not the real msher as the real msher is legit and whom she says she is, as I talk to the real msher offline. I know that our email addresses give away our real ids and only someone silly enough would try to be someone else.
    Anyhow there is only one person who would go straight to sh**p word around these parts.

  125. realityreturns says:

    Hi Ozboy

    I hopped over from the JD blog. Thanks for letting us use your site. I am so depressed at the moderation with the deletion of harmelss and innocent posts on a whim of unreasonable moderation with no ground rules!

    If I may just post a link here so that we have the peer reviewed science papers supporting scepticism of AGW on a proper blog site:


    Just as a reference…..RR

  126. Pointy, crown: I know who’s who, and if you scroll up, you’ll see I’ve made it clear I’ll bump anyone here trying to impersonate anyone else. I can even see through IP spoofing – as I said, I have super powers. So relax.

  127. crownarmourer says:

    Pointman msher is not using my id it’s the real me, since when did I ever make sense I’m way too ADD ask libertygibberts my email is the one I use all the time.
    Oh and apart from the dress I’m a tad overweight and can never find anything in my size especially when I go in and ask the woman in the Vitctoria’s secret shop does she have anything in my size before she calls the mall cops.
    I can name every pub from my home town of Sedgie and other interesting local landmarks.

  128. Pointman says:

    Amazing. Funny – why don’t I think that last post was the real Crown? I like to see panic. Have you worked it out yet ‘msher’? I was stalking you all along. There’s nothing easier to manipulate than someone who thinks they’re manipulating you.

    You were always my bitch.


  129. crownarmourer says:

    pointman do you want me to accuse you of sheep shaggery.

  130. Pointman says:


    Shit, Bollocks and Fuck. My apologies.


  131. realityreturns says:

    Just a quick comment, guys

    I am really confused about msher……Is msher not our ‘old’ msher1 then?

    If she is she will remember a hurricane expert we spoke of many months ago and what topic we requested James to have for an article on back then.


  132. Pointman says:

    crownarmourer says:
    June 8, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    As long as it’s female – not a problem.


  133. msher says:


    “A little bit late “msher”, by about four or five months

    I have been posting on James’ blog since last summer – months before Climategate. I think I learned about bold (and italics) last summer and have used them periodically since. Your point?

    This is all because I posted the Al Gore thing? That was to point out the obvious about this blog – and I made it clear in the post. This blog asks for name and you can just fill it in before you post. You don’t have to do anything to a profile. Right now I could change the name to anything right on the screen in front of me. You could do the same thing on your screen.

    That is the only time I have posted as anyone else. I don’t think there was any danger of anyone thinking I was Al Gore. And the moderator picked it up, which was exactly the point.

    As for the rest of your post, I don’t know what you think you have discovered. I am exactly how I have presented myself on the DT blog. James has known who I am since late last fall. If you think it important, ask him if I am a troll/subversive/disruptor or whatever.

    Re asking you for legal opinions: I think I asked you about the EU data privacy directive, which you purported to be familiar with, and I have never read. I would be surprised if you have met lawyers who know everything about everything. If a lawyer says he does, he is lying, either to get business or for ego.

    Possibly I asked you something about British data privacy laws. I have asked you for information about hacking possibilities with respect to the Climategate e-mails – you purport to be a cyber/IT security expert. But that’s not legal. What else have I asked you as to legal opinion? I think you might be flattering yourself – but hey, if I have forgotten something I did ask you, I am not embarrassed to say there’s a whole lot not within my scope of knowledge and I ask others who might know. Especially as it’s years since I have actively practiced law.

    My question about Thompson has no hidden dimension. I don’t know what the poster on here is talking about or why the Mandabor poster is so pissed off. Can you tell me?

    Incidentally, anyone who followed the U.S.S. Liberty incident, which is brought up to this day – including on DT blogs, would know the meaning of “false flag.”

  134. crownarmourer says:

    libertygibberts I know you see whose behind what. Can you see IP addresses curious they are easy to look those up and find someones general location unless your sing a proxy server somewhere in the world.

  135. Folks – msher is msher is msher. Do I have to keep repeating myself?

    Crown – don’t want to give away too many secrets here, but a fortiori, I will give out that I have family connections to law enforcement in both USA and UK. And those folks do not f@#k around.

    Back in a few hours

  136. msher says:

    reality returns

    Yes. I am msher1. We talked about Landsea, and I have brought up hurricanes many times because I think Landsea’s letter is astonishing, horribly damaging to the IPCC and should be publicized.



    There is nothing to stalk.

  137. crownarmourer says:

    Ok now that’s settled can we get on with the subject at hand, which was either sheep or what has been happening on the DT blogs deliberately planned or as I suspect the usual badly planned and implemented IT project the world over cluster eff.

  138. Pointman says:

    msher June 8, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    “because I posted the Al Gore thing? That was to point out the obvious about this blog – and I made it clear in the post”

    a) You did not make clear in the post who you really were.
    b) For someone who’s being playing the computer dunce for months, you suddenly knew precisely what the hack was to change your posting handle. Any explanation for this sudden increase in expertise would be appreciated …

    A very long post but once you read past the rightious indignation, it boils down to not much I’m afraid. You’re the one who purports to being an expert in things legal but somehow the final legal opinion never quite arrives, even after months – there’s always another question or query to be chased down. I wonder why?


  139. realityreturns says:

    Hi Msher1

    Great to see you my friend. I am really sorry to have been so insecure as to need to test people but after that troll attack on i/d’s I have not been my usual trusting self.

    Of course, Chris Landsea and we asked James about doing an article on storms as these were of much concern to the American people….sorry again, Msher.



  140. msher says:


    Thanks. I wasn’t trying to mess up anything with the Al Gore post, just flagging that each post can be submitted under a different name.

  141. Red Fox says:

    Hello all, Locusts here! Thanks for opening up your blog ozboy!
    That suggestion to sabotage Damian’s blog to make him see sense seemed like a great idea after several jars, but not so good now I’m sober again!

    As someone who bought in to the Global Warming stuff until quite recently, I really hope that Delingpole’s blog gets sorted out. The links that you guys provided, along with those I found myself on the UKIP website and further searching were absolutely fantastic.

    The great thing about the Telegraph blogs is, at the moment they have some fantastic writers, I’ve graduated from Tebbit to Hannan to Delingpole, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Again if it hadn’t been for all of the links you’ve all provided, I would have been much more sceptical about Delingpole’s blogs. The sheer number of posts forced me, and possibly loads others to think, why are there so many deluded fools here? Oh no actually, looks like they might have a point!

    Locusts & Wild Honey,

  142. Red Fox says:

    And I’ve got to say, I completely disagree with Damian Thompson’s desire that we all post under our real names, the Communist Party in China are implementing this now. I predict a lot of slightly drunk people will end up in prison somewhere over the coming years.

  143. Pointman says:

    Red Fox June 8, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Red, I don’t know if you’re being deliberately obtuse but my suggestion was never to sabotage Damien’s blogs but rather the reverse. From the deafening silence, it’s patently obvious there’s still a battle raging there and my assessment is that since he’s built the ethos that was the DT blogs, he’s the one we should be getting behind unless you think he’s had a massive change of heart which suddenly involves killing off his most successful blogger. If anyone has a different analysis, bring it on. Seriously, what are your alternative analysises of the situation?


  144. crownarmourer says:

    I do post under my real name my name really is crown armourer, although that is what my name translates to in English. So if that is what he means then I will stick with crownarmourer.

  145. msher says:


    I should have put my name in the Al Gore post. It didn’t occur to me. Look above the comment box where it says “Name.” You can change it right there. That’s what I did.

    In the abstract or hypothetical there are rarely final legal answers; answers depend on specific parties, facts, statutes, regulations and/or jurisdictions. I don’t think there has ever been enough info. for anyone, much less me, to give final legal answers.

  146. Pointman says:

    People, we’re outsiders and don’t know what’s really happening inside the DT so we have to fall back on some sort of analysis which explains what’s going on there. I’ve made my best estimate of it and in the abscence of a better analysis, will act accordingly. Having gauged the politics are thus, I’ve picked the players I should back and will do so but it is all very theoretical stuff. If anyone has a better analysis and can name the players we can boost via the blogosphere, let’s hear it.


  147. Red Fox says:

    Sorry for not being clear, I was referring to my suggestion to take on Damian’s avatar, and change names to make him see sense. I was drunk, and you sensibly shot it down.

    I think that several people have made great suggestions, there was one person who mentioned advertising revenue coming from AGW or something. It may be that wordpress is seen as old fashioned, and they wanted something newer. What is obvious though, is that Damian didn’t like all of the abusive posts, and so was desperate for more control, he kept defending Martin Salter when we all tried to call him to account. Everything Iver? said was true as well, in his long analysis, about how the new chat system changes the balance of power from the commentators to the paid bloggers. I’m sure that must have been intentional to a degree.

    What was probably unintended was how much it would piss off all of the UKIPpers.

    Locusts & Wild Honey, but Red Fox is fine too.

  148. crownarmourer says:

    I generally hold to the bean counters running the show and with them leading the show on the IT project to redesign the blogs in true bean counter fashion have make a complete dogs breakfast of it. Damien “we need a new cray supercomputer to do our work”, bean counter “have you considered using an etch a sketch”.
    We deal with that insanity all the time it takes an expert bullsh*tter with an agenda to convince them ourwise.

  149. Pointman says:

    @Red Fox June 8, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    The problem with Izen’s analysis, good though it is in the long term, is that we’re all here in a piece of the Matrix which happens to be in Australia. It could be Peru or Texas. The changed the rules of the venue and we all left. Simple. What was an exciting place to visit is no more. WE are the content. It happened over a weekend and I’m sure it will scare them shitless. They can do a deal with James. How the fuck can they do a deal with us?


  150. msher says:

    Can anyone tell me whether what is going on on Damian Thompson’s blog is a religious/theological/ecclesiastical dispute, with religious/theological/ecclesiastical trolls – or whether it’s all political.

  151. Red Fox says:


    Good point. It depends of course on how much they value “us”

    This is Lord Tebbit’s other website:
    It has no comment capacity at the moment, but seems like a good nexus, with several decent bloggers on it. If the DT doesn’t change, maybe they’d be open to suggestion.

  152. crownarmourer says:

    msher it is Catholic church politics and very byzantine it can be, you have the modernizers that want to bring the church into some hippy dippy future with Jesus as some kind of flower power child, and the traditionalists that wish to burn all unbelievers at the stake and have mass in Latin which nobody understands and which means they want the church to do their thinking for them.
    Or I’m wildly exaggerating a tad but that is the two extremes if I have them right. Most folks are some where in the middle.

  153. msher says:


    Thompson fits in where?

  154. Pointman says:

    Red Fox June 8, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    “Good point. It depends of course on how much they value “us”” – They don’t. They value the clicks and the clicks are about to tank. Why? We’ve gone to Australia.

    As I said above, WE are the content.


  155. crownarmourer says:

    I’m just glad my parents allowed us true freedom of belief to choose, my grandparents consisted of one devout Catholic, one lapsed Catholic, one Church of England and one Salvation Army. My fathers attitude came from being raised catholic when being told by he priest We Would be raised as catholics he told him to f**k off. The priest who replaced him was a nicer person and well respected.
    My own family were so non denominational that I didn’t realize that my granny’s virgin Mary figurine was a clue as to her religion. Thankfully I got an education and learned about evolution and rid myself of superstition.

  156. crownarmourer says:

    msher I think Damien would be Torquemada except he wouldn’t actually torture anybody as he is too nice for that. He’s a traditionalist although he would be ok with traditional service in Latin and whatever the local lingo is.

  157. Red Fox says:


    2 things.
    1. do advertisers pay for unique visitors, or for repeat visitors. There is a difference between 1000 unique visitors and 10 posters refreshing the page 100 times. If jd continues to post his articles over there, then we will still click over there to see what he has written, unless you just go to his website of course.
    2. having such a popular blog on such a big platform like DT attracts others who haven’t thought about the issue hard enough in the past, or just those who wouldn’t be able, or interested enough to find this place in the first place. The suggestion of that website was just that, to make sure that the platform is big enough that the whole argument can reach critical mass.

    Red Fox/Locusts

  158. crownarmourer says:

    msher I think Damien dislikes the hippy modernizers although personally his argument on priests not getting married is on shaky ground as is the primacy of the Pope and his inflammability or something like that. The Pope technically should still be under the control of the Byzantine emperor and the Patriarch of Constantinople if they still existed. They forged the documents and have admitted as much. Learning history can be a useful tool.

  159. crownarmourer says:

    red fox it’s all driven by traffic number of hits although companies like Google can identify you personally and deliver an ad just to you personally according to what they think are your tastes, so if you get farming supplies your in trouble.

  160. Al Gore says:


    Mundabor writes posts trying to out Thompson. How does that fit theologically? I thought a Catholic accused by someone of being a homosexual is a modernist who wants all kinds of modern/non-judgmental teachings adopted. Is homosexuality relevant to anything Mundabor is angry about, or is he angry about something else and just trying to persecute Thompson?

  161. crownarmourer says:

    Al Gore/msher I don’t read Damiens blogs to often as they get upset if you say anything even jokingly about religion. As for hounding Damien for being gay I’m not sure why anybody would want to invoke his wrath but may explain the extreme sensitivity to the subject matter. Somehow I doubt Damien is.

  162. msher says:

    Sorry – the last Al Gore post was mine. I don’t know how I did that. I didn’t mean to. I’m not trying to play tricks or sow confusion.

  163. crownarmourer says:

    msher hope I sort of answered your questions when it comes to religious issuesI get a migraine logic goes out the window. I’m not knocking anyones faith if it makes them feel good I just want the right to choose mine if I want one not to be told by anyone else what to believe. AGW smacks of religion and burning people at the stake mentality. If I wish to celebrate the Earth mother Danu I will do it the old way by building a wicker man and burning criminals in it every 21st of December.

  164. NoIdea says:

    @crownarmourer June 8, 2010 at 12:09 pm
    Did someone call for a fool? Damn no, you called for an idiot.
    @izen June 8, 2010 at 9:47 am
    Hi izen.
    I am glad you could make it.
    Some while ago we had been chatting about local sea level rises, as reported in a strange old rag.
    If you will remember, you explained that it was not so much that the sea was piling up to rise locally; rather it was the land sinking relative to sea level.
    The problem is that these sinking islands are growing not shrinking. They mention that sediment and coral growth along with land reclamation are responsible for the land mass gains.
    This is not the first time I have come across this strange phenomenon that is local sea rise.
    I understand that the land moving or sinking relative to sea level will give a local effect.
    Do you think it was down to sloppy reporting that we have an article that declares “Only four islands, mostly uninhabited, had decreased in area despite local sea level rises of almost five inches in that time, while 23 stayed the same or grew.”?
    Prof Kench said the study challenged the view that the islands were sinking as a result of global warming. It appears Kench challenges your land sinking theory. Or is it just more sloppy journalism?

  165. msher says:

    I figured out how I posted a second “Al Gore” post without realizing it. A stupid oversight involving getting careless about having more than one browser open and not noticing the default “Al Gore” was typed in the name field in a previously opened browser. Not a sequence or error of any significance.

    Trying to figure out the second “Al Gore” post which I did without realizing I had done that. Only thing I can think of is as follows: I didn’t close the site after the first “Al Gore” post, and sometime later, opened a second site, used that to do some “msher” posts, closed the second site, then sometime later wanted to post again, went to the open first site, which had the Al Gore site

  166. msher says:

    Forget the second paragraph of the above post of mine. I’m sorry, I’m tired and I am getting very careless. I’ve screwed up a couple of times tonight. Apologies.

  167. Amerloque says:

    Hi !

    During the usual croissants, I see that there has been a regrouping (wide grin) … salut !

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    — Winston Churchill

    Words are potent in debate, deeds in war decide your fate.
    — The Iliad
    — Book 16.

    20100608 08h34 Paris time (CET)

  168. Amerloque says:

    AGW, aka “manmade global warming”, is a scientific, intellectual, political, financial and moral scam. The climate has been changing for millions upon millions of years.

    The IPCC is the biggest perpetrator of scientific fraud that the world has ever seen.

    Individuals and organizations involved in this fraud should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Civil suits should be filed to recover grant money and subsidies given to individuals and organizations participating in the fraud.

    Now is not the time to let up !

  169. rastech says:

    I must admit I am not wild about blogs or blog software. I don’t think DISQUS is any accident, just as moving to ‘offsite’ hosting and moderation is any accident. (/tinfoil)

    Webwise, there’s a lot of bloody nasty stuff going on. I don’t worry about the ‘use real names thing’ frankly, because that is going to come back and bite them in the ass, if you think about it. If you think how many ‘John Smith’s’ there are, think how many Chinese people and Muslim people have the same name . . . . . lmao!

    I do think we need software better than blog software, i.e. proper forum software. I think the DT needs proper forum software too, and they have trapped themselves by thinking ‘Blogs are trendy’.

    Basically, you can’t fit a container ship into a 10 ft rowing boat . . . .

  170. rastech says:

    Thinking about it, I do have unused website hosting and a domain name sorted, but I was kind of reserving that for when I got around to making a small forum for Constitutional philosophy and history based stuff. There’s a huge amount of ignorance about the subject (no accident either), and we all need to learn more (including me).

    I’ve never done anything with forums myself, so wouldn’t really know where to start (hence the delay in getting the site up and running really), let alone got involved with moderation and stuff like that.

    Anyway it’s paid for and available hosting, and Constitutional stuff could be a minor sub forum mainly for reference, I’m willing for it to be used, so ideas would be more than welcome.

  171. G’day again Ladies and Gents,

    I’m chuffed to see so many of you still down here in sunny Oz.

    Amerloque, you posted the same post twice, so it was held as potential spam. I approved the more recent one.

    Msher, don’t sweat the Al Gore business. But no more of that, anyone? IMHO you’re all doing a wonderful job of establishing the ground rules yourselves.

    Still no word from James – I tend to agree with those of you who speculate that there’s a bit of a war going on right now at the DT. There are some big advertising bucks at stake over there. I can tell you all the number of hits on this site is about four times the number of comments, so do the maths on JD’s blog and you get a pretty good rationale for some blood on the carpet over all this.

