Express Your Disqust – the LibertyGibbert Writing Competition

G’day all. Having seen so much dissatisfaction expressed at the new blogging software at the UK Daily Telegraph, I thought I’d give you all the opportunity to vent your anguish/outrage/disqust/insert-your-own-emotion-here, by casting it into verse.

I joined the James Delingpole blog over there just as his own poetry competition was winding up. The standard of entries was so uniformly high I thought I would replicate the concept down here.

The rules are few, and the format is rather loose. Poetry is, I anticipate, the preferred medium, though prose entries less metered or rhyming are perfectly acceptable.

(Update: the mighty efforts of Pointman, NoIdea and Scud on these pages demand there is a separate SHORT STORY division. I’ll figure out a prize shortly)

A few rules there are:

1. Don’t post them here. Send them by e-mail (plain or rich text, no attachments) to this website’s e-mail:

Mark the subject header WRITING COMPETITION, and include your “handle” at the top of the message body.

2. Entries close at midnight AEST Friday, 2 July 2010 (1500 UK Time)

3. The winner will be announced on Friday, 9 July.

3. The prize: a copy of Heaven + Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science by Ian Plimer. I’ll see what I can do about getting it signed by the author.

4. At this stage I’m the sole judge, although if one of my regulars with a literary background wants to exclude themselves from the competition and help out (per my post on the previous thread) then let me know at the e-mail address above by this weekend.

Merry scribbling!


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