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Milanković And The Exploding Chook Shed

I thought I’d cover another science topic today, after this week’s fill of politics. Most of you have probably heard mention of Milanković Cycles (the spelling usually Anglicized to Milankovitch Cycles) in relation to the study of the earth’s climate. Today I’ll explain what … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Dissent

As you’re probably aware, most warmists appear to believe it vitally important that the reputed consensus in the scientific community regarding CAGW remains inviolate. Any questioning of this consensus, any appearance of pockets of dissent anywhere in the world, is ruthlessly … Continue reading

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Dobson, Dykes And Diverse Disputes

G’day All, Ozboy here. As you may have noticed recently, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to spend here creating posts. Rather than me offering another mere one-paragraph “spill post”, MemoryVault has kindly offered his services in … Continue reading

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Libertarianism And The Welfare State

Today I’d like to talk about an aspect of Libertarianism that is often widely misunderstood. Those of you that have been following my series on Libertarianism will know that, around a century ago, most of the societies of the West … Continue reading

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Hottest Ever!

Sorry folks, I’m still going on my next Libertarian post, but you can continue the AGW debate below. I read an interesting article here on Lord Monckton’s SPPI blog today, poking fun at the claims that 2010 is “set to … Continue reading

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