  172. NoIdea says:

    I know I have mentioned this report from a while back before
    There are numerous illogical statements, I have mentioned several before.
    Something I have only just noticed in the opening statement
    “The British Antarctic Survey found that during past periods of high carbon dioxide, temperatures in Antarctica were up to 6C above current levels. This could cause a sea level rise of up six metres, threatening coastal cities like London, New York and San Francisco.
    It is the latest research to warn of the consequences of increased greenhouse gases on the Earth’s climate. Yesterday a study warned that carbon dioxide produced by man is now rising at record rates putting the world on a pathway for a 6C rise in temperature.”
    Notice, 6C then six metres and then 6C.
    666 the number of the beast, or the number of the hack?
    I find it still makes my head hurt looking at the article. They allowed this strange mess to go out and stay out there. The page is still available.
    Is it not really obvious that you cannot measure temperatures in ice that you state will be melted if it reaches the temperature you fear?

  173. Amerloque says:

    Hi libertygibbert on June 8, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    /// Amerloque, you posted the same post twice, so it was held as potential spam. I approved the more recent one. ///

    Mea culpa. I posted a second time around because the first didn’t display immediately. Thanks for the reposting !

    Note that here my screen name is ‘Amerloque’ with an upper-case A, like it used to be on JD’s DT blog. On the ‘new, improved’ DT blog, I have to use ‘amerloque’ with a lower-case a.

    My email is the same. The email on my blog is the same.

    Do you know where orkneylad has gone ? Was he/she a troll ?

    Since you’ve opened a refugee center, the questions above can, naturally, be posted on the ‘missing persons’ bulletin board. (wide grin)

    20100608 08h49 Paris time (CET)

  174. Mack says:

    Mornin all or whatever it is down your way.Interesting lot of comments here, will have to digest them all after I have a read of the papers.
    NoIdea While most islands are as you point out growing ,there are a few sinking.This is due to extraction material for building tourist accommodation and then water to supply all the extra bodies. It was mentioned a few times on WUWT ,I will find the link and post later

  175. Bonjour Amerloque,

    Nous vivons dans des temps intéressantes, n’est-ce pas?

    Orkneylad is definitely not a troll, search this page above and you’ll find several posts from him.

    I’ll let “first comments” through without moderation for a couple more days. Then I think I’ll let WordPress police it for me, which means first-time posters may have to wait zero to seven hours, depending on the time of day. Comments anyone?

  176. Amerloque says:

    Stay on point ! (grin)

    A fellow out in Orange County, California, one Mark Landsbaum, has written “What to say to a global warming alarmist”.

    As he says, at your next dinner party, here are some of the latest talking points to bring up. (grin)

    These short summaries are also useful for recalling events related to Phil Jones’ recent confessions.

    ClimateGate, FOIGate, ChinaGate, HimalayaGate, PachauriGate, PachauriGate II, SternGate, SternGate II, AmazonGate, RussiaGate, RussiaGate II, U.S.Gate, IceGate, ResearchGate, ReefGate, AfricaGate, DutchGate, AlaskaGate.
    Now is not the time to let up ! (grin)


    (reposted here; was posted on the dead DT blog)

    20100608 10h09 Paris time (CET)

  177. Amerloque says:

    Stay on point, again ! (grin)

    Time to Turn Up the Heat on the Warmists

    …/… The Climateers, however, can change as quickly as what they claim to care about. For example, robbed of settled-science sleight-of-hand, MIT climate scientist Kerry Emanuel now states, “We do not have the luxury of waiting for scientific certainty [before acting]. . . .”

    Ah, that’s the ticket. Before we had to do something because of certainty; now we have to do something because of uncertainty.


    … We have been had. And one question remains: Will justice be done?

    Let us be clear on the gravity of the Climateers’ crime: They have used billions of our tax money to fund fraudulent science. And why?

    For the purposes of promoting policies that would steal billions more.

    And what happens now? Do they just get to say “Oops” and slink away?


    First, we need to adopt an aggressive stance. We should cast from office any politician who facilitated the climate-change fraud. Next, we need to press for criminal investigations into and charges against Climateers whenever possible. And, when such a remedy isn’t, we should resort to civil-court action when feasible.

    Lastly … the Climateers should be treated as pariahs and not allowed a moment’s rest. Some may say this is out of bounds, but scorn and ostracism are powerful corrective forces. Besides, if the law cannot hold these elites to account, the peasants with pitchforks must step into the breach. ///

    Now is not the time to let up ! (grin)

    (reposted here; was posted on the dead DT blog)

    20100608 10h12 Paris time (CET)

  178. orkneylad says:

    Amerloque – mornin’…..I dropped a post at your site, just so you’d know who/where etc 🙂

    My site here……post once, get approved, thenyou’re in for good.

    my telegraph…may not last that long…..

    That said, this is a nice place Ozboy…….makes a nice HQ for rallying the troops.

    Best all,

  179. Amerloque says:

    Hi libertygibbert at June 8, 2010 at 6:09 pm !

    /// Bonjour Amerloque,
    Nous vivons dans des temps intéressantes, n’est-ce pas?///

    Du moment que le ‘vivons’ ne se transforme pas en ‘survivons’, on ne va pas (trop) se plaindre ! ‘sourire)

    20100608 10h15 Paris time (CET)

  180. rastech says:

    Well I continue to think that Blogs completely suck for what we need, as much as anything due to ‘thread destruction’ (a new blog completely wrecks the prior) as well as the appalling layout structure.

    So I haz ‘bit the bullet’ and upgraded my hosting account at vast expense (*faints*) so it can handle proper forum hosting software (Karl at Tickerforum has recommended FreeBBS, and phpBB also looks interesting) by adding MySQL database facilities.

    I’ll throw up a ‘placeholder’ under construction page in a bit, then pass a link here, and if people can recommend which forum software may be the best and any other recommendations, I would obviously be rather delighted. lol!

  181. rastech says:

    I did post a comment on Damian’s DT blog that they should bin DISQUS or just have no comments on the blogs, and set up a dedicated in-house Forum instead, with links to the relevant sections of the forum for comments from the blog, which I think would sort them out.

  182. Rastech, orkneylad, Amerloque,

    Feel free to promote your own blogs here. I offered this one up as a fall-back position for JD’s troops; when/if he or the DT get their act together, I’m sure most of the posters will migrate back. My personal theme here is libertarianism, but I’ll refer to AGW as well while confusion reigns. I’m certainly not in competition with you guys!

    I do think if everyone from JD’s blog uses this site as a base for the time being, it may give the DT pause for thought – as crown said above, we and not they, are the generators of content.

  183. yaosxx says:

    Come on guys I don’t think JD’s blog has flatlined – one will always be curious to see what’s going on – there are 853 comments there currently and if we just end up spreading ourselves far and wide – even better! We might end up posting in triplicate – but hey- what the hell! I’ve already posted this on JD’s site and blog and you might be interested in it here:

    Checking out a site I sometimes visit ( http://dailygrail.com/
    I noticed they’d included Tom Chivers article – so I thought I’d leave a comment (which I’d never done there before) bringing Monckton’s rebuff to their attention. They seem to have welcomed it and the whole thing has expanded. They’ve mentioned that Chivers’ article has been removed but can now be found at: http://climatechangepsychology.blogspot.com/201
    where he’s still being mauled to pieces – though Abraham gets the odd supporter, and JD’s blog has also been given a link in the Daily Grail News brief. So all in all they’ve been quite fair at Daily Grail and taken up the challenge.

  184. Amerloque says:

    Hi OL ! on June 8, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    /// Amerloque – mornin’…..I dropped a post at your site, just so you’d know who/where etc ///

    Good morning !

    Yes, I posted a msg for you last nite ! Many thanks for visiting !

    Thanks for the URLs !

    20100608 10h50 Paris time (CET)

  185. orkneylad says:

    libertygibbert – Appreciate it, however I do feel a little ‘soiled’ posting the links as I didn’t do it for promotional purposes…..but just to let you guys know where another safe houses is. The soiling is mine btw, not yours. 🙂

    For the record, I like it here much……smells like freedom.


  186. Amerloque says:

    Hello libertygibbert !

    Who is John Galt ?

    Stand strong, Arizona !

    20100608 10h55 Paris time (CET)

  187. Amerloque says:

    Hi libertygibbert !

    I put the Amerloque blog on hold, for all intents and purposes, when I had a very severe health problem (details on site). (sigh)

    Thanks for your welcome here !

    Stand strong, Arizona !

    20100608 10h57 Paris time (CET)

  188. rastech says:

    Not competing in any way Oz. I think even with the old blog software at the DT, the ‘exit stage left’ from active blogs as soon as a new one was put up by JD, was highly counter-productive, as well as extremely frustrating.

    Plus the eco fascist greenshirts were sneaking in to the old blogs to have the last word – if they did that on a forum, then the thread would come right back up to the top again, and everyone would see what was going on.

    Yes blogs are handy, but they are extremely limiting in a lot of ways.

    What I was thinking, was your blog, and other blogs, could really make a big use of both the blogs (keep it simple with few or no comments), AND fit them into a structure where good discussion can enhance those blogs in a mutually supportive manner (if that makes sense?).

    To me the ideal format to do that is a Forum.

    For example with tickerforum, Karl Denninger has a blog where he publishes his tickers, but all of the real discussion of those ticker blogs, takes place on the forum, which allows him great editorial control, as well as discussion threads always being easily available, as well as being easy to add too (even without the blogs) and add in huge categorisation facilities.

    Karl has written his own very powerful Forum software which he markets, which unfortunately is expensive (and according to him, way overkill for what would be needed).

    I do think his approach works, and is the way to go.

  189. Edward Longshanks says:

    Mornin’ all or good evening – God my head hurts!
    Liberty, I can’t help thinking of this:-

    Sorry, with me mate it’ll have to be Ozboy however if you insist….. .
    Hi to Scud1!!
    New moniker same old shit – Who’s next for our boys in White? – wots Bulgarian beer like?

    NoIdea says:
    June 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm
    I have read the article, it is pure supposition, aren’t all articles such as this one the same ?(Louise Gray again!)
    The basic premise if we can really believe the figures; is that ‘in times of high atmospheric CO2′, the Ts were 6 degs higher and blah blah sea levels etc, the world’s gonna drown ……….ad infinitum.
    The argument is all about horse and cart, Al Gore famously espoused that CO2 causes >in world Ts, whereas it has been shown that >CO2e follows the >Ts, there is a time lag of 6-800 years.
    It does not necessarily follow that >CO2e (because the correlation is unproven) means Sea Ice (which is no problem p ice= p water) and more importantly Ice sheets will melt, there are so many other factors, the most important being the Milankovitch cycle and the sun’s relative distance to the Earth.
    The Antarctic sea ice is stable even growing similarly the Southern Ice sheet, in the Arctic Greenland Ice sheets are stable, sea Ice has shown recent rapid decrease but is still likely to produce a Sept’ minimum greater than the 2006 min’.

    All this going on whilst atmospheric CO2e are rising, in the end alarmists are still clutching at straws.
    Linking >T = > in sea level, in a linear increase ie, + 6 C = 6m rise in sea levels, is pure rot.
    The controversy rages on:-

  190. John Scanlan says:

    Hi all,I have been following Jame’s blogs for sometime now,including the hijack last week as a lurker:-) its a damn shame that a few purile people would attempt to shut down a free speech forum.I have been following the thread of AGW,Swine flu and the other scams some shadowy organisations have been trying to push (Alex Jones),i do not have much of a clue as too the science,but as an ex soldier I do know a scam when it is presented or shoved in one’s face.I will continue to follow your conversation,I am sure that there are a lot more people out there that lurked,probably more han anyone knows,take care, John.S

  191. John Scanlan says:


  192. fenbeagle says:

    Just joining the party

  193. Red Fox says:

    So that’s that then. They will bring in time stamps, but no other changes.

  194. Amerloque says:

    In future, when the hypocrisy, malfeasance and hubris of the Anthropogenic Global Warming racket is fully exposed and documented for all to behold, one of the leading-edge critics of AGW will certainly turn out to have been the much-lamented Michael Crichton. In his 2004 book “State of Fear”, he alerted his readers in no uncertain terms to the obvious scam that AGW represented. Under the guise of an adventure novel, in which the plot revolves around green alarmist zealots attempting to bring about a global catastrophe, he clearly presented chapter and verse concerning the gamut of greeny claims — and relevant criticism(s) of each and every one. His rebuttals in this long book (668 pages), are both footnoted and supported by an extensive bibliography.

    From the word “go”, warmists and eco-fascists the world over shrilly criticized the book, ably aided and abetted by the craven MSM. Crichton’s conclusions and extrapolations from scientific papers were described as being erroneous … but the Thermageddon alarmists never responded in a substantive fashion to Crichton’s points – and he made many !

    What Amerloque also appreciated were the imaginary dialogues Crichton put in his characters’ mouths, and the fact that they so faithfully reflected the public “debates” such as those being carried out.

    This scene is particularly striking: (grin)

    (Peter Evans (an attorney) is a committed warmest, while John Kenner (an MIT professor) is a skeptic. The latter is assisted by Sanjong.

    Kenner has just provided peer-reviewed, published evidence that the Antarctic ice has been melting for something like 6000 years. Evans didn’t know that. Kenner suggests moving on to something else.)

    “No, no,” Evans said. “I’m interested in what you have to say. I’m not closed-minded about this. I’m ready to hear new information.”
    “You just did,” Kenner said.
    Evans picked up the sheet of paper again, and folded it carefully. He slipped it into his pocket. “These studies are probably financed by the coal industry,” he said.
    “Probably. I’m sure that explains it. But then everybody’s paid by somebody. Who pays your salary?”
    “My law firm.” (says Evans)
    “And who pays them?”
    “The clients. We have several hundred clients.”
    “You do work for all of them?”
    “Me personally? No.”
    “In fact, you do most of your work for environmental clients,” Kenner said. “Isn’t that true?”
    “Mostly. Yes.”
    “Would it be fair to say that the environmental clients pay your salary?” Kenner said.
    “You could make that argument.”
    “I’m just asking, Peter. Would it be fair to say environmentalists pay your salary?”
    “Okay. Then would it be fair to say the opinions you hold are because you work for the environmentalists?”
    “Of course not.”
    “You mean you’re not a paid flunky for the environmental movement?”
    “No. The fact is -” (says Evans)
    “You’re not an environmental stooge? A mouthpiece for a great fund raising and media machine – a multibillion dollar industry in its own right – with its own private agenda that’s not necessarily in the public interest?”
    “God dammit -“.
    “Is this pissing you off? Kennard said.
    “You’re damn right it is!”
    “Good,” Kenner said. “Now you know how legitimate scientists feel when their integrity is impugned by slimy characterizations such as the one you’ve just made. Sanjong and I gave you a careful, peer-reviewed interpretation of data made by several groups of scientists from several different countries. And your response was first to ignore it, and then to make an ad hominem attack. You didn’t answer the data. You didn’t provide counter evidence. You just smeared with innuendo”
    “Oh, f–k you,” Evans said. “You think you have an answer for everything. But there’s only one problem: nobody agrees with you. Nobody in the world thinks that Antarctica is getting colder.”
    “These scientists do,” Kennard said. “They published the data.”
    Evans threw up his hands. “The hell with it. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”
    (Pp 217-218, “State of Fear”)

    Now is not the time to let up !
    Stay on point ! (grin)

    (As Amerloque I invoke the Fair Use provision(s) of the copywrite act. All copyrights remain with the copyright holders.)

    20100608 11h50 Paris time (CET)

    (reposted here; was posted on the dead DT blog)

  195. Amerloque says:

    locusts/red Fox

    After reading Damian Thompson’s
    chirpy blogpost on the changes in the DT blogs, I’ve posted the following:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    “A few readers” ?!

    You must be joking !

    One issue you don’t address is the erasure of all messages in the blogs.

    Ms Katie Day obviously has very little concept as to how people communicate on line. Is she a product of the current educational establishment ?Another issue you don’t address above: when does “moderation” become “censorship” ? Why don’t you call a spade a spade ?
    Yrs faithfully,
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    For the moment, I see no reason to offer the DT any of the benefits of my thinking on AGW. Lurking yes, pariticipation no.

    20100608 12h04 Paris time (CET)

  196. Mack_____Troll Jäger says:

    I just posted this on WUWT [ in tips and notes]
    ‘Those of you who follow the link from this site to the James Delingpole blog at the Daily Telegraph will be sad to hear that following a sustained troll attack the blog closed for comment for a few days while new [not so good ]software was installed. Since the comments re-opened several long time fans of this blog have been denied access and many comments have been deleted due to extreme and unexplained moderation. It seems that the trolls have won a sort of victory .One of the comments read “No platform for fascists or deniers”. The attack exploited vulnerabilities in the software and ALL of the user names were hacked and used all over the DT blogs to post vile and venomous lies. ALL of the posts over the last two years have been lost and a valuable bank of links and comments destroyed.Drop by and see the results. Anthony’s note on boundaries promoted me to share this sad news with you,sad news for freedom of expression. Take care that you do not fall foul of this type of malice. Maybe you would like to leave a comment in support of James after you have ascertained the facts for yourselves? Thank you for reading this’

    Maybe you would like to comment in support?


  197. Pointman says:

    If you’ve never visited Michael Crichton’s site http://www.crichton-official.com/ please do so. There are some wonderful essays there.


  198. Red Fox says:

    The main thing is that the new system doesn’t prevent the “hall of mirrors” where people impersonate other people. I’ve just shown Damian T the proof of concept, I don’t think his smiley reply reflected his annoyance

  199. Pointman says:


    “For the moment, I see no reason to offer the DT any of the benefits of my thinking on AGW. Lurking yes, pariticipation no.”

    Agreed. As I said above, We are the content.


  200. orkneylad says:

    Pointman – Approved. 😉


  201. Evening all,

    Finally caught up with you libertygibbert (still think of you as Oz). Really like your thoughts on Libertarianism and look forward to contributing there sometime soon.

    The Cygnet has re-invented me, complete with a nice portrait from the family album.
    I was in danger of going into a full moult stumbling about on the DT site, but now the Cygnet’s back in town she’ll clue me up on what this cyber caper is all about. No need to get my feathers ruffled.

    Back to business.

    @ No Idea 4.28pm
    Whenever I see any comment on sea-levels I always think of Tasmanian Prof John Daly whose untimely death in 2004 was such “cheering news” to Phil Jones and the rest of the UEA CRU cabal. His site http://www.john-daly.com/ shows a surveyor’s carving on a rocky shore in Tasmania etched to mark sea level in 1841. Hard evidence, that’s what I like.

