LibertyGibbert Writing Competition – Prose Winners

Entries in the prose/poetry section were not as numerous as I had hoped, but of a uniformly high standard. And after serious reflection, illiquid and otherwise, I have decided on a winner.

5th Place went to the pithy Syllabified Lullaby by NoIdea:

How to register such disgust in verse?

You would have thought ‘twas obvious

Seems verily ‘tis not so

This ode growth is so slow

No slick words will slide forth

My rage its might will yet dwarf

All words spoken or yet to be read

Of the blog that is worse than dead

4th place went to Auralian with his marvellous DEDUCkTED:

When I went to the club to laugh and joke with friends last night,

I wasn’t very pleased to find the doors were sealed up tight.

The doormen didn’t know me and, when I gave them my name,

They shrugged and said that someone else had staked a prior claim.

I find I’ve been unpersoned by some silly software quirk,

So now I must be FredNurk2 instead of plain FredNurk.

And I am quite astonished on re-entering the hall

To find there is but little room left for debate at all.

Now quacks from Indonesia can rule the roost it seems,

And drown out commonsense entire with their deluded memes.

Such careless words and careless thoughts have little power to move;

If some spoke less and thought much more, the discourse might improve.

But Disqus binds discourse alas and so constrains debate,

The spark has been extinguished; sullen silence is my fate.

Izen supplied a very succinct haiku which I’ve awarded 3rd place:

Plain blog, complex posts.

Flame wars, clones disrupt, response?

It must be disqust!

Runner-up honours went to a pair of rhymes by Fenbeagle, who illustrated his work:

I would not flog

this DT blog

(a dead horse comes to mind)

Debate subdued

by comments rude

on posts too hard to find

Or (showing a remarkable disregard for the brief)….

A greeny is a meany

of that there is no doubt

They wish for us to suffer

while they do nowt but shout

And the winner of the Express Your Disqust Writing Competition


The envelope please… thank you James…

goes to Insomniac Revelations, once again by our own NoIdea:

Nightmares, but not in sleep

Somehow still there, concrete

Flashing words, Insane blurs

Weeping angel shadow eyes

The darkness bleeding silent lies

Daily morning exhausted defeat

Telegraph the pain, still no sleep

Battling again with the demon elite

The sword of truth, it cuts deep

Pagan decisions unraveled obscene

Blood oaths filthy sacrifices unseen

Pyramid perversions pension schemes

Ponzi unbridled greed green machines

Esoteric ancient knowledge

Gnostic bloody evil porridge

Vampiric lustful power leaches

Maggots within golden peaches

Luna mystery goddess bitch

Solar serpent no matter which

Veils of deception are shattered

Freedom and justice are what matter

The Sheppard is the wolf

A wolf that looks like a sheep

Many thanks to all who contributed. Congratulations NoIdea: if you could e-mail me your snail mail address, I’ll get your copy of Heaven And Earth off to you ASAP.

I’ll set up a poll for the short story section soon.

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