Give ‘Em Hell, James

It would be remiss of me not to wish our God-Emperor all the best on his current American promotional tour of his new book, Watermelons. I just heard him being interviewed here (H/T FergalR) on Ron Smith’s WBAL Radio show. I’m particularly impressed at how effortlessly James pushes the troll-alert buttons to deliver just the right amount of spluttering, self-righteous outrage on his blog from the usual suspects, exactly when his publicity machine needs it. Brilliant!

Buy the book! And tell all your friends to buy it too. Just click the picture at the top and you’ll be directed to the order form on James’ own website.

Meantime, you may wish to add your own encouragement below.

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7 Responses to Give ‘Em Hell, James

  1. fenbeagle says:

    Better still, buy the British version later.
    …(Although I may be prejudiced.)…..There will probably be sub titles to explain the humour to Australians.

    No Fenbeagle in the current release?? Then I’m waiting – Oz

  2. Kitler says:

    fenbeagle darn it was going to undercut you with my crayon art work drat beaten again. I’m waiting for the posh copy to come out then.

  3. Kitler says:

    New blog…
    Maybe you can do the story more justice Ozboy.

    Well, I’ve just covered animal welfare so I’ll leave this one to you – I’ve left a comment – Oz

  4. Luton Ian says:

    have you seen this? the US EPA is requiring fuel refiners to pay it “credits” in leiw of adding cellulose derived ethanol to fuel.

    No one has yet managed to produce ethanol by that route, which meets the EPA’s specs, so as the ethanol is not available – the EPA gets to extort.

    hat tip to Firehand for pointing that out.

    As my uncle used to say, at least Ned Kelly had the decency to wear a f%^$#*@ mask – Oz 👿

  5. fenbeagle says:

    I have my crayons out. Who are the most critical of Julia Gillard at the moment, over the carbon tax, which isn’t a carbon tax?

    Well, pretty much everyone Fen. The wagons are circled – Oz

  6. fenbeagle says:

    Thanks OZ, that cuts it down a bit!……..But if Julia was a comic baddy…..Who would be Batman? And who would be Robin

    Ah, I misunderstood you earlier… you’re looking for a subject. OK: call Tony (Mr Rabbit – a cartoonists’ delight) Batman, and his side-kick… say, Andrew Bolt – Oz

  7. fenbeagle says:

    I’m glad I asked you OZ. I wouldn’t have thought of Bolt.

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