    As for various posts pondering JD’s silence on recent events and what sort of “fight” he’s having at the DT, I reserve my judgement for now. Looking back to past blogs to find a JD quote addressed to contributors who expressed some concern about his paid Emirates airfare to Dubai,
    “And to those of you muppets who accuse me of any kind of cowardice, moral or physical, I should like to raise my middle finger and invite you to swivel thereon……… Your sanctimonious posturing disgusts me more than I can say. I’m glad if you’ve decided no longer to read my blog. You are not worthy of it and you can rot in your smug, safe little beds”,
    this comment ticked me off at the time, but I did discover that past blogs have been restored to the Disgust format with the multiple pages.

    This is great as there are some valuable resources there from very cluey contributors and I was very miffed when they all vanished at first.

    Anyway, thanks again Oz, your hospitality is much appreciated.

  202. Pointman says:



    “‘Progress’ is a modern idea, a therefore a false one.
    W.F. Nietzsche.”

    BTW the second ‘a’ should be an ‘and’ …


  203. Pointman says:

    I’ve just been scanning the overnight and morning’s comments on the DT blog. It may be the new blog format but I can’t see a single music link, no A10s, no jokes and none of the usual banter. I sense a nervous undertow, a climate of fear. The spark has gone. Self-censorship has begun.


  204. Locusts says:

    I think i’ve been banned from the DT blogs.

  205. Pointman says:

    @BlackSwan. June 8, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    The bit of JD’s quote I liked was “safe little beds”. At the time, I read it to mean that he was under a lot of pressure and taking a lot of flak for keeping open a boistrous forum which was advocating a deeply unpopular idea. No so far-fetched now …


  206. Pointman says:

    @Locusts June 8, 2010 at 9:19 pm

    What happened? Did you tell a joke or smething?


  207. I’m clocking off for the night. Thanks again one and all who’ve joined me here. Behave yourselves while I’m away and I’ll check in on you after a few hours of shut-eye.

    Best, Oz LG

  208. Locusts says:

    What happened? Did you tell a joke or smething?
    A gentle ribbing, I swear!

    Someone made a comment about the security, so I did the silly thing, and uploaded Damian’s photo as my avatar, and called myself Locusts & Wild Damian, said i couldn’t see any security flaws. Damian gave me a peevy smiley face, kate came on, I asked her about it, she answered it, deleted my question, and now I can’t get in!

  209. Mack says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 9:08 pm
    I dropped a few comments at 2 trolls there and mentioned wind just in passing but it is sad to see the place as pointman has observed.I ran in dropped me grenades and bailed out,there’s no fun ,no continuity and the responses from the DT seem to be that this is how they like it so that’s it I guess.
    I noticed that the renegade ducky posted [Thompsons blog ] and said how folks were behaving themselves ! The arsehole better stay out of the way when the next coffins come through Wotton Basset or I will fly to duckland and give the barsteward a Colombian necktie

  210. Locusts says:

    Night, Oz

  211. Mack says:

    Locusts, will I go back and ask why you were banned? I don’t give a fuck if they ban me too but they can’t be allowed to act like that.There are 2 trolls on JD’s blog right now [more to come I bet] and will Kate do anything about it when they get uppity? Like hell she will,the silly twat thinks she is at some sort of garden party.Wonder if she is a shareholder in a wind mill or sommat?

  212. Pointman says:


    Commiserations, mate but you won’t be the last. My comment above about the ‘spark’ being gone holds. Your mistake was to assume it was still allowed, not matter how wittily it was being done. Add petulence to Alzheimers …


  213. Pointman says:

    Gents, it appears to me that there’s been a change in the procedure by which the DT censors. I don’t know for sure but my feeling is that before the change, JD did his own moderation.

    It look to me like your comments are being shunted to a panel of unfriendly censors which begs the question – How?

    Answer – the trolls don’t have to engage, they simply press the report comment button and your comment gets the Christians at the circus Maximus treatment from the panel. Simples.


  214. Mack says:

    Your other post is still there along with the slimy reply,. Seems that we cant reply to comments on that blog [or else I am locked out too] ,I would love to give ducky a bollocking on his slimy comments,that turd is unreal.

  215. Locusts says:

    Well I can’t tell for sure if I’m banned, all I know is that I can read comments when not logged in, but they fail to load when I am. Maybe I was on the blacklist owing to some of my previous hysterical “muslim invasion” posts before anyway, I don’t know. All I can see, is I gently rib them, pointing out a bit of a flaw, and now for some reason I can’t post. I not sure what asking them about it would achieve, would they even honour it with an answer?

    Just doing another profile now to see if I really am banned….

    And yes I have been! But they haven’t banned my IP address. Ok I now have a new persona, Basil Brush. The inspiration of John the Baptist, a voice in the wilderness has gone, now I am a rabid right wing fox that bites lefty babies in their sleep. …

  216. Mack says:

    ‘they simply press the report comment button and your comment gets the Christians at the circus Maximus treatment from the panel.’
    Too true,I felt that some of my stuff had been reported by that twat duckham as he is the only one likely to give a shit about Islam

  217. Mack says:

    Everything is coming up in bold font once I hit the button??

  218. Pointman says:

    turning off bold

  219. Pointman says:

    @Mack – try reporting Ducky’s posts!


  220. Locusts says:

    I’m going to report Damian’s posts the ars*hole

  221. Pointman says:

    Another attempt to turn off bold.

  222. Mack says:

    Pointman says:
    June 8, 2010 at 10:12 pm
    Just give me half a chance! That twat needs to be set upon at every chance as he is so found of dishing out shit.
    I will have a little think as I take the wrecking bar to my car trailer,it needs a rebuild as I have a lot of hauling to do as I move home for hopefully the last time.
    Where has Walt gotten himself to?

  223. Green Sand says:

    Copy of comment on Bishop Hill: –

    O/T – a brief chance to influence UK climate policy

    OK, maybe my message from yesterday lacked context. Here’s the text of an email that I received yesterday morning from DECC:

    “Programme for Government – Have Your Say on Energy and Climate Change Policy

    Do you want to help shape the Coalition Government’s energy and climate change policies?

    The Programme for Government website gives you the opportunity to enter public discussion on key areas. Departments will then use comments for policy development and the Government will also respond in coming weeks to the most popular areas of feedback. The comments function on the website will close at the end of Thursday 10 June.

    Add your comments to the Energy and Climate Change section on the Programme for Government website ”

    The web address is:


    The website has been taking comments since 24 May, but the email from DECC is date 7 June and they will only be taking comments until this Thursday, 10 June.

    This is a rare opportunity for the sceptical majoity to have its voice heard. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
    June 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAngusPangus

  224. Locusts says:

    can I turn off the bold?

  225. Pointman says:


    Thanks for the link, I’ve added my thoughts.


  226. Pointman says:

    @Locust – I’ve been trying but posting /b in between arrowheads doesn’t appear to work. It’s driving me mad as well.


  227. orkneylad says:

    Pointman 9:50 pm –

    Yes it’s VERY interesting….My ‘skeptics’ page at myT got 24 red reports yesterday, 10 so far today…….the watermelons don’t like it, but fair-play to the DT so far……I am untouched.


  228. Edward Longshanks says:

    Why the ever more elongated deafening silence from the self appointed emperor?
    Is he still in the foxhole with Chris Monckton?
    WUWT has a direct link to his site on DT blogs and so have many other important realist sites, he himself said that it was a proud moment when Anthony Watts put his site on the ‘map’ as it were, so JD you set the bar now you gotta jump.
    So James pull your finger out and at least give us a sit’ rep’ or tell us to get stuffed – at least well know then.
    Have you read Damian’s blog Pointy (or should I say Kate’s comments)?
    It doesn’t give away much and it’s more what it doesn’t say which is of interest.
    Anyway think I like it in Aus, Aussies are more friendly.

  229. Mack says:

    JD is back with a new blog but no explanations?

  230. Mack says:

    He asks
    ‘Finally, we need a bit of a perspective. Can anyone find me those brilliant AN Ditchfield stats posted below one of my blogs a few days ago, putting Obama’s “worst environmental disaster” nonsense into perspective – by reminding us how much oil was spilt by torpedoed ships in 1942? Soon as you can, I’ll post it up here. Cheers.’
    That was in a comment from our Walt was it not?

  231. Edward Longshanks says:

    Libertygibbert, You are making bold.

  232. Pointman says:

    @Mack – “How do I know that you are the real James? ”

    The blog doesn’t do humour any more. You’re going to get zapppppeeeeddddd.


  233. Pointman says:

    Yep, it was Walt’s.


  234. Mack says:

    The blog doesn’t do humour any more. You’re going to get zapppppeeeeddddd.
    Lets see if James is going to do a Tebbit and talk to his supporters

  235. Pointman says:

    orkneylad says:
    June 8, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Thanks for confirming the suspicion, Orkney.


  236. Mack says:

    “Finally, we need a bit of a perspective. Can anyone find me those brilliant AN Ditchfield stats posted below one of my blogs a few days ago, putting Obama’s “worst environmental disaster” nonsense into perspective – by reminding us how much oil was spilt by torpedoed ships in 1942? Soon as you can, I’ll post it up here. Cheers.”
    That was a comment from Walt. The DT lost it,send that Kate girl out to look for it

  237. Mack says:

    bet she gets her thong all twisted like a Spanish Windlass and zaps me

  238. Pointman says:

    Edward Longshanks says:
    June 8, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    I read it, Ed. Damien has to do the PR thing but he must know what’s going on. Agreed about James. At some point fairly soon, he’s got to comment whether at the DT or elsewhere.

    I’ll wait until he reposts his latest blog on his own site before commenting on it. Don’t forget, WE are the content. Let’s comment on it when it’s placed on his site but not while it’s at the DT. My humble protest but I’ll do it anyway.


  239. Pointman says:

    @Locusts – “There’s something else she can go and find whilst she’s at it Mack. I fancy a locust for my tea. ”

    You’re cruising for a bruising, boyo …


  240. Locusts says:

    Mack, where do you get your wind power super stats from?

  241. Mack says:

    That link is from our pal RR,he posted it ages ago ,its bang up to date,refreshes constantly

  242. Locusts says:


    I’ll get over my bruised ego soon enough!

  243. Mack says:

    posted this,will it survive??

    ‘OKAY ladies I’m off as this crap will soon need scrolling and farting about, we will all end up with migraine and terminal dandruff from the pages flashing before our eyes
    James FFS do something’

  244. Mack says:

    I have reported ducky and posted this
    “”t is much better and there are a lot of gratuitous insulters who have already cooled off; here and on MyT. How long that lasts is anybody’s guess”

    And so it will remain if you,Duckham,refrain from extolling the wonders of Islam, especially when there are coffins passing through Wotton Basset.Thank you.

  245. Pointman says:

    @Mack – I’ve got two windows open on the same page. Leaving one to auto update and hitting refresh on the other reveals how many comments ‘disappear’. It’s a lot more frequent than one would expect. I keep an eye on the number posts counter too. It goes backwards at times which they’re erasing posts in previous ‘pages’.


  246. Locusts says:

    Where are they getting their info from, those figures are crazy!

  247. Pointman says:

    @Mack et All – report Ducky from the outraged Christian viewpoint. Two can play the religious card …


  248. Mack says:

    Wow,that was quick,a rant about the oil spill which was anti-Brit and out of order has gone already from the new and unimproved JD blog!!

  249. Mack says:

    Where are they getting their info from, those figures are crazy!
    That the real time data from the UK network operators, I think it used to be the CEGB. The wind figure has been lower than just now for over 6 months.

  250. Pointman says:

    They’ve just zapped GulfSurviors comment. Pity, it would have kicked off a good debate. I repost in in full

    just now James, you are completely clueless and I am just sick to death at how you all of you Brits treat the destruction in someone else’s country. All of you are unbelievable cruel. Let me put this in perspective, the oil spill is the size of your damn country…got the visual now? There are hundreds of dead dolphins, sea turtles, fish and pelicans that died an agonizing death.
    The Brits have handled this disaster as they did the Irish Famine, just pretending it wasn’t happening. We don’t like your inaction and blase attitude much at all and we have been patient but that’s now all used up. Concerns over that Hayward idiot are laughable when families are without funds because their whole world as they knew it has disappeared and BP is dragging it’s feet to pay folks.
    All in all I see the British response a symbol of how they have handled anything not directly effecting themselves, you selfish arrogant bas***ds, with a lot of standing around type denial, waiting for someone else to come along and fix it. Your article is a joke. Get your a** off your chair and come take a look for yourself before you open your mouth.



  251. Mack says:

    “@Mack et All – report Ducky from the outraged Christian viewpoint. Two can play the religious card …”
    His post was not as bad as usual but I will make a point of reporting him at every stage of the game, this was just for openers. If the DT removes my note about Wotton Basset it will not go down too well, especially if I flag this on the military sites.

  252. Locusts says:

    Well confirmation from Kate, I got banned.

  253. Green Sand says:

    @Pointman re DECC

    I think I might have upset them as well, added my comment but it just seemed to vapourise, will check back later

  254. Mack says:

    Could not resist posting this at a comment on JD
    “As a Greek Orthodontist I have no wish to see this blog turn into a religious war.I have no wish to arouse the Vatican in any way .Thank you. ”
    Will I last the day I ask you? anyway I forgot that I am supposed to be working.Later gang

  255. Locusts says:


    I can’t believe that comment got deleted
    We’re not Guardian-style thought police; we moderate lightly and in order to keep it that way we rely on our commenters to judge where the boundaries of civil discourse lie.

    I think we’ll learn to judge those boundaries soon enough. So now we know why they refuse to have more than 25 comments a page. What’s wrong with a little flame war, we all get pissed off from time to time. Tebbit’s blog will die as well now.

  256. Mack says:

    Back for a mo, duckies post and mine were deleted !! it works both ways.

  257. Pointman says:

    @Locusts – Like I said, watching a good friend dying from progressive Alzheimers

    Everybody’s going to be nicey nice to each other in future on the DT blogs or else … We’ve lost the platform, I’m afraid.


  258. Pointman says:

    Mack says:
    June 8, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Victory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPXVGQnJm0w

    We can fight back too.


  259. Pointman says:

    The only fun to be had at the DT blog is how close you can push the “boundaries of civil discourse” and get away with it.

    Saying that, I’ve an idea. I need to check something out. Back in 5 mins.


  260. Locusts says:

    Well, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot in the last few months. I am very grateful for that. But it just goes to show, every single piece of our analysis over the weekend was completely correct.
    Web 2.0 is shit.

  261. Pointman says:

    My suspicions of how the censorship procedure works was confirmed by Orkney, who’s running his own MyT blog. They’re not reading every post, they’re just processing all the posts which have had the ‘report’ button pressed. They then ‘disappear’ the post so you’d never know it existed. That way, the censorship is invisible to the readers of the blog. A clean solution from their viewpoint.

    There’s a hole though …

    If the comment has replies hung off it, they can’t ‘disappear’ it. They can only blank it and put a ‘comment removed’. It’s a database thing called ‘referental integrity’. If we want to keep showing the lurkers that we’re being heavily censored now, we just complaint about a page 1 post that has ‘replies’ hung off it.


  262. Locusts says:

    sounds time consuming, is there nothing faster, like a denial of service?

    I see this change of blog format as a direct attempt to undermine the support and exposure of UKIP, and their policies. IF that is true then it will be hard to get them to change their mind.

  263. rastech says:

    Ok the Forum is up and running – dead basic at the moment though.

    The security against spam bots etc is pretty tough, and passwords need to be at least 8 characters long, with a mix of upper and lower case, plus numbers.

    There’s simple questions and silly questions that need answers (case unimportant). Two of the less obvious answers are – I don’t know – and – Banana.

    It’s got PM abilities and who knows what else to help things between us, so take a look please?

    If you like the look of it, several Admins will be needed, for example a couple from down under, a couple from the UK, and a couple from the USA – that’ll cover us for timezones.

    Anyone that knows what the hell to do with Forum software, speak up and have some fun. 🙂

    It’s powered by SNF, and it seems ok (so far). Very open to anything better if it doesn’t pan out.

  264. rastech says:

    Hmmm SMF is the software.

    Also the link didn’t play ball, so here it is again


  265. rastech says:

    Also privileges improve after 10 posts . . . . . . . . .

    Had to clamp hardish to prevent the spammers. See how it goes.

  266. manonthemoor says:

    Hi All

    Its after lunch here, been out this morning and only had time earlier for a quick look at the DT site. Then came straight here where its all happening.

    I have a few points/suggestions

    1/ Thanks ozboy for your zone of sanity, like coming home to a comfy armchair and warm slippers.

    2/ Like the way you can sort I/P’s (I am now convinced Al Gore has been using the name msher all along.)

    3/ I would like to name this transfer of power to Ozland as OZGATE, since it represent a major change in power and thinking, thank goodness for the internet.

    4/ I already suggested earlier that ozboy could just set up a one line header for the next JD blog (but there may still be copyright implications), my suggestion is that we refer to JT blogs just by date, we know what they, are but no other implications.
    Perhaps msher can advise?

    5/ ozboy quoted he could recognise both posters and visitors.
    My suggestion then is that ozboy should close each thread 24 hours after a new thread, but publish on the new thread and the previous thread not only this fact but :-
    a/ the number of posts
    b/ the number of unique contributors
    c/ the number of visitors
    I do realise this requires extra work but will demonstrate the hopefully growing power of the site.

    6/ Presumably the DT may claim copyright on the previous blogs and comments.
    What is the position with ozboys site, can we help ozboy benefit from his goodwill.
    Again msher may be able to help.

    7/ Finally there are those of us, me in particular, that bemoan the loss of previous links, data and chat from the previous blogs.
    At least some of these have been preserved, is there any reason why these cannot be published here as freestanding closed threads direct from an MS Word file
    (any thoughts){ note this would be by far the easiest way for the DT to recover ALL their threads with timestamps and links, but they are not yet thinking straight.}

    I am now away to catch up on the JD and DT threads

    BUT any and ALL comments welcome on the above


    manonthemoor 8 June 15:39

  267. Pointman says:

    Locusts says:
    June 9, 2010 at 12:29 am

    “is there nothing faster, like a denial of service?” – that was never my intention, I wouldn’t do anything to harm James. The point was to show the blog is being censored in a draconian fashion.


  268. Locusts says:


    How can the Telegraph claim copyright for things you stored on your computer before you posted it? 🙂

  269. Locusts says:

    Rastech, can you unblock my IP address. whatismyip says it is

    of course.

  270. Pointman says:

    rastech says:
    June 9, 2010 at 12:43 am

    Ras, I’m trying to register. The problem I’ve got is I can’t make out what the letters, numbers are on the bitmap and my eyesight isn’t that bad. Anyone else having the same problem?


  271. Pointman says:

    Just been over to JDs new DT blog and after 3 hours only 34 comments, a giddy ten comments an hour. That’s a message to the DT management, if ever there was one.


