A Slap On The Wrist

Thomson sentencedTwelve months. With nine of them suspended. What a bloody joke.

At long, long last, corrupt former union official and Labor MHR Craig Thomson, the man onto whose vote the Gillard government clung by its fingernails, was today sentenced in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. He will spend a dozen weeks in a country-club minimum-security facility, then be set free. Instead of the ten years in Her Majesty’s Iron Motel, which his crimes self-evidently warranted. And which he would undoubtedly have got, had he been a nobody with no influence.

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A Plea For Tasmania

Tasmania goes to the polls tomorrow to elect a state government. And never has a state election here been of greater importance.

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Not Right

I feel like a bit of a semantic quibble today. It concerns the term “right-wing”.

As most of you are probably already aware, the terms “left-wing” and “right-wing” have their origins in the États Généraux, the old French Legislative Assembly, back in the days of the Revolution of the late 18th century. The revolutionaries, or republicans, generally of the Third Estate, sat on the left of the Chair, while the monarchists, clerics and other traditionalists were on the right. As I understand it, to prevent debate being interrupted, the more extreme one’s views, generally the further from the chair one was seated; hence centre-right, far-right, and so on.

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The Ascension Into Heaven

Jimmy the God-Emperor

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this. But in a secret deal, sealed only yesterday, James Delingpole, from next month, will be job-swapping with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I will be looking forward to reading Tony’s Telegraph blog, commenting on all sorts of things, while I carry out my own duties as James’ newly-appointed Minister for Liberty, Axes and Beer. The office of Governor-General will henceforth be abolished, a regal deity answering to no higher power, British or otherwise. I’ve lined up Jimmy’s surfboard, sunnies and stubbies, which will be waiting for him on the front porch of The Lodge when he arrives.

So would you all join with me in wishing James well in his new endeavours, (not merely the fictional ones), and may the Liberty to write whatever he damn well pleases follow in his train wherever he may go.

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Judicial Activism And Its Threat To Liberty

This week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the long-promised Royal Commission into union corruption. Its terms of reference—initially confined to a small number of unions and designed primarily to shine a light on the activities of the Australian Workers Union in the 1990s, its officials and legal representation—have been broadened to include any “registered organization” under the 2009 Fair Work Act, and any legal entity associated with them.

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Some Musings On Specialization

Ant NestSorry I haven’t posted anything new these past few weeks, but I’ve been laid low by a viral infection that I’m finding rather difficult to shake. So I thought I’d start a discussion with a few jottings, on a topic I meant to research and write on more fully, and may do so later on.

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Hoist On Their Own Petard

AntarcticSeaIceHappy New Year to all my readers.

I thought I’d interrupt my summer holidays in balmy climes to have a bit of a chortle at two seemingly unrelated stories in the news over the last few days. One concerns cricket, and the other, climate.

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