Seasons Greetings

And that’s it for LibertyGibbert for another year.

Work and family commitments have meant I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked this year, yet we’ve managed to have some interesting discussions. Thank you to all and sundry who have contributed, lurked or visited throughout the year.

I’ll leave the discussion below open until Monday 23rd December; then I’ll close the blog down until sometime around mid-January. Next year will see some significant changes in my own life, so I’m not exactly sure how much time I’ll have available for blogging. If you haven’t done so already, use the Follow button and you’ll be alerted to all new posts. I do have some ideas for articles, and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Till then, may you and your family have a safe and enjoyable festive season, and may peace and liberty follow you in 2014 wherever you may go.

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15 Responses to Seasons Greetings

  1. farmerbraun says:

    Mate that looks suspiciously like an FC or FE Special.

    My dad drove an EK Special (more pointed tail fins – or Finns?) for the first eight years of my life. The clip looks so much like some of my old family holiday photos it’s not funny – Oz

  2. Amanda says:

    Whatever you do, Oz, I hope it’s enriching. Change is good as long as it’s an improvement, or blows fresh air into the room. Maybe I’m reading too much into your comments, but they sound a bit valedictory. Or maybe it’s my awareness that everything is a gift for the moment and can be taken away at any time…. In any case, I wish you and your other readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. (Good song post at the end there, by the way.)

    I’ll still be here in 2014 Amanda. Just not sure how often. Wishing you and yours a merry Florida Christmas – Oz

  3. Kitler