  272. Pointman says:

    He usually mirrors his DT blog onto his own site 24 hours later. I’ll comment on it there. Let’s see if he gets more than 10 post per hour when it appears …


  273. Locusts says:

    Have you got in yet pointman, the bitmap numbers always seem to be the same ones if that helps.

  274. Pointman says:

    @locusts – Nope, gave up.


  275. rastech says:

    Ok I embedded the Forum into the Webpage so http://www.founding-sons.co.uk/ works ok now.

    Can use whichever you prefer.

  276. rastech says:

    Ok Locusts will have a go now (I’m a complete newb at this so bear with me).

    I think this SMF software will allow live chatting as well, which will be really handy (IF I can work out how to make it function . . . ).

  277. Mack says:

    Drat,the ducky post is back…..but then so is mine..on page 1 of the damian blog

  278. Mack says:

    locusts,are you knocking off that Kate girl? all smilies and hugs at your post about us plebs 🙂

  279. crownarmourer says:

    Pointman I would like to point out Transocean the company who were doing the drilling are actually an American owned company although for various reasons registered in Switzerland. So pot kettle black.
    Now can we also discuss the appalling treatment of native americans after the Revolution although I’m sure you can justify that one, or the fact it took you guys a civil war to get rid of slavery we just had a debate in the houses of Parliament.
    What about Piper alpha an american made disaster in the North Sea or Bhopal in India.
    People who live in glass houses should not cast stones. This was a horrible accident that no one could have prevented and fixing it will neither be cheap or easy and BP no doubt will be on the hook for billions while the American owned Transocean no doubt will get off without paying a dime.

  280. Aha – sorted the bold issue.

    Pointy – you naughty person, it was all your fault :-O

  281. Locusts says:

    bitch banned me, had to take it on the chin 🙂

    wait a sec, my internets really slow tonight, seems the whole district is streaming video let me check to see if your changes have made any difference first.

  282. manonthemoor says:

    Hi All

    Just got back from checking the DT site 37 posts only and most from Mack and RR.
    Did not even bother to log in.

    Checked the JD blog (the old one) and posts seem to have ceased at 11.17 pm uk time yesterday. (hmmm)

    New post not op on JD site yet

    My post which I repeated here at the top of this blog has still not appeared, perhaps it is too sensitive, but the situation as developing seems to demonstrate there is cause for much concern. The ref to my post is:-
    manonthemoor says:
    June 7, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    May I also say what a joy it is to be able to find posts and last point using search etc, again.

    I suspect we must bide our time for James to provide us with some information.

  283. Locusts says:

    pointman, the password requirements are rather stiff in case you didn’t notice

  284. manonthemoor says:

    @Locusts says:
    June 9, 2010 at 12:50 am

    I suspect that and individual comment may be ok, but I suspect the DT have copyright over the complete text. James may have special permission to post on his site after 24 hours.

    Hopefully he will get a much better hit rate than the DT

  285. Pointman says:

    libertygibbert says:
    June 9, 2010 at 1:57 am

    I know. Cringe. Apologies. Couldn’t close it off by posting a slash b tag either.


  286. Pointy

    I don’t want to give any destructive lurkers ideas, so I’ll e-mail you the explanation of what you actually did.

  287. Locusts says:

    I’m good, thanks

  288. i_was_ferret says:

    Hi all
    Tip on passwords.. as rastech says: “passwords need to be at least 8 characters long, with a mix of upper and lower case, plus numbers.”

    A format of “Wxyz1234” passes tests….


  289. Pointman says:

    Locusts says:
    June 9, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Yes but I always use a random sequence of numbers and u/l case letters. Am I the only one having problems with the bitmap?


  290. Pointman says:

    @Locusts & Ras – I’m registered. My random id didn’t have a single u/c case letter.


  291. Amerloque says:

    Hi Locusts !

    /// Ok I now have a new persona, Basil Brush. ///

    I had this poster down on my ‘fake poster’ list. (grin)

    20100608 18h35 Paris time (CET)

  292. manonthemoor says:

    @rastech says:
    June 9, 2010 at 1:41 am

    Hi rastech

    Have been to your link but not tried to register yet.

    Can I ask if it is going to be a forum where questions and comments can be read ie an ‘open’ forum like here, or do you see it a as a discussion club with registration required?

    I can see a case for both an ‘open’ public forum and a more serious discussion club but clearly my view is only one in a wilderness of wise people.

    Never the less an important question

  293. Mack says:

    Just bin doin a few posts on JD to keep a presence there so the trolls don’t get in while we wait for the moderation issue to get sorted. Can they put all the posts on one page with that blogware they are using?

  294. Pointman says:

    If you going to leak a story, take a tip from the climategate guy – don’t give your name. He may just turn you in …



  295. manonthemoor says:

    Just been to the DT blog

    They have reinstated the original gulfsurvivor post — The must be so desperate to get their hit count up which only stands at 50 after over 4 hours.

  296. Pointman says:

    manonthemoor says:
    June 9, 2010 at 2:48 am

    reinstating gulfsurvivor’s post? How’d one find it at this stage?
    At a certain point, tragedy descends to farce …


  297. manonthemoor says:

    @Pointman says:
    June 9, 2010 at 2:54 am

    With ONLY 50 posts it can be found by accident with 500+ posts IMPOSSIBLE

  298. Locusts says:

    @Mack June 9, 2010 at 2:41 am

    Pointman said that having 25 comments on each page means that they can moderate all the comments on the other pages, so we never notice what has been deleted. They’ve deleted loads and loads of posts today. On the “blog format comments” page, they were deleting them faster than i could read them. So the answer is probably but they won’t.

  299. Mack says:

    Islamists are quick to take offence,have no sense of humour and tend to complain more.Mention of some of the more bizarre attitudes to women and girls seems to be taboo and yet the DT itself has highlighted the subject .
    I put this on Damiens page,wonder if it will last?

  300. Pointman says:

    I wouldn’t think it’s the DT that’s sensitive about Islam. That would be Mr Duck with his finger on the ‘report’ button …


  301. crownarmourer says:

    Actually Damien T may be right about censorship being the same they must have a Gay Muslim moderator over there because they feel like any commentary on those subjects should be censored.

  302. crownarmourer says:

    pointman if your correct then who is the screaming queen reporting all the gay comments. I wish to return the compliment.

  303. rastech says:


    Well the idea for the Forum came from the experience with Karl Denninger and his Forum and Blog. He does tickers on the Blog, then the discussion takes place on the Forum.

    It works well.

    Plus, something just as important (and I am not sure but I think the software I am using could be a lot better in this regard), would be the ease of us PM’ing each other and keeping in touch.

    I am disappointed with the messaging, and I think I’ll have to sort something better out.

    As for the orrible PITA registering and limitations, those should only bite for the first 10 posts (maybe even the messaging will kick in after that, I don’t know), and it’s to make the spam merchants leave things alone as much as possible.

    If I can get it all sorted out with the right software, it should be a good ‘central meeting point’ and general resource for us, to use as we wish without much grief.

    Fingers crossed it pans out.

  304. Mack says:

    Surely not Jehovahs Witnesseessis ??

    (Edited by a moderator)
    Why ? no sense of bloody humour?
    FFS all I said was sommat about shooting them from a canon if they disturbed you.

  305. manonthemoor says:

    DT Blog again

    They fixed the reply problem


  306. Mack says:

    URGENT, for the love and honour of all that is good and holy,please get a moderator that has a sense of humour,the deletion rate has become a farce

    put this on damo’s as well, will I last the evening?

  307. Pointman says:

    Mack – your Jehova post has been edited bt a moderator.

    @All – May I suggest you finish each post with the line ! I wonder how long that will last …

    “(Edited by a moderator)”


  308. Pointman says:

    crownarmourer says:
    June 9, 2010 at 3:16 am

    Crown, a question – do you have to be logged in to use the report button?

    (Edited by a moderator)

  309. manonthemoor says:

    Sorry can only see reply if logged in

  310. Locusts says:

    I think this thread is struggling with the number of posts!

    no you don’t have to be logged in, you just can’t reply, of course

  311. crownarmourer says:

    pointman it seems hit and miss but it seems so.

  312. crownarmourer says:

    Are you gay and feel uncomfortable going to mosque to hear the latest Fatwa completely lack any sense of humour whatsoever?
    Then we have the job for you, you can moderate with the Daily T, yes you too can impose your miserable world view on the rest of humanity. Moderate with the Daily T today

  313. crownarmourer says:

    posted this one to ellie_star on JD’s blog in reply to her comment accusing a lot of us having members…
    ellie_star you posted a comment now deleted suggesting our penile sizes were inadequate I can speak for myself that this is not the truth. Both of mine are larger than average.

  314. Locusts says:

    this disqus software crashes so much

  315. ScouseBilly says:

    Blimey, what’s wrong with these DT mods?
    They deleted “free-speech einsatz pricks”.
    Sensitive aren’t they 😉

  316. crownarmourer says:

    scousebilly yes and makes them think of lunchtime.

  317. ScouseBilly says:

    Crown, maybe it’s time to test them with other languages.
    My spanish is still reasonably fluent and is an official EU language so if they delete it they’re bound to be breaking some EU law. Anyway, it’ll fuck ’em right off having to translate as well.

  318. NoIdea says:

    @Pointman 3.30am
    Oo, what a (Edited by a moderator) idea. In Fact we could (Censored) until the cows come home.

    just now
    What a bunch of small pricks you all have. (Comment removed)
    Reply : (If comment had remained)
    Are you speaking in a professional capacity or from personal experience?
    Could the problem perhaps lie in your physiology rather than every one else’s?
    Or do you suffer from great expectations?
    How can we expose charlatans and dingbats if the rug is removed before it can be pulled from underneath them?

  319. orkneylad says:

    myT blog report update:
    14 new ‘red reports’ today, down from 25 yesterday.
    DT have not moderated the blog [well done!] so I assume the objections have not been sustained.


  320. aurelian says:

    Greetings, libertygibbert/ozboy.
    Just to say I’m lurking here each day and enjoying the banter.
    Nice piece on Libertarianism, too.
    Best wishes,

  321. theunbrainwashed says:

    There y’all are LMAO!

    I’ve been all over the World lookin for you lot!

    Check THIS!

    FYI…. 🙂

    Calls for Developed Nations to Repay ‘Climate Debt’ and an ‘International Court of Climate and Environmental Justice’ to Prosecute Developed World


  322. theunbrainwashed says:

    Friggin A!



  323. orkneylad says:

    Hey TUB, nice to see you. 🙂

    update: now 18 red reports! …..cue toys being thrown out of prams & spat dummies!


  324. Mack says:

    ‘I’ve been all over the World lookin for you lot!’

    If you had been a bit earlier you could have had your dick measured by some ladyman called ellie or muriel or whatever.peepee’s mother won the contest ’cause she’s had more pricks than she’s had hot dinners.

  325. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi, OL.

    How do I get into mytelegraph to see these red buttons?
    Sorry if I’m being thick.

  326. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi TUB

    Glad you found us. It occurs to me we can almost turn comments on and off at will.
    If we (regulars) all convene here and decide when to and when not to comment at the DT. Just a thought 😉

  327. manonthemoor says:

    Just watching a UK Channel 5 program on recent volcano problems

    The word Katla repeated every two or three minutes in 1hr program


    Therefore Katla is going to blow

    The fact that Katla last erupted in 1918 and erupts on average was only mentioned ‘in small print’ at the beginning of the program/

    So we now need to spend loads of moular to protect out airways from colcanoes as well.. Precautionary principle anyone!!!

  328. Locusts says:

    I managed to get my MyTelegraph account working, unfortunately I ran in to the Brush on Tebbits blog, the Brush wasn’t best pleased

  329. orkneylad says:

    ScouseBilly – It’s to do with my ‘my telegraph’ blog [skepticsanonymous]…in my dashboard there’s a stat-line [in red] giving the number of new reports….I can only assume it means how many times I’ve been ‘reported’ each day……nothing controversial in there, mild as Best Bitter…….there are some real sad bedwetters out there.


  330. Mack says:

    Therefore Katla is going to blow
    Did they give a time? Should I drink all me beer stock now? 2 cases of Goldings is too much a sacrifice to make to a volcano ,anyone know a virgin 🙂

  331. theepilogue says:

    Evening all (& noidea).

    I hope you don’t mind my presence on here ozboy (I like the aesthetic by the way), feel free to eject me if you do – I shan’t be staying long anyway.

    No doubt you’ve all missed my irreverent comments; I decided to go on blog hiatus prior to the DT blog ‘upgrade’, and now it’s arrived I can’t be bothered returning – looks like it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong.

    Looks like ‘we’ won anyway. We’ve finally closed down the denialist stain that was the JD blog. Well I say ‘we’, of course I mean ‘me’. You don’t seriously think that there would be that many ‘trolls’ do you? All it takes is a little ingenuity. And I’ve got http://www.campaigncc.org/ to thank for directing me there in the first place. Job done, no platform for deniers yadda yadda.

    noidea, you asked me some interesting questions regarding my post on global warming – http://siftingtheshit.blogspot.com/2010/02/global-warming-debate-debunked-and-why.html – which I very much appreciated. You’re original questions are buried somewhere in the JD blog and I’ll be damned if I’m sifting through the pigswill that composes bleedblindlymack’s (had your number all along macky – you still haven’t worked out how to space a comma) and realityreturns’ ‘contributions’, to find them. In essence though you raised the following points:

    You questioned my assertion that “it is widely accepted that a rise in CO2 will kickstart various negative feedbacks, as well as positive ones; an excellent example being the increase in tree size in the tropics“, arguing that there are other factors which constrain tree growth (or something similar – apologies for the paraphrasing). I’m sure you’re right, and I’m not an expert in CO2 and tree growth, but I referenced this point using this Guardian article – http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/feb/18/trees-tropics-climate-change Having just read the article again I have done a little googling and discovered the paper from which the article drew its information. The abstract is here – http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v457/n7232/abs/nature07771.html I quote, “We find that across 79 plots (163 ha) above-ground carbon storage in live trees increased by 0.63 Mg C ha-1 yr-1 between 1968 and 2007 (95% confidence interval (CI), 0.22–0.94; mean interval, 1987–96). “. I hope that provides answers to your questions.

    Your second question took a bit more research. You drew attention to my mention of the KT boundary, which I discussed as follows:

    “There are two excellently supported incidences of rising greenhouse gas levels causing drastic global warming. The first is known as the ‘KT Boundary’ – a layer of rocks which documents the impact of a huge meteorite 65 million years ago (the same one that wiped out the dinosaurs). When the meteorite struck, it released vast amounts of CO2 from vaporising carbonate-rich rocks, leading to a massive increase in the greenhouse effect”

    You followed my sources and reached the following abstract – http://www.pnas.org/content/99/12/7836.abstract – from which you drew the following text:

    Our record shows stable Late Cretaceous/Early Tertiary background pCO2 levels of 350–500 ppm by volume, but with a marked increase to at least 2,300 ppm by volume within 10,000 years of the KTB…A resultant climatic forcing of +12 W⋅m−2 would have been sufficient to warm the Earth’s surface by ≈7.5°C, in the absence of counter forcing by sulfate aerosols.

    You then pointed to this graph (which has been flying, unchallenged, around the JD blog for some time) – http://leisureguy.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/paleocarbon.gif This is not the link you posted, but it is to the same graph. On the original graph you posted, it said http://www.geocraft.com

    You quite rightly pointed out that at the 65 million year mark the graph shows absolutely no increase in temperature, and only a very slight increase in CO2 concentrations. This contradicts the abstract that I referenced which states that CO2 should have increased to 2,300ppm, with a resultant increase in global temperatures.

    You asked me whether the graph was wrong, or whether my source was wrong. You pointed out that my source refers to ‘Our records’ regarding CO2 concentrations 65 million years ago, without further referencing what exactly these records are, or where they came from.

    You can read the study in full here – http://www.pnas.org/content/99/12/7836.full.pdf+html It discusses its sources on page two. The data that concerns us was apparently taken from a fossilised evergreen fern (aff. Stenochlaena), located in the Raton Basin (Colorado).

    Perhaps I can now pose you a few questions. Where does the data your graph is based on come from? Is it reliable?

    Well I have done some research myself. It would appear that the graph has been put together by one ‘Monte Hieb’, who hosts the http://www.geocraft.com website. The graph in its original context is here – http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/Carboniferous_climate.html

    Now there are a few interesting differences between this ‘original’ graph, and the version being bandied around the blogosphere. As you can see, there is now a large shaded area titled ‘estimate of uncertainty’ – this has been stripped out of your graph. You’ll also notice that at around the 45 million year mark there is now a temperature jump of a few degrees or so – in your graph this has been flattened out.

    The graph lists two sources, one for the CO2 data and one for the temperature data.

    The temperature source links to this website – http://www.scotese.com/climate.htm – where we see a reconstruction of past temperature. If you have a look at the area of the graph marked ‘tertiary’ you will see a section marked K/T. In this section you will see a temperature jump of roughly 3°C. Now that seems some way off the abstract’s 7.5°C, but as the abstract states, that is “in the absence of counter forcing by sulfate aerosols“. I imagine that a meteorite would churn up a fair few aerosols, accounting for those lost °C. I hope that solves the temperature mystery, now for the CO2 one.

    The graph you posted links to the following paper – http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/Reference_Docs/Geocarb_III-Berner.pdf – which is a revision of the GEOCARB model (Berner, 1991, 1994) for paleolevels
    of atmospheric CO2.

    On page 20 of the paper it states the following:

    This type of modelling is incapable of delimiting shorter term CO2 fluctuations (Paleocene-Eocene boundary, late Ordovician glaciation) because of the nature of the input data which is added to the model as 10 my or longer averages. Thus, exact values of CO2, as shown by the standard curve, should not be taken literally and are always susceptible to modification. Nevertheless, the overall trend remains. This means that over the long term there is indeed a correlation between CO2 and paleotemperature, as manifested by the atmospheric greenhouse effect.

    The Paleocene-Eocene boundary (otherwise known as the Late Palaeocene Thermal Maximum) is the other event I mentioned in my post. So because the data used to compose this graph uses data that is averaged out over a minimum of 10 million years, it will not show up events such as the KT boundary, which, as the abstract tells us, saw CO2 levels jump “within 10,000 years“.

    So in essence neither the graph nor the abstract are wrong (although the graph you posted had some dodgy alterations). It is simply the case that the graph deals with a far larger time scale than the abstract.

    I hope that answers your questions. Thanks for asking them – I enjoyed the detective work. I probably won’t be back here, but if you have any others, please feel free to post them to my blog – http://siftingtheshit.blogspot.com/ – and I will respond to them there.

    One last thing, has anyone noticed that JD’s blogs now consist of responses to Monbiot’s writing? He’s like Monbiot’s own personal ‘troll’!

    Cheers ozboy, good luck with the blog – P.S. the email address I’ve used was made for purpose, so while I’d appreciate you keeping it confidential, no biggy if you let slip.

  332. i_was_ferret says:

    June 9, 2010 at 6:03 am

    I’ve just been watching that volcano prog too! Switched it off at the end in disgust when they tried linking GW to eruptions! Look at http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/04/16/reply-to-ice-cap-thaw-may-awaken-icelandic-volcanoes/


  333. crownarmourer says:

    Mack….anyone know a virgin…..not for long.

    Ok in my wildest fantasies maybe.

  334. Green Sand says:

    Rich nations accused over ‘logging loophole’ at Bonn climate talks


    “This is fraudulent accounting,” said Melanie Coath, climate change officer at RSPB. “We are seeing a shocking race to the bottom. The forests of Europe could be an important part of the solution to climate change. Instead we are seeing them being used to undermine the integrity of a global climate deal.”


    Mrs Green Sand immediately canceled her membership

  335. Green Sand says:

    England team fights climate change en route to the World Cup (Press Release)

    No hot air as Capello and his squad offset their flights using government approved scheme


    Probably end up offsetting penalties with the Germans!

  336. crownarmourer says:

    Some one was sucking up to Damien T on his blog so I used the report button, then Damien T replied I reported him as well, I say if you put a button there use it.

  337. Pointman says:

    NoIdea says:
    June 9, 2010 at 5:23 am

    NoIdea – go the whole hog post

    “Comment removed”


  338. Pointman says:

    Hiya TUB, glad you found us.


  339. theunbrainwashed says:

    Mack….. This is especially for you…. as Kylie might have once said…. 🙂


    By the Way, BP have said that ALL the ”Proceeds” from The Oil they gather from the Spill will go back into helping the ”Environment” back to tip top condition!

    Smickles not Skittles

  340. manonthemoor says:

    @Pointman says:
    June 9, 2010 at 6:46 am

    NOT NOW but in a weeks time if this shambles continues

    WE could all post “Comment removed’

    To improve the hits

    If they ban us then so be it

    There will be no point in drowning a dead duck

    Thanks again ozboy

  341. Pointman says:

    NoIdea – How’s Walt?


  342. theunbrainwashed says:

    or should that be Shmickles?

  343. theunbrainwashed says:

    Peep Peep!


  344. ScouseBilly says:

    I just posted my piece. Before it gets modded, here is the full text:

    James, I’ve never thought you were exactly PC.
    So can you not have a word with Ms Day about inappropraite PC style moderation on your blogs?
    The reason for your success here was the very non-PC nature of your comments section.
    There is a balance to be struck, of course given the privilege of posting under the DT banner but this is killing the “personality” of your community.
    You may have noticed many of your loyal commentators have already decamped elsewhere. At this rate many others will follow suite.
    Perhaps you could have a word with Damian to ask if you are allowed to respond to us before we all walk.

    A very concerned Scouse Billy

  345. Green Sand says:


    Just seen your post, went to “recommend”, can’t. I can “report” or “reply” but no “recommend”

  346. Morning all – I see you’ve all been having fun, and little has changed back at the DT

    A warm welcome to everyone who’s visited me for the first time.

    @theepilogue June 9, 2010 at 6:15 am

    Yes, that definitely includes you too. I don’t require people to agree with me for them to be most welcome here. See my remark to izen @June 8, 2010 at 9:47 am above.

    Your comment was automatically held for moderation because of the triple-whammy a) its length, b) the number of links and c) you’re a first-time poster. For everyone’s info, I’ve set the threshold at 4 links per post; above that and you’ll have to wait for me to approve it.

    P.S. the email address I’ve used was made for purpose, so while I’d appreciate you keeping it confidential, no biggy if you let slip.

    You’re the first one to bring this up David, but I’m actually glad you did. I’m truly humbled by the level of implicit trust you’ve all shown me in leaving your details with me here. None of you know me personally, or even my real name (although I feel I know many of you quite well by now), but you’ve left your e-mail and IP addresses with me nonetheless. It goes without saying no-one else will EVER see these details, but if you have concerns (e.g., a hacker gets access or something), then do as David does and use an e-mail address that will not hurt you in the event it’s compromised. For the rest of you, I’m truly grateful.

  347. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi Greensand,

    Thanks. Try a refresh, rather than “show” in the real time update.
    If that doesn’t work maybe iot is undergoing moderation ;(

  348. Green Sand says:


    Refresh did it! So did I. Funny world

  349. Oh a small request as well. Re YouTube links, could you not embed them in posts – just provide the link address. I agree they’re great fun late at night, but some people have no interest in them and it makes scrolling past them that much longer.

    Many thanks, Oz.

  350. manonthemoor says:

    @libertygibbert says:
    June 9, 2010 at 7:33 am

    Morning oh wonder man

    Time for my bed now

    Feel free to use my email if you need to make quiet reply to any of my posts

  351. ozboy,

    I remember a while back you had some comments on that global warming post I wrote (the same one noidea addressed). I’d be interested to hear them.

  352. @siftingtheshit June 9, 2010 at 7:48 am

    I’ll have a look later – that was quite a while ago. Do stick to just one handle.

  353. Ah apologies, that was accidental. I did a guest post before, but I’ve now signed into my wordpress (which I rarely use – I tend to stick with blogspot), and it’s automatically used the username of that. I’ll probably stick to this now.

  354. crownarmourer says:

    Just posted this on Damien T’s blog I’m hoping it gets censored to prove my point.

    For instance if I said “I think it would be a good thing for world peace and understanding if the next Pope was Gay and a muslim” it will be censored even though it stresses a positive message even though it would be incredibly unlikely that it would ever happen. Also who are we to put restraints on either group from being allowed that job as that is pure discrimination.
    Now the censor has a problem as I am advocating Gay or Muslim rights but does that trump the right of Catholics everywhere not to be offended well we have 1.5 billion muslims and 1 billion Catholics do we censor this or not.
    Any which way the moderator looks at it they are showing that they are either anti gay, anti muslim or anti catholic if they censor this. They leave it up and someone gets offended they remove it someone gets offended.

  355. crownarmourer says:

    Also for the record there probably is a flaw in my argument. Also please note the next Pope will not be gay or a muslim our current President maybe but not the Pope.

  356. orkneylad says:

    shitsifter – “Looks like ‘we’ won anyway. We’ve finally closed down the denialist stain that was the JD blog. Well I say ‘we’, of course I mean ‘me’. You don’t seriously think that there would be that many ‘trolls’ do you? All it takes is a little ingenuity. And I’ve got http://www.campaigncc.org/ to thank for directing me there in the first place. Job done, no platform for deniers yadda yadda.”

    Your definition of ‘win’ must be extraordinary…….it appears you haven’t noticed that JD’s blog is a: still up & B: still full of vitriol aimed at faith-driven green fucktards like your sorry self.

    You then gloat that this ‘victory’ is yours alone…….you really are a prize fuckwit with incredible delusions of grandeur. LMFAO
    Still, if I’m happy to defend deniers their right to a voice, I also have to defend your right to squeek too, *sigh* no matter how much is sticks in my gullet.

    So in the best possible taste, fuck you very much & have a nice evening.


  357. ScouseBilly says:

    Nice one OL,

    I just posted his gloat on the DT JD blog.

    And to echo the sentiment – yeah, fuck you Shitstick.

  358. izen says:

    I seem to have typed a small novella… I hope there isn’t to strict a word limit on this system, sorry for the length of this post – even AFTER I’d cut out all the Darwin/coral stuff…

    @ NoIdea says:
    June 8, 2010 at 4:28 pm –
    “The problem is that these sinking islands are growing not shrinking. They mention that sediment and coral growth along with land reclamation are responsible for the land mass gains….
    I understand that the land moving or sinking relative to sea level will give a local effect….
    Prof Kench said the study challenged the view that the islands were sinking as a result of global warming. It appears Kench challenges your land sinking theory. Or is it just more sloppy journalism?”

    Mainly sloppy journalism
    Or perhaps an avoidance (inability?) of dealing with a multifactor system.

    Sea level varies due to tides and air pressure, but that is just local variation, the same VOLUME of water is still there.

    Ignoring local surface variation (ha!) the sea level can be regarded as a fixed surface, it automatically forms a reference level at equal gravimetric potential from the Earth center of mass.

    Land, floating on tectonic plates, can rise or sink relative to that sea level, thats the case in the UK and New Zealand where the recent (8000yrs!) melting of an overlying ice-cap results in one end rising and the other falling.

    Coral Islands in the tropics are a bit of a special case.
    They sit in oceanic plates that aren’t sinking or rising significantly. But as Darwin proposed the coral starts of around a volcanic cone and as that erodes away the coral fringe becomes the dominant feature of the island.

    The sea level CAN change significantly in a short (1000yrs) time, when large ice-caps on land melt at the end of a glacial period the addition of new water increases the volume of the ocean.
    Large flat areas of land can become shallow seas.
    Coral islands can grow upwards from their ring around the eroding center. The coral debris within this ring perpetuates the island.
    Geologists can have a wonderful time dating the island and the ice-ages from the position and age of buried coral reefs now too deep to be productive.

    The whole alarmist ‘Maldives will be submerged’ stuff is PR. Bangladesh has a bigger problem, its coast doesn’t actively grow with sea level change.

    @ NoIdea says:
    June 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    “I know I have mentioned this report from a while back before
    -link- telegraph.- Rising-CO2-could-cause-catastrophic-sea-level-rise-finds-Antarctic-study.html
    There are numerous illogical statements, I have mentioned several before.
    Something I have only just noticed in the opening statement
    “The British Antarctic Survey found that during past periods of high carbon dioxide, temperatures in Antarctica were up to 6C above current levels. This could cause a sea level rise of up six metres, threatening coastal cities like London, New York and San Francisco….
    I find it still makes my head hurt looking at the article. They allowed this strange mess to go out and stay out there. The page is still available.
    Is it not really obvious that you cannot measure temperatures in ice that you state will be melted if it reaches the temperature you fear?”

    Sort and simple answer –
    They drilled ice-cores from stable ice fields that haven’t moved for several hundred thousand years like the Vostok ice dome in Antarctica.
    A lot of the Antarctic ice-cap is continually sliding V-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y into the sea and doesn’t actually last through a whole 100,000yr glacial cycle.

    Knowing from other geological evidence that during the last warm period 125,000 years ago the sea level was ~5m higher the guess was that a lot of the moving ice-cap was much thinner or absent. But past temperatures during this period are uncertain.

    Now comes the long and complex bit….

    The telegraph article is what the media do to a bit of new science. To some extent it justifies the indictment many here would make of the alarmist nature of the presentation of this issue. We know that sea levels COULD be much higher, they have been in the past. The media (and the DT were not alone) take from the press release about some recent science that this could happen again – and THAT becomes the story.

    To be fair, the science team behind this colluded in the misrepresentation.
    Their press release about this research contains the key lines that the media constructed the ‘scare’ story from –


    “A new study of Antarctica’s past climate reveals that temperatures during the warm periods between ice ages (interglacials) may have been higher than previously thought. The latest analysis of ice core records suggests that Antarctic temperatures may have been up to 6°C warmer than the present day. …
    During the last warm period, about 125,000 years ago, sea level was around 5 metres higher than today. Ice core scientist Eric Wolff of British Antarctic Survey is a world-leading expert on past climate. He said,

    “If we can pin down how much warmer temperatures were in Antarctica and Greenland at this time, then we can test predictions of how melting of the large ice sheets may contribute to sea level rise.””

    Note the ‘scientific’ caveats –
    MAY have been higher…
    IF we can pin down…
    TEST predictions….

    Leave them out and there just enough to contrapt the ‘New York will drown – catastrophic sea level rise’ headline.

    So whats actually going on?
    Well one way to get a measure of how hot (or cold) it was in the past is to look at oxygen isotopes in ice. You can date the ice (roughly within 1%) and the O18 ratio gives you an indication of temperature VARIATION. Getting the absolute temperature is more difficult, because while the variation is proportional to temperature the amount is modulated by other factors – including the amount of precipitation/snowfall.

    So what Dr Louise Sime et al have been up to involves calculating what effect a big temperature rise (caused by CO2) would have on the O18 ratio in ice-cores. Then they looked at actual ice-core data and worked out how warm it COULD have been given the OTHER changes that a big temperature increase would have.
    According to their modelling.

    Here is the Actual research they were doing, or at least the abstract – the rest is behind a paywall. –


    Note that there is nothing about 5m sea level rise of much warmer past interglacial s. That may be in conclusions within the paper, but what this research is doing is trying to get beyond ice-core O18 are just a indicator of temperature variation and try and relate it to an absolute temperature. From the press release at least, they appear certain enough to suggest that past temperature MAY habe been under-estimated, that when it warmed before it got MUCH warmer than now ( enough for the sea level rise).
    It is probably a good bit of research that has help to narrow the uncertainty about what actual temperature (as opposed to just which direction its going) the ice-core O18 ratios indicate. It may even indicate that previous interglacials were warmer – as indicated by the higher sea level as well. That may indicate that climate sensitivity to CO2 ( or any energy imbalance) is greater than we had previously estimated.

    This is just a small piece in a complex jigsaw of knowledge about past climate and how to interpret the indicators it has left in ice-core. That knowledge about past climate can inform us of how the present climate may behave. Or at least put some limits on the uncertainty or range of possibilities.

    But it certainly doesn’t justify a first paragraph that ends- ‘….sea level rise of up six metres, threatening coastal cities like London, New York and San Francisco. ‘

  359. @izen

    The system settings don’t indicate a maximum post length, so that should be OK.

    As the moderator, I won’t be getting personally into the AGW hand-to-hand combat on my own site – you all know my position anyway. But of course I’ll be a keen spectator.

    Ready… Aim…

  360. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi Oz,

    Perhaps you could have a forum for those who want to go round in circles discussing the fake “scientific” hypotheses and another for the real meat of AGW, i.e. the politics.

  361. “Perhaps you could have a forum for those who want to go round in circles discussing the fake “scientific” hypotheses and another for the real meat of AGW, i.e. the politics.”

    And you resent being called a denier? There’s not an ounce of ‘sceptic’ in you.

  362. Edward Longshanks says:

    Pointman and Champions of a Bullshit free world (where the asinine, brain dead support of the semi religious cult of CAGW is kicked into the shitter where it belongs!).

    Just been over to JDs DT blog, 142 hits cannot be bothered to scroll down the list or whatever (the idiosyncrasies of the thread leave me cold) but I notice on other blogs eg, Ed West’s – that he does comment and quite frequently, has anybody noticed if James has passed any comment on his blog thread yet?
    I see peepee/Izal is here, Gawd WTF does she want?

  363. izen says:

    ScouseBilly says:
    June 9, 2010 at 9:11 am –
    “…fake “scientific” hypotheses and…. the real meat of AGW, i.e. the politics.”

    All meat is derived from plants, which grow from CO2…
    Or to unpack the metaphor,
    If AGW does not happen then expediency will trump any politics – eventually.
    It AGW does, no political argument will be able to avoid it for long.

    Just take the hypothetical case that there IS a significant climate change and/or shortage of fossil fuel. What POLITICAL response would you regard as legitimate?
    How does a libertarian, or free-market respond to AGW if it is real?

  364. Edward Longshanks says:

    G’day Ozboy,
    This will make you laugh, it makes me ****ing weep.


    A perfect example of highly paid government minions who have nothing to do all day but merely justify their existence with;
    “What do we do today lads? ”
    (Before we have a 2hr lunch)
    “Yawn……I know!”
    “We’ll issue an edict about World Cup boozing and healthy eating!”
    “Howzat for blue sky ‘out of my box’ thinking?”

    Heavens above, Lord help us taxpaying twits.

    regards, Ed.

  365. ozboy,

    Re: your blog header – isn’t the point that some people just aren’t responsible? See http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100030983/i-need-your-pledge-now-for-the-most-important-campaign-in-the-history-of-the-planet/

    If they were we wouldn’t be having this debate.

    I like your ideals, I just don’t think they transpose to reality.

  366. izen says:

    @ STS –
    “I like your ideals, I just don’t think they transpose to reality.”

    You can transpose a melody into a new key but ideals NEVER transpose to reality. They occupy separate epistemological categories.

    Ideals are like paintings, they may try to represent a reality, but they are always a product of the human imagination, invented because of their utility in enabling us to grasp some aspect of reality.

    It is often a matter of tast whether you prefer the Dutch masters to Picasso.

  367. @siftingtheshit, izen

    That’s one of the two standard criticisms of libertarianism (I dealt with the other one in my previous post). I’m a little busy right now, but I’ll be addressing the idealism criticism in a few weeks – and the solution is almost certainly not what you’d think.

    As I’ve told you both, I welcome dissenting points of view here – it’s the sine qua non of scepticism. So watch this space.

  368. Amanda says:

    G’day, Ozboy.

    Guys — chaps, chapesses, and anyone in between — I love what you’re doing here. This is better than the DT now! (Sorry, Ozboy, not saying your blog was worse before — didn’t know you even *had* a blog — just saying that I’d rather come here than go there.) Basically, new format/new thinking/new bust-’em-up style gets us all scurrying for cover, but since Ozboy had the good sense to give us a place to go, that’s no trouble, and no worries about some arbitrary pole-up-the-bum immoderator. Frankly I’d rather check in here than at Delingpole’s blog because, ‘at the end of the day’ as the rather stupid saying is, Delingpole is a DT employee and he has a different role to play than any one of us. In other words, friends, now and then he has to suck it up. (No rude jokes, Crownarmourer.) Whereas, we don’t HAVE to suck it up. We can bitch and complain and carry on as we like, thanks to Ozboy’s good graces.

    Ozboy: I do have a suggestion. Do you have (I haven’t noticed, did I miss it?) a PayPal ‘Do you like this site?’ donation button? I don’t expect to pay at DT but I understand you’re a guy running this on your own; I couldn’t be your Rockefeller but I’d certainly put a quid in or two to help out.

  369. Amanda says:

    P. S. Should I be calling you something other than Ozboy? Or is Ozboy okay? (I kinda like it.)

  370. Amanda says:

    P. P. S. When I said ‘Delingpole’s blog’ above I meant his personal blog, which I know has been getting extra traffic lately….

  371. @Amanda – that’s a lovely thought, and many thanks. Right now the blog is costing me time rather than money, but as I’ll have an extra mouth to feed in a little under 24 hours, I’ll keep it in mind. As I speak, I’m time-slicing between the blog, packing bags and tightening screws on the baby cot. I’ll let you all know when there’s news.

    Ozboy is how you all know me, that’s fine. I wanted a new blog title here to reflect the theme, then all this DT stuff happened. Life does get hectic sometimes, doesn’t it?

  372. crownarmourer says:

    Concentrate on the baby first obviously I’m sure we can take of ourselves for a while.

  373. theunbrainwashed says:



    Spain to reopen Altamira caves with prehistoric paintings, despite scientists’ warnings


  374. theunbrainwashed says:

    UN climate fund looks at shipping and aviation emissions to raise cash

    Greenwise Staff
    8th June 2010

    A UN group looking at ways to raise finance to help poor nations combat climate is looking at many ways to raise cash, including raising money on the back of emissions from aviation and shipping, it has been reported.

  375. OK folks, I’m disappearing for a while. Behave yourselves and I’ll speak to you later.

  376. Mack says:

    Mornin all,nighty nighty Oz folks.

    TUB , I see that the UN is still pursuing the goal of global government.Not good news.
    I wonder how Geert will do in the Dutch elections today? We can but wish him all the very best.

  377. manonthemoor says:

    Good morning all

    Went to JD blog first — He has now published yesterday’s DT blog
    I have not read any of the new items here yet.
    I left the following post for JD however

    Good morning James

    Good morning All

    Clearly there is a lot of dust that had been disturbed over the last few days, not just at the DT but elsewhere.

    We now I believe allow time for that dust to settle and let the decision process to take its course. I suspect those of us who comment have made our views clear and you and DT now need space to decide the way forward.

    Rest assured however James you at present have our support in resolving this problem.

    I am sure all of us look forward to some form of policy statement in the not too distant future.

    Thank You.

    Manonthemoor 9 June 9.04am

  378. Amanda says:

    Wow, waiting to hear more about Ozboy’s happy news….

  379. Edward Longshanks says:

    Ozboy! I wish to express my sincerest good wishes to you and your family and hope that the next few hours are fruitful, joyous and timelessly happy moments, you can cherish forever!

    Good on yer mate!

    Kindest regards, Ed.

  380. Mack says:

    The DT blogs are so sad. Over-moderation and crappy software is a bad combination. I think the crowing of our trolls is a bit sad too as this move has been planned for months without any input from them,it was just buggered up in its execution by that Kate lady.Bigger site have been moved with less fuss ,bother and incompetence .The DT is showing a list to the left ,is this an attempt to get readers or sommat?

  381. Mack says:

    Best wishes Oz and Family, our thoughts are with you.

  382. Mack says:

    Looks like that award to the little girl in Texas was a hoax but who would mess about with a little kid like that? http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/06/08/the-beeville-science-fair-hoax-but-look-at-the-story-the-data-tells/#more-20316

  383. ScouseBilly says:

    Just posted the following Damian Thompson’s “An update on..” blog:

    Damian says, “Thanks – but all the credit belongs to our communities editor Kate Day, who’s been working for months on implementing this complex changeover.”

    Which surely suggests:

    a) You should have explained first rather than leave it to “Well, as you’ve all worked out by now…”

    b) Any professional would have invited comment in advance as to what the readership liked/didn’t like before embarking on major changes.

    Perhaps Ms Day should have stuck with photography which I have to admit she’s very good at – managing the public/communities is clearly not her forte.

  384. NoIdea says:

    @izen on June 9, 2010 at 8:52 am
    Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I do not have time at the moment to fully address you points. One minor point I will mention, is that I am sure I have read a report on Bangladesh, which suggests the silt run off that builds up in the area is actively growing.
    I will attempt to search the references etc out later.
    Thank you for the links you provide, I will give them some extended perusal before replying in full.
    @ToWhomItMayConcern on June 9, 2010 at 6:15 am
    I hope you do not mind if I just call you David? You can be who you like; to be honest the name is irrelevant. The content is the only thing of relevance.
    I note the inclusion of many interesting links, many thanks for your detective work.
    I will do my due diligence on all the interesting points you raise before responding appropriately.
    Do you see how much fun having an adult conversation can be David?

  385. Edward Longshanks says:

    manonthemoor says:
    June 9, 2010 at 6:11 pm
    Mornin’ MOT and gang,
    I read a comment about JD from you and it made me pause, I once remitted some Emails to JD and still do occasionally, the tone of the replies has changed where once they were friendly, now they are more formal, yet still polite.
    I made a jest in pure fun, he didn’t like it, I wonder if he feels that he is now a big player and that some of us can go hang, or perhaps I’m being unkind and I do him a disservice.
    I must say he was such a breath of fresh air and loved his irreverent swipes at the AGW ‘consensus’ bilge, he became for me an encapsulation of the very necessary knee jerk, kicking back on behalf of intelligent right minded people who were sick to death of being treated like know nowt idiots.
    And as Brown infamously put it, “flat earthers” – a comment that I for one, will never forgive him for – that arrogant, ignoramus, good for nothing , literal and corporeal embodiment of ‘elitist’ superiority complex.
    That remark……. It wouldn’t have been so bad coming from Hansen at least he has a scientific background (I might not respect his views but I respect his qualifications).

    @ Mack says:
    June 9, 2010 at 6:44 pm
    Hi, Mack,
    Read round the story, it is strange and a hoax but to what purpose?
    Its a bit cynical to say the least.

  386. aurelian says:

    After reading today’s post on http://eurefendum.blogspot.com, I was moved to make a small donation.
    Dr R A E North, with Christopher Booker the co-author of many fine books, has been indefatigable in exposing the financial interests behind AGW.
    He deserves our support.

  387. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi Ed,

    Career versus conscience?
    J.D. had money worries.
    Has he been bought?

  388. Evening/morning folks,

    Do you think this thread is starting to get a bit long? Let me know if you want me to start a new one; I have a brief AGW blurb already written as a conversation starter. Say about 24 hours time?

    Mucho thanks all of you from Mrs Oz and me for your best wishes. We’re staying in Hobart tonight and are booked in theatre about 14 hours from now. I’ll post a photo.


  389. ScouseBilly says:


    Just want to wish you and Mrs Oz all the best.
    You have a lot on your plate right now so I would leave things be until:
    a) the dust settles a bit
    b) we can discuss where we go from here.

    As I say you have more important things to attend to right now.

    All the best, Scouse

  390. NoIdea says:

    @pointman on June 9, 2010 at 6:55 am
    Still seething, still smiling, and still not smoking!
    Well done that man.

  391. orkneylad says:

    Best wishes Oz & fingers crossed for Mrs Oz & a speedy delivery. 🙂


  392. Edward Longshanks says:

    ScouseBilly says:
    June 9, 2010 at 7:14 pm
    Hi ScouseBilly,
    Dunno, good question, er I think it would be good if he made a statement of something, I don’t know what he thinks of me (for my part I shall still read his blog but not comment at the DT – don’t like it much now [but I did register eventually thanks to your advice, though I have posted elsewhere, I don’t read follow ups, not sure if I’m bothered, it is better here]) but it is the rest of the crew, there are some damn fine brains and posters out there who deserve a little something.
    Anybody heard from Walt recently? – I really do hope he is OK.

    @libertygibbert says:
    June 9, 2010 at 7:26 pm
    “Do you think this thread is starting to get a bit long? Let me know if you want me to start a new one; I have a brief AGW blurb already written as a conversation starter. Say about 24 hours time?”

    You is de boss now me old love (as they say in Yorkshire:>) )

    regards, Ed.

  393. orkneylad says:

    Interesting notion:

    There Is A Broader Conspiracy Over The BP Oil Spill

    “we have Goldman Sachs as a company, and the Goldman CEO, involved a massive sell off of BP stock just prior to this oil spill.
    Further, they have banned all photography of the affected shorelines and have basically instituted marshal law down there for reasons yet unknown.
    All of this has the hairs on the back of my neck standing up on end.
    Something stinks.”

    Who knows?

  394. fenbeagle says:

    hi Aurelian
    Your link did’nt take me anywere? Whats the problem with Dr North?

  395. aurelian says:

    @fenbeagle on June 9, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    My apologies for a typographical error.
    The link should have been http://eureferendum.blogspot.com
    I read in one of the national dailies recently that the millionaire Dr Pachauri is litigating against Dr North.

  396. Edward Longshanks says:

    fenbeagle says:
    June 9, 2010 at 7:49 pm

    Wotcha Fenbeagle, I think I am correct in saying that Richard North recently had a mild heart attack or a warning of such.


  397. Mack says:

    @NoIdea says:
    June 9, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    “One minor point I will mention, is that I am sure I have read a report on Bangladesh, which suggests the silt run off that builds up in the area is actively growing.”
    No silt-no Sundrabans.I suppose the best way of describing this area is ‘dynamic’ as over history it grows and shrinks. The main thing working against its continued growth right now is the removal of the mangrove to facilitate fish-farms. The ability of the mangrove to absorb storm surges is well known and its removal is just asking for trouble as the silt is very unstable. I have been to Chittagong and have walked along Cox’s Bazzar ,a mixture of sand and the very silt of which we speak and when the next flood strikes I bet that the casualty number will be just a wild guess as the place teems with people. Upstream irrigation is also hitting the amount of silt reaching the Sundrabans,
    Out in the Indian Ocean there is a vast underground deposit of this silt , the result of thousands of years build up and if this were to shift due to earthquake the results could be quite exciting to say the least.

  398. manonthemoor says:

    Just posted this on Damiens DISQUS blog

    Will see if I get a reply from Kate

    @ Damian and Kate

    I have just taken the trouble to read ALL the 178 comments, what a pain.

    I note that Kate has stated a number of times that all previous threads will be restored.

    Can I point out that this will still cause much pain for those wishing to make references.

    for example no search across the whole document, still in pages, incomplete links and timestamp problems.


    I have already demonstrated on the Delingpole posts that it is possible to ‘dump’ a word file copied from the original into the new system.

    This method allows all the problems outlined above to be resolved.

    Can I therefore suggest that on closed blogs ALL the comments are reposted in this way and delete this mish mash.

    I look forward to your reply since I repeat the current recovery efforts are NOT satisfactory.

    Thank You

  399. Edward Longshanks says:

    Geology is my ‘thing’ and it is history of a kind, the history of man is a catalogue of arrogant mistakes and compounding small errors into larger catastrophes.
    If anyone ever reads even a small amount of history about Afghanistan and particularly British history in that region, then why we are there now is a dumbfounding mystery.
    While we kick off about AGW and DT blogs, our lads (and others) are fighting for their lives in that blasted arena to the West of the Hindu Kush.
    I could go back to Alexander and more recently to the Russian campaign but I ask earnestly why don’t fucking politicians read a little history?
    What on Gods earth made them believe that ‘sorting out’ Afghanistan was ‘doable’, it is quite simply beyond my comprehension as a mere mortal to understand this gross folly.
    I think Vietnam is a good analogy to make.

    Not forgetting the hopeless enormously long line of supply and its vulnerability to attack:-

    What a terrible fiasco, I am deeply concerned for the British troops everyday in that god awful place, we shouldn’t be there, it ain’t our fight.
    Another reason why I still so despise the Nu-Labour Socialist dogs, Bliars’ policy; ‘sort everywhere else out!’ (but they stuffed Britain in the process).
    Maybe I’ll stick to battling against the AGW lunacy – I can’t bear the frustration of the Afghanistan war, I believe the only thing that we can still be really proud of in Britain is the British Army (a proud institution and part of our heritage and an example of how we used to do some things very well), to send them to Afghanistan was a stab in the back, what else would the Socialists do?

  400. Mack says:

    I have closed my account at disgust, no point in using it anymore.

  401. orkneylad says:

    myT update: 22 new reports.

    Objections over-ruled: 22


  402. Mack says:

    “He wouldn’t be working for me after any of those statements,” Mr Obama said”
    In the real world would Obanga rise to the point where he would be employing people?

  403. Mack says:

    Edward Longshanks says:
    June 9, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Chuck him out, the brute!”
    But it’s “Saviour of ‘is country” when the guns begin to shoot;
    An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
    An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!


  404. Mack says:

    “The moves comes a day after prime minister David Cameron warned that Britain was somehow going to get worse.

    He said: “Some say it’s impossible to find something in Britain that still works, but I pledge to find that thing and then batter the holy living shit out of it with a spade.”

    Looks like Dave has been at the DT

    Quote from the DailyMash

  405. Mack says:

    PS maybe someone could copy and paste that spoof comment from Dave onto the DT blogs? I have shut off my way in to there.

  406. manonthemoor says:

    @Mack says:
    June 9, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    More than willing to help but need a bit more specific details

    Looked on Damian and JD in the DT blogs and could find nothing


  407. Mack says:

    I mean this one MOTM,stick it the JD and DT blogs if you can.Thank you.I got it on the Daily Mash which can lighten up the day 🙂

    ““The moves comes a day after prime minister David Cameron warned that Britain was somehow going to get worse.

    He said: “Some say it’s impossible to find something in Britain that still works, but I pledge to find that thing and then batter the holy living shit out of it with a spade.”

    Looks like Dave has been at the DT “

  408. theendisnighnot says:

    Ah found you lot at last!!!!……… don’t know whether i’m a technophobe or what but can’t get the hang of the new thingy over at the DT resorted in desperation to reading one of Moonbats diatribes over at the gruniard re Monkton was hilarious accused his lordship of ad hom attacks and then launched into guess what? The comments were even funnier as the usual suspects tried to defend him but were well and truelly drowned out by realists who can see this scam for what it is ….. bizarre that that rag appears to be less moderated!! than the DT. Anyway of far more import all the best to Mr & Mrs Ozboy and where on earth is Walt????

  409. manonthemoor says:

    Just checked the JD blog — Your comment still there

    I did see it on the DT blog but has possibly been deleted!!!

    At present i do not want to risk being banned cause I want to hastle Damian/Kate for a reply to my moan

    Hope you understand.

    ALSO I am puzzled that they are still going hammer and tongs on the previous blog and not moving on.

  410. scud1 says:

    Hey mack.

    Love that Daily Mash site…sbloody hilarious.
    Haven’t placed a comment for a while…guess like you I feel mightily uncomfortable with what’s been happening over at the DT…its put the willy’s up me and I think that I’ll be following Pointman and your good self in signing off.
    Has anyone heard anything from JD yet?

  411. Locusts says:

    Hey everyone, best of wishes for the next few hours Ozboy!

    Tebbit is complaining about the new layout, and commented on the censorship as well. Though only in his typically understated manner!


  412. Edward Longshanks says:

    theendisnighnot says:
    June 9, 2010 at 11:22 pm
    Feel free to vent yer spleen, don’t think Ozboy is too bothered at the moment, more important issues to worry about:>))
    We seem to be agreed here that the new site is crap or maybe crap is too good a word to describe the changes.

    @Mack says:
    June 9, 2010 at 9:01 pm
    Appreciated Mack.


  413. theendisnighnot says:

    On the subject of JD’s blog and reports of its untimely demise seems to me a great shame as i know for myself and lots of others i know it was a source of excellent information (in the comments if not the original thread at times!) and as most of us have little access to information that hasn’t passed through the elite/msm/political process it is a loss so i salute ozboy and others for perservering and setting up alternative blogs more power to ur elbow!……. He seems to have gone somewhat quiet i guess he has his reasons but the truth won’t ever go away and the case against CAGW or whatever they’re calling it today becomes stronger and stronger and ultimately whether they want to carry on this crap or not they won’t be able to afford it… there is i think a saying (correct me orkneylad) that goes along the lines of “you cannie take the breeks(?) of a highlandman” but we all know they’ll try!! so as amerlogue says “now is not the time to let up” Keep up the good work chaps and cahapesses

  414. Mack says:

    scud1 says:
    June 9, 2010 at 11:40 pm
    The Mash is a good read to start the day !!
    No word from JD ,I guess he has been gagged or more likely gone soft,but things do move on and as Locusts has observed ,Tebbit at least has time for his fans .A lady called emily2 has kindly posted that goodie from the Mash on the JD blog @DT ,wonder if it will last ?

  415. theendisnighnot says:

    as an aside while viewing the dark side at Moonbats blog it struck me that even the most ardent, foaming at the mouth, loony tunes, greenie has moderated their stance to “nobody ever said the science is settled (yeah right!) it’s all about probabilities” and they call us deniers!!!!! From above it seems also its not now about the earth warming its the oceans wot done it…. desperation is very unattractive

  416. Edward Longshanks says:

    theendisnighnot says:
    June 10, 2010 at 12:04 am
    Highest temps ever! screams Dr. J. Hansen, well with the El Nino effect on SSTs this helps the warmingista propaganda war.
    Now with El Nino giving way to La Nina, the SOI is going into cooling phase and with consequential effects on SSTs, so the temperature maps will now look less ‘warm’ depending on how the colour scheme is chosen (all smoke and mirrors). –

    “Hansen claims that, according to his Gisstemp database, the year from April 2009 to April 2010 has a temperature anomaly of 0.65 deg C (based on a 1951 – 1980 average) making it the warmest year since modern records began. It is a fractionally warmer than 2005 he says, although an important point to be made is that statistically speaking, taking into account the error of measurement and the scatter of previous datapoints, it is not a significant increase.”

    Doctor Spencer is not anxious, has a different take:-

    Even the alarmists now are beginning to change their tune, because the IPCC may be wrong………… oh what a surprise!

    – cue silence at CiF climate change blogs.

    Mr Watts says:-
    “This is powerful evidence that most of the warming that the IPCC has attributed to human activities over the last 50 years could simply be due to natural, internal variability in the climate system. If true, this would also mean that (1) the climate system is much less sensitive to the CO2 content of the atmosphere than the IPCC claims, and (2) future warming from greenhouse gas emissions will be small.”

    Can’t say fairer than that can you?


  417. Edward Longshanks says:

    Er James the great one has commented:-
    “PS Some of you seem to be under the impression that I don’t love you or that I have not been fighting your corner over the great comment redesign. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making such unfounded accusations. Who do you think it was, for example, who insisted on having Gulfvictim’s comment restored the other day? I am doing what I can and have been assured that my blog especially will be kept moderation-light. Obviously, I shall be monitoring this with as much interest as you will. But FFS, some of you, give me the benefit of the doubt and get off my case.”

  418. Edward Longshanks says:

    Bless you JD but it is the DT who is at fault, not really your remit.
    I get you, the site is still a mess tho’ ………..it isn’t just the mods.

    To the crew…………. do ya forgive him?
    Me? I think he has been great for the debate so…………. yeah I understand James!

    Luv and kisses(yeuch!), Ed.

  419. Edward Longshanks says:

    Make a comment somebody, I feel so alone!

  420. Amerloque says:

    AGW, aka “manmade global warming”, is a scientific, intellectual, political, financial and moral scam. The climate has been changing for millions upon millions of years.

    The IPCC is the biggest perpetrator of scientific fraud that the world has ever seen.

    Individuals and organizations involved in this fraud should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    Civil suits should be filed to recover grant money and subsidies given to individuals and organizations participating in the fraud.

    Now is not the time to let up !

  421. theendisnighnot says:

    You are not alone Ed! can’t quite get my head around what he said seems a little like he doth protest too much…….. may be just my take on it but guess we owe him some latitude for swimming against the tide…………. interesting times i’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash

  422. Mack says:

    Edward Longshanks says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:03 am

    How about ‘bollocks’ ?

  423. Mack says:

    JD took his bloody time to talk to his fans and the software is still shit. On his new blog some twat is posting bullshit about wind farms but if you reply your comment will be on page 2 in jig time and you will never ever see it again. I guess I will stay away until they fix it so we can use it.

  424. manonthemoor says:

    Back to timestamps from when posting for me — as long as I remember

    ps tried 2 edits on one post and DISQUS locked

  425. Mack says:

    I cancelled my disco account MOTM, nasty bit of spyware I guess.I can’t be bothered to do all that scrolling to keep up with the conversation so until they fix it I will not post anything.

  426. manonthemoor says:

    Thanks ozboy and best family wishes.

    I feel we may need your support however for a few weeks, to collect moderated and deleted DT posts.

    Its the moderators we have to moderate now and keep DT on its toes.

  427. rastech says:

    Done a bit more setting up at the forum today.

    Put in more categories and sub forums, plus some example links to blogs (such as JD’s blog – Oz if you want to add yours just as you would like it, more than welcome).

    Did a bit too much yesterday on it as well as today, so going to have to put the feet up for a while.

    Best of luck to you and your good lady with the baby Oz.

  428. Amerloque says:

    For information …

    Over at the DT blog, Damian T wrote:

    “Thanks – but all the credit belongs to our communities editor Kate Day, who’s been working for months on implementing this complex changeover.”

    Amerloque has responded:


    That means the brickbats, stones and other missiles are hers, too!

    The locution “working for months” is only valid if things _do_ work hunky-dory, not if a changeover presents as many a) massive problems and b) behavioral inconsistencies as this one does.

    For example, in English, people read from left to right, top to bottom. The bizarre placement of the “next page” button – without a pagecount ! – means that someone (i.e. real readers ?! doubt it !) over the “months” that this new system took to “implement” found the current “next page” placement” perfectly adequate.

    That is frightening and augurs ill for the remainder of the implementation !

    Rarely does a day pass that some mass-media organ, somewhere, does not miss pointing out regretfully, yet in a sort of self-flagellatory glee, that ‘traditional newspapers and magazines are dead.’ They then plaintively bleat: ‘What on earth can be done ?’

    What was happening in the on line DT is that we, the readers/commenters, in JD’s blogs and others, were inventing the answer to that question. Not the Facebook/Twitter ADD-prone ‘educated’ masses schools all over the world are pouring out, but people here.

    The people running things, management/beancounterwise, obviously failed to spot it. My feeling is that they were a) overly concerned about ad revenue, maximizing profits, and b) they didn’t realize that they were riding a tiger. I am unaware of what they thought was happening, of course (grin).

    Upstairs, on their DT cloud, they blew it. Big time. They had a self-selected sample of educated, worried, angry (i.e., motivated) individuals writing in good faith on one issue: AGW. A tiger that only asked to be ridden …’Form follows function’, n’est-ce pas ? (wide grin)


    Amerloque 20100609 17h50 Paris time (CET)

  429. manonthemoor says:

    @Mack says:
    June 10, 2010 at 1:45 am

    Understand Mack, I think we would all like to turn the clock back,and also see the return of Walt in particular.

    It may be that ozboy is able to continue with his support

    Amanda suggested a paypal account which I would also support.

  430. Amerloque says:

    —> Rastech

    ///Done a bit more setting up at the forum today.///

    What’s the URL, please ? Many thanks !

    Amerloque 20100609 17h53 Paris time (CET)

  431. Mack says:

    MOTM of course we should support Oz when he gets time to do the paypal thing. I hate those sods too as they do not make paying for things as easy as they claim. I use 3V cards to pay over the interweb [ you buy a one-off credit card number to save yer bank account from being ripped off] but paypal take a dollar to verify the card so you can’t buy one for say 20 bucks to give to charity because they also do a rip-off on exchange rates.Pisses me of when trying to donate to Hols4heroes

  432. manonthemoor says:

    @Mack says:
    June 10, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Any international method of recompense would be fine by me.

    I want a method to say thank you to ozboy for the possibly critical contribution he has made.

    I know rastech has/is also doing useful work as well which may bear fruit in the longer term.

    ozboys objective was clear, I feel rastech needs a bit of time to sort and declare objectives however. But this in no way challenges his current efforts

    Either way we will never again be held ransom to the DT and we may still have the option of posting old blogs in a coherent search-able form (but no edits).

  433. Mack says:

    Sometimes when I read items about censorship and bending over backwards to placate moslems I wonder is it all imagination and am I being paranoid about how our newspapers and politicians seem to be on the road to mecca, but this item explains a lot. Note that the DT censorship was all one way and that ducky is wandering around on their site having insulted practically every aspect of western [and in particular British] life. Who was it that called him lord Haw-Haw ?


  434. Amerloque says:

    —>> manonthemoor

    Found on the internet (grin)

    1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:

    a. Superman

    b. Jay Leno

    c. Harry Potter

    d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by :

    a. Olga Corbett

    b. Sitting Bull

    c. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:

    a. Lost Norwegians

    b. Elvis

    c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women

    d . Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    4. During the 1980’s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:

    a. John Dillinger

    b. The King of Sweden

    c. The Boy Scouts

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:

    a. A pizza delivery boy

    b. Pee Wee Herman

    c.. Geraldo Rivera

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:

    a. The Smurfs

    b. Davey Jones

    c. The Little Mermaid

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens , and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengerswas murdered by:

    a. Captain Kidd

    b. Charles Lindberg

    c. Mother Teresa

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    8. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:

    a. Scooby Doo

    b. The Tooth Fairy

    c. The Sundance Kid

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:

    a. Richard Simmons

    b. Grandma Moses

    c. Michael Jordan

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:

    a. Mr. Rogers

    b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill’s women problems

    c. The World Wrestling Federation

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    11. On October 12, 2000 the U.S.S. Cole was bombed while anchored in the Gulf of Aden in Yemen by:

    a. Jean David Nau

    b. Jack Sparrow

    c. Edward Teach

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    12. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked: two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Center and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by:

    a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd

    b. The Supreme Court of Florida

    c. Mr Bean

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    13. On December 22, 2001 a pair of explosives laden shoes on an American Airlines flight headed to Miami we attempted to be blown-up by:

    a. Chesley Sullenberger

    b. Amelia Earhart

    c. Orville Wright

    d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    14. In 2002 the United States commenced fighting a war in Afghanistan against:

    a. Enron

    b. The Lutheran Church

    c. The NFL

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    15. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by:

    a. Bonnie and Clyde

    b. Captain Kangaroo

    c. Billy Graham

    d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    16. November 5, 2009 13 people were killed and more than 30 people were injured in a shooting on U.S. Army base Fort Hood in Texas by:

    a. James Butler Hickok

    b. William Bonney

    c. Dr. John Henry Holliday

    d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    17. Christmas day 2009, a Northwest/Delta Airlines flight to Detroit was attempted to be blown out of the sky with an underwear bomb by:

    a. Guy Fawkes

    b. George Metesky

    c. Sean Kelly

    d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

  435. manonthemoor says:

    @Amerloque says:
    June 10, 2010 at 2:31 am

    Best not tell Captain Sherlock or sherlockcaptain then (grin again…)

  436. crownarmourer says:

    Amerloque on behalf of the USA government sorry don’t see any pattern there but this mother Thereasa we need to investigate her.

  437. crownarmourer says:

    MOTM yes then it would be Quebecois Lesbian extremists between the ages of 17 and 40 and not the good looking kind either.

  438. Locusts says:

    I honestly didn’t know that Mr. Bean had anything to do with 9/11!

  439. Mack says:

    So it was that bloody nun after all

  440. manonthemoor says:

    @Amerloque says:
    June 10, 2010 at 2:31 am

    Without checking, I missed the dead parrot!

    Not many people know that when canaries keeled over in the coal mines, they had a resuss cage with an oxygen supply, then three weeks off in the fresh air ,before returning to duty.

    Saw one yesterday at a mining museum, resuss cage I mean.

  441. Edward Longshanks says:

    Where has pointy gone to?

  442. Mack says:

    Was mother Theresa one of dem Quebecois Lesbian extremists?
    On the other hand,don’t answer that FFS she was 90. From the day she was born she was bloodywell 90.

  443. Mack says:

    Where has pointy gone to? Calcutta, he has this thing about 90 year old lesbian nuns

  444. Edward Longshanks says:


    5 hours ago


    Our moderation policy is here:

    Simply put, our policy is, and has always been, to welcome robust debate and discussion but not to allow personal abuse or name calling. We moderate by responding to reports from readers and review comments when they are brought to our attention.

    The only change for moderation with the new system is that we are being more transparent by replacing deleted or edited comments with messages stating what has happened to each comment that is removed or altered.

    I hope that clarifies things.

    Wonder who this is about:

    4 hours ago

    There seems to be nothing in this policy that insists on letting a single Islamist nutcase try to dominate EVERY topic.
    Most of us are ( or should be ) mature enough to read stuff that a Labour Party leadership contender might surmise – so what can be worse – except for the tediously predictable Islamo-lefty rant. At all hours…………..
    No seceret as to whom I refer but if someone advertises that they live on the other side of the planet promoting the religion of whatever – praise be their illiteracy – they have no real right to comment on the fiscal policy of UK Ltd.
    My contention is that to keep up interest then other changes need to be added. I am sure friends here have there own suggestions too. “

  445. Edward Longshanks says:

    Mack says:
    June 10, 2010 at 3:22 am

    No shit?

  446. manonthemoor says:

    Moderation policy is ERROR 404

    Perhaps it is being changed?

  447. Mack says:

    Ed,I tackled the DT about ducky but did not get a reply,wonder who bear is?

  448. Edward Longshanks says:

    Mack says:
    June 10, 2010 at 3:38 am
    Good question Mack, can’t say I am familiar with the moniker but I haven’t been staying around DT blog that much recently, it could be one of the crew under another name maybe.

    @ manonthemoor says:
    June 10, 2010 at 3:32 am

    It can be any flippin’ number it likes, the grauniad and CiF moderate (blanks real comment – lets call a spade a fucking spade), the DT should desist forthwith:>)


  449. rastech says:

    Forum link for Amerloque:


    I have embedded it into the base webpage (http://www.founding-sons.co.uk) but I think it works better going straight to it. I’ll leave both options up for convenience.

  450. Edward Longshanks says:

    Mack says:
    June 10, 2010 at 3:38 am
    Forgot to say, BTW he (bear88) is so RIGHT.
    I gave up with Pitcher long ago.


  451. Mack says:

    news is that Gore’s daughter is getting divorced

  452. realityreturns says:

    Hi Guys

    As there are not many posting on JD’s blog, I hoped someone may be able to help on here. Does anyone remember that a book was recommended by someone on JD’s blog? It was not a factual book like The Great Global Warming Blunder. It was a fictional book on a kind of state control in the future on eco-fascist lines I think. We discussed it quite a bit. I don’t even remeber the author and the JD blog link has gone with all our previous postings of course. Can anyone help please??



  453. scud1 says:

    Evening all.

    What side of the argument was the following taken from?
    Clue…It’s written by a geezer called George Monbiot.

    “Never admit that you are wrong. Even when your errors are staring you in the face, do not acknowledge them. Never apologise, never concede. This is the crucial difference between scientists and charlatans. True scientists welcome challenges to their work, admit their mistakes and seek to refine and improve their hypotheses in the light of them. Charlatans raise the volume and denounce the people who expose their errors. Or they quietly drop their claims, without ever acknowledging that they were wrong, and replace them with a new set of implausible assertions.”
    Would you credit it?
    Oh yeah, I was about to say that the mod’s over at the Guard’ aren’t quite as bad as they used to be as I’d posted the following which had scored 4 points…

    “George why don’t you just skip all this handbags at dawn, girly ‘ad hom’ stuff and instead, simply hunt Monckton down with a knife? Clearly, you’re chomping at the bit.
    You could have him stuffed and mounted on a plaque with the word ‘DENIER’ artfully scrawled over the front of his pith helmet…yeah, then you could invite your sullen mates round and challenge him to a debate. That would be a laugh wouldn’t it? ‘I’m not hearing you your Lordship…say again, what was that about the latest IPCC graph?…ha ha har’….or something like that.
    Sheesh…You and your fellow’s screeching intolerance and hatred of those that disagree with you is just truly breathtaking and is but just one of a whole myriad of reasons why your movement is being increasingly marginalised and despised.”

    Err…but now its gone.

  454. scud1 says:

    Hi RR

    Think it may have been ‘State of fear’ by Michael Crichton.

  455. scud1 says:

    Good stuff that Mack…thanks.

  456. manonthemoor says:

    @realityreturns says:
    June 10, 2010 at 4:04 am

    Think this what you are looking for
    ****For info ALL *****

    I think Pointman and I have the technology to find things

    as your questions — we may be able to help


    Result Here
    • James,
    FYI…required reading before you head to Chicago…New Book by Roy Spencer….!!!!!!!
    The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists
    ..looks excellent..as usual Spencer has described it all in perfectly understandable language so that even the Trolls on this blog can understand it….pity it is not available as a Kindle book…and by the way when are we going to see some excerpts of your book ???
    Here is a review over at WUWT
    And here is the link to Amazon.co where you can read a few pages of the book…

    snowmaneasy on Apr 25th, 2010 at 9:19 am

  457. i_was_ferret says:

    Reminder to everyone

    Remember to post a comment at:

    Brick by brick….it will come down.


  458. realityreturns says:

    Hi Mack and Scud

    That’s the one. Many thanks. Father’s day pressie for me now identified……’State of fear’ by Michael Crichton.

    Thanks for your reply too MOTM…….


  459. realityreturns says:

    Hi Ferret

    The sooner that load of government AGW WALL OF DECEIT comes down the better.

  460. Mack says:

    from the disgusting web page

    The Very Best Tools

    Generic content management systems just aren’t built for handling discussions effectively. Our sleek and powerful moderation panel was designed for comments. Features such as multi-site moderation, multiple moderators, bulk actions, and automated decisions make Disqus Comments the most efficient tool for managing a large (or getting-there-large) community.

    Automated decisions? Multi site moderation? Maybe one of you nice people who are still posting on the JD blog could copy and paste and ask for comment ?

  461. scud1 says:

    Hi RR.

    Saw your comment over at…
    Excellent stuff.
    I’ve written two bloody great rants but neither of them seem to have appeared…which is annoying, probably a couple of hours wasted furiously bashing keys whilst trying not to swear.
    Jesus…do they seem intent on suicide and taking us with ’em or what. Absolutely none of it made an ounce of sense.

  462. Mack says:

    stick on the damien page too for good measure

  463. realityreturns says:

    Hi again guys. James has made the following statement on his newest blog, which I think may be of ineterest to all:

    PS Some of you seem to be under the impression that I don’t love you or that I have not been fighting your corner over the great comment redesign. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making such unfounded accusations. Who do you think it was, for example, who insisted on having Gulfvictim’s comment restored the other day? I am doing what I can and have been assured that my blog especially will be kept moderation-light. Obviously, I shall be monitoring this with as much interest as you will. But FFS, some of you, give me the benefit of the doubt and get off my case.

  464. Mack says:

    Comments Don’t Have to Be Painful

    ‘We’ve all been bitten before. As valuable as comments can be, dealing with them can be a chore. Disqus Comments lets you enjoy the benefits without the need to babysit your site. We use our own proprietary anti-spam that was built and trained to handle the junk some people try to pass off as comments. Disqus VIP also features cutting-edge semantic technology that helps you automatically recognize offensive posts and keep the discussion civilized.’
    so Kate the blessed virgin of the blogs did not have to do any of the work at all? FFS we are being conned big time by the DT AND by Delingpole who is not being up front with us at all.

  465. Mack says:

    realityreturns says:
    June 10, 2010 at 5:03 am
    We read that RR see my above. And gulfvictim deserved to go for posting an anti-British rant.I object to the post as I did to duckies shit but yet it came back.We are being bull-shitted by the DT which is lurching towards socialism as espoused by Dave.

  466. realityreturns says:

    Thanks Scud. I must have anaother look at the government site…..mad as hatters they are!!!

    I didn’t think they would post my heresy – hell I’m the tinfoil hat man…lol

  467. crownarmourer says:

    Mack…automated decisions means they have a key word or phrase filter on that flags comments for moderation and people are lazy most will just go into the can without being read.
    Scud1 it makes perfect sense if your the one that is going to make tons of cash from it.
    This indicates an inability for them to consider the consquences of their actions and no empathy for others, they are clinical sociopaths/psychopaths with a good dollop of narcissicism thrown in.
    I think it is time to begin testing for this condition in our political leaders and build them all a nice big new hospital for them to live in with green walls.

  468. Mack says:

    Look at the crap for yourselves http://disqus.com/

  469. Mack says:

    ” * Pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy
    * Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    * Believes that he is “special” and unique and can be understood only by other special or high-status people
    * Has a sense of entitlements
    * Is interpersonally exploitative — i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    * Lacks empathy and is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    * Shows arrogant, haughty behavior.”

    No ,not ducky,this is about Obanga.It could also be about Gore,Mann Patchy just to mention a few

  470. Mack says:

    crownarmourer says:
    June 10, 2010 at 5:07 am
    Exactly,the DT is using automated shit across all their blogs so James is bullshitting when he says he has a lightly moderated blog. He does what he is told to do.

  471. Mack says:

    But more importantly,I wonder how Mrs Oz is doing??

  472. aurelian says:

    I’ve just been over to http://programmeforgovernment.hmg.gov.uk/energy-and-climate-change/ and posted the following, which has not yet appeared. I don’t expect it to make the slightest difference, but it’s important to say it nonetheless …

    “AGW and Climate Change are aspects of a seductive meme which has been skilfully crafted by political activists masquerading as scientists. It has addled the minds of our intelligentsia and it will do great damage to our civilisation.

    “Over the past few months, this exploitation of the religious impulse has been exposed for the scam which it is. Abandon all policies based upon it. They will not affect the climate in the slightest, but they will certainly ruin us.”

  473. Mack says:

    will this last long on JD’s blog ?
    “Moderation is automated across the DT,so if the religious blogs dont like you saying bollocks then you can’t get away with it here .
    The software is trained to sniff out keywords.Big Brother is watching you .

    “Disqus VIP also features cutting-edge semantic technology that helps you automatically recognize offensive posts and keep the discussion civilized. ”

    I have your wife’s job application form ready James where should I post it to? Please note that pink body-armour is not standard issue “

  474. manonthemoor says:

    I think our support and thanks to ozboy and rastech has just gone up another 100 notches

    Time to take stock again I think

    Well done Mack as well (The internet is marvellous and works both ways

  475. crownarmourer says:

    Yes Obanga is a classic case why do you think he has parties weekly on the government dime while at the same time not dealing with the real issues.
    Worst economy since the depression and he is personnally burning through millions in tax payers money for these events. We are also at war.
    So yes a classic case.

  476. Mack says:

    Bollocks was cut after 2 minutes, our favourite word gone forever.

  477. Locusts says:

    not very bright, these mods

  478. Edward Longshanks says:

    i_was_ferret says:
    June 10, 2010 at 4:49 am
    I sent this, not great but they will understand the sentiment I presume.

    I simply cannot believe that any rational human being who purports to be concerned at heart about his fellow citizen’s welfare, health and financial security, would print the above in all sincerity.
    The country of Britain cannot be held to ransom by a political ‘elite’ who have no conception of the economy of thrift, still less about the actual science of an ethereal postulation so fantastic that some people in the real world at first actually (believe it or not) credited it as truthful.
    As time goes by, more and more true scientists (not climatologists) I am talking about engineers, physicists and geologists discredit the hypothesis of AGW absolutely and completely.
    So what are we left with; a flawed hypothesis, on which basis the most comprehensively asinine set of remedial schemes are posited and indeed being implemented at a tremendous expense to the taxpayer at a time of financial penury the country hasn’t seen in any-body’s lifetime, maybe since the first world war.
    And all of this for what?
    A bent hypothesis, originated by politicians, stoked up by politicians who paid for experimentation to prove the impossible, thus an extremely dubious modelling programme, to model future climate scenarios was inaugurated by government for governmental quangos’ (ie, the Environment agency/NRA etc) with funds provided by taxpayers (we had no say in this expenditure) to prove an idea originally dreamed up by………Yes you’ve guessed it Politicians in government.
    Simply madness, what’s more the country cannot afford it.
    Please may we have a return to some sort of sanity and I know this may be too much to ask of any British politician, can we have some reliable energy policy leading to the development of dependable power stations (old technology but tried, tested and trusted = coal, nuclear and gas) built now, not some time in the distant future….NOW.

    We wish that you would put an end to uncertainty, by binning these ridiculous ideas, schemes which will bankrupt us and lead to a series of crippling power outages which in turn, will lead to an industrial and economic Armageddon and an end to Britain and our way of life as we know it.

  479. manonthemoor says:

    Apologies mack

    (Comment deleted.. delete.. delet.. dele.. del.. de.. d.. )


  480. Mack says:

    manonthemoor says:
    June 10, 2010 at 6:14 am
    Did you delete your own post ? I have asked why and I hope that the others will do this each and every time a post is deleted. I am taking the piss out of that odious oik ducky right now

  481. manonthemoor says:

    Hi mack

    I just posted …. (Comment deleted)

    I did say sorry a bit later eg Sorry Em

    msher has recently posted on damians disqus blog, I suggested she visit ozboy cos thins are a changin


  482. Mack says:

    MOTM, wonder if I will get banned? I will push that renegade ducky as far as I can and it may get a bit rough 🙂

  483. crownarmourer says:

    the machine does not recognize spaces or hyphens in words.

  484. orkneylad says:

    Posted 21:41….will it survive mod? I just don’t know anymore….depressed & just a tad fucked off. 😦

    Seems like we need to start using Newspeak maybe.

    Airstrip One – Formally called England.
    bellyfeel – Blind, enthusiastic acceptance of a concept.
    blackwhite – The ability to accept whatever “truth” the party puts out, no matter how absurd it may be.
    The Brotherhood – the resistance
    Chestnut Tree Cafe – the ‘off-blog’ antipodean place.
    crimestop – The faculty of stopping short
    crimethinker – One who engages in crimethink.
    doubleplus – A Prefix used to create the superlative form of an adjective or adverb
    doublethink – Reality Control.
    duckspeak – (To quack like a duck). To speak without thinking.
    FicDep – Fiction Department of the Ministry of Truth [BBC, Guardian etc]
    goodthinker – One who strongly adheres to all of the principles of Newspeak.
    Ingsoc – English Socialism.
    joycamp – Forced-labor camp.
    memory hole – A system of pipes, similar to pneumatic tubes, which were used to destroy documents. [analogy anyone?]
    Newspeak – Newspeak is “politically correct” speech taken to its maximum extent.
    Oldspeak – Standard English.
    oldthink – Holding on to old ideas and patterns of thought not consistent with current government policy (Ingsoc).
    oldthinkers – Those who engage in oldthink Those who have not fully accepted the new Ingsoc way of thinking.
    Physical Jerks – Morning Exercises.
    prolefeed – Rubishy “Entertainment” and spurious news which the Party handed out to the masses. [see above FicDep]
    Thinkpol – ThoughtPolice. Police force in charge of eliminating crimethink.
    two minute hate – Daily telescreen specials [all your MSM favourites]
    unperson – Person that has been erased from existence by the government for breaking the law in some way.
    ungood – Bad. One of the rules of newspeak is that any word can be turned into its antonym by adding the prefix “un-“. This allowed the removal of repetitive words such as horrible, terrible, great, fantastic, and fabulous from the language.
    upsub – Get authorization from superiors

  485. Locusts says:

    physical jerks eh?

  486. orkneylad says:

    I may start using ‘duckspeak’ quite a lot from now on.


  487. scud1 says:

    Edward Longshanks
    June 10, 2010 at 6:04 am

    Nice one Ed.

  488. manonthemoor says:

    Just posting this to msher on Damians Disqus blog as a reply to her top comment

    The problem stems from the DISQUS terms of reference about moderation, which despite claims by Kate, Damian and James, is controlled off site by a politically inspired PC automaton inside some mad computing complex.

    We have been taken over I am afraid

  489. Locusts says:

    if you look at his picture, he does look like a gay muslim

  490. scud1 says:

    Forgot to mention. Anyone spend any time scrolling through the comments left with our loony tunes government?
    Couldn’t frakkin’ believe my eyes at some of them. Bloody companies writing in trying to increase FIT levels or angling for more subsidy for this that and the other…fucking, shameless leaches.

  491. i_was_ferret says:


    Yup, read a few of them. I think some people need a reality transplant.

    Me – I like being “ungreen” (see OL post above 🙂

  492. i_was_ferret says:

    Oh – forgot to say – saw our posts on the HMG site. Excellent.


  493. Edward Longshanks says:

    scud1 says:
    June 10, 2010 at 6:57 am
    lo Scud1,
    Thank you good to see ya around, lots of ansty, pissed off folk round in Aus at the moment, don’t blame ’em really, its a bit disappointing as I’ve said, I am trying to resist posting – is JD lying?
    BTW have you seen Englands summer schedule? – 5 one dayers agin’ Aus’, 4 tests v the Pakis and 5 ODIs v Pakis, crikey thats a bit much, no wonder they’re always knackered and of course the big one down here (if you can say that).


  494. manonthemoor says:

    more comment to msher

    The problem stems from the DISQUS terms of reference about moderation, which despite claims by Kate, Damian and James, is controlled off site by a politically inspired PC automaton inside some mad computing complex.

    We have been taken over I am afraid

  495. Green Sand says:

    Get the whitewash ready, again

    Bishop Hill has the following

    “Russell Report Imminent?”

    “I hear on the grapevine that Sir Muir Russell’s panel will be reporting “imminently”. I imagine that means in the next few days. My guess would be that they will make the announcement on Friday so that they can run for cover straight afterwards.

    Only a rumour, but I thought it was worth passing on.”


  496. Edward Longshanks says:

    Australia accused of fudging emissions
    Blimey the Aussies bendin’ the rools, it just not cricket, spose its unfair dinkum.

  497. Edward Longshanks says:

    orkneylad says:
    June 10, 2010 at 6:43 am
    It survived OL, still there:>)

  498. Edward Longshanks says:

    Green Sand says:
    June 10, 2010 at 7:36 am
    Get the whitewash! Undoubtedly it is already daubed in copious amounts!………………. measured correctly in Imperial Units, by Gallons.

  499. scud1 says:

    Edward Longshanks
    June 10, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Hi Ed…Yeah, we have tickets for Middlesex vs Aus at Lords…(warm up for the one dayers) always a crack though as the misses is from Perth and a cricket nut!
    I have a couple lined up too for the Pak’ tour though I can’t say I’m overly looking forward to this. I dunno how they do it, but the Paks always seem to snaffle up about 80% of the ground. 99% of them live in the UK and have probably never set foot in Pakistan yet you’d think, by the way they behave, that England were there sworn enemy…’Norman Tebbit’s cricket test’…he’s not wrong but we can’t say it!

  500. Green Sand says:

    People on so called “review committees” need to remember the rules about the application of whitewash:-

    1. It never lasts as long as you think it will
    2. It requires constant touching up

    And most importantly

    3. You can never apply it without it leaving a stain upon yourself

    Well, Sir Muir Russell, the world will be watching. How good are your application skills? Got a Teflon suit on order have we?

  501. scud1 says:

    Edward Longshanks
    June 10, 2010 at 7:22 am

    I’m predicting 3-1 Aus. Did you see all that cringing, bum squishing spectale that we put on after we finally won in 2005? Holy crap I bet you guys were beside yourselves…then, 18 months later we get the Sir Muir effect…a whitewash 5-0. Could only be England.

  502. manonthemoor says:

    Time for bed

    Too much excitement for one day

    Hope all goes well for oz Mrs oz nad little oz

    G nite

  503. ScouseBilly says:

    Amerioque, I’m surprised. Captain Sherlock’s not far off usually.
    Never heard of false flag ops?
    I’m reading this admittedy heavy piece on 7/7:

    Click to access What-Happened-at-Canary-Wharf-on-7th-July-2005.pdf

    Certainly you should look at 7/7 Ripple Effect on google vids.
    And do check out the comment at 8.02pm here: http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2010/06/bilderberg_its.html

    If they can scam AGW, they can scam anything…

  504. Mack says:

    “99% of them live in the UK and have probably never set foot in Pakistan yet”
    Every flight that leaves Manchester for Pakistan is full .Six flights a week if I am correct?

  505. Mack says:

    The ducky bastard has crept into the JD blog as he thought all the real folks had gone home.slimeball.

  506. Mack says:

    Night all .hope all is going well with new baby !!

  507. rogercuul says:

    Ah this is where you are all hiding. I take it that we can use English here without fear of ……….. moderation.

  508. ScouseBilly says:

    Hi Roger,

    It’s a bit quiet here at the moment but yes, this is a safe haven.
    We are waiting to see how things pan out at the DT but Ozboy has been very kind to let us meet here. Rastech (see above) is working on a site with various fora. We won’t be hostage to DT fortune again, at the least. Ozboy is a bit tied up as his wife is imminently due with a new arrival. I suspect at some point we will set a time and date for an online discussion of where we go from here but it’s still early days.


  509. Search the Web on Snap.com says:

    Aurelian: June 10, 5:31:

    Right on, friend. Beautifully stated. It’s a keeper. I’d like those words printed up on a poster, perhaps with these-here Smoky Mountains in the background, and not a wind turbine in sight.

  510. crownarmourer says:

    rogercuul anglo saxon vernacular is acceptable in moderation, as we some of the faint of heart dwelleth here.

  511. crownarmourer says:

    rogercuul anglo saxon vernacular is acceptable in moderation, as we have some of the faint of heart dwelleth here.

  512. Amanda says:

    Aurelian: June 10, 5:31:
    Right on, friend. Beautifully stated. It’s a keeper. I’d like those words printed up on a poster, perhaps with these-here Smoky Mountains in the background, and not a wind turbine in sight.

  513. Amanda says:

    Hiya Crown.

    Good to see you around here. Been giving the Ducky lip, I see, over on the mouse-gnawed remains of the Delingpole blog.

  514. Amanda says:

    Ducky can’t gnaw us, of course, because he only has a beak, but I guess he’s hoping to beak us to death. I didn’t know you could be beaked to death but by golly he’s trying!

  515. Amanda says:

    Crown: Anglo-Saxon Norman, I think you mean.

  516. G’day folks. Just a couple of quick points:

    I have a new AGW thread to post on as this one is starting to get a little long to scroll through.

    And thanks everyone for your best wishes – it’s a girl

    Back later


  517. crownarmourer says:

    Amanda nah all the good swear words are germanic the best one means to plough or furrow first recorded in the 16th century.

  518. Mack says:

    Well done Mrs Oz [and Mr Oz] and welcome new baby girl.

  519. theunbrainwashed says:

    Just heard the Good News


  520. fenbeagle says:

    Congratulations Ozboy!

    I can’t get comments up on the DT at all now.

  521. jimimac says:

    What a delight to come across this hidey-hole of subversive deportees to Ozboy! I had given up on James’ site, totally unable to penetrate its security system, like going through airport security.
    James, I will read you in Spectator, but your bright flaring burst to star status didn’t last long. The goons of Global Warming have sneaked past and neutered you and your great discussion blog. You were like Prague Spring, then the apparachiks noticed your free thinking drift.
    I had already ceased my subscription to the DT.
    Remember, good British losers, “As one door closes, another door shuts!”

  522. NoIdea says:

    @izen on June 9, 2010 at 8:52 am

    I had already noted from looking at the Vostok ice core graphs that our present interglacial had not reached temperatures seen in previous warm periods.
    Your detailed and excellent post attempts to assuage the misdeeds of hacks, they owe you.
    I found myself in full agreement with everything you said. I even managed to enjoy your statement “That may indicate that climate sensitivity to CO2 (or any energy imbalance) is greater than we had previously estimated.” As it is both fair and truthful, bravo I say.
    Your last two paragraphs are superbly, may I say, skeptical -grin-
    Sorry for the delay, I have had so much reading to do at David’s links, all most interesting.

    @David on June 9, 2010 at 6:15 am

    Strange that I always love the sites that you and izen direct me to.
    All the geocraft.com stuff is interesting.
    I have kind of forgotten what my original posts point was, and as you say it’s a pain to retrieve. I think you covered it all nicely though. The graph you found is much better than the crappy little thing I was forced to use. I especially like the inclusion of the estimate of uncertainty.
    I had to start grabbing some statements. There are so many good ones.
    “The Carboniferous Period and the Ordovician Period were the only geological periods during the Paleozoic Era when global temperatures were as low as they are today. To the consternation of global warming proponents, the Late Ordovician Period was also an Ice Age while at the same time CO2 concentrations then were nearly 12 times higher than today– 4400 ppm. According to greenhouse theory, Earth should have been exceedingly hot. Instead, global temperatures were no warmer than today. Clearly, other factors besides atmospheric carbon influence earth temperatures and global warming.”
    Oo and this one!
    “What will our climate be like in the future? That is the question scientists are asking and seeking answers to currently. The causes of “global warming” and climate change are today being popularly described in terms of human activities. However, climate change is something that happens constantly on its own. If humans are in fact altering Earth’s climate with our cars, electrical powerplants, and factories these changes must be larger than the natural climate variability in order to be measurable. So far the signal of a discernible human contribution to global climate change has not emerged from this natural variability or background noise.”
    They where both on the http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/Carboniferous_climate.html link, many thanks for that.

    This is from
    “We are actually in an ice age climate today. However for the last 10,000 years or so we have enjoyed a warm but temporary interglacial vacation. We know from geological records like ocean sediments and ice cores from permanent glaciers that for at least the last 750,000 years interglacial periods happen at 100,000 year intervals, lasting about 15,000 to 20,000 years before returning to an icehouse climate. We are currently about 18,000 years into Earth’s present interglacial cycle. These cycles have been occurring for at least the last 2-4 million years, although the Earth has been cooling gradually for the last 30 million years.”
    I loved the bit about Callender and his early cherry picking I found at http://www.geocraft.com/WVFossils/stomata.html
    “Callendar claimed humans had increased CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, and had thereby changed the atmosphere from 274 ppmv to 325 ppmv by 1935– resulting in a 18.3 percent increase which had caused the global surface temperature to rise 0.33 deg. C (5). However, CO2 data available at the time showed concentrations ranged between 250 ppm and 550 ppm (Figure 4). Callendar has been accused of cherry-picking data from a sampling of 19th century averages, using 26 that supported his ideas, but rejecting 16 that were higher than his assumed low global average, and 2 that were lower (6).”
    Shame about the pay walls, The Nature piece was just getting interesting.
    I noticed this on a link from there “Forest fires are growing in size and frequency across the tropics. Continually eroding fragmented forest edges, they are unintended ecological disturbances that transcend deforestation to degrade vast regions of standing forest, diminishing ecosystem services and the economic potential of these natural resources. Affecting the health of millions, net forest fire emissions may have released carbon equivalent to 41% of worldwide fossil fuel use in 1997–98.”

    From the excellent pnas full pdf link you provide I have found lots of things I need to research further, I note the statement
    “Moreover, our estimate of highly elevated pCO2 just after the extinction event is based on fern SI, whereas the background pCO2 is based on Ginkgo, a less than ideal situation created by sample availability. Therefore this result must be taken as provisional.”
    “Lewis said: “It’s good news for now but the effect won’t last forever. The trees can’t keep on getting bigger and bigger.”” I wonder why he has never heard of Mega fauna (Ginkgo
    Adiantoides for example)

    I wonder if Mann was aware that it is not just temperature that causes tree ring growth

    Well it appears I am rambling, thank you again for all the links you provide that reinforce my view of reality. I feel much saner now.
    How are you and Joe doing?

    PS I will post this here and at the more current blog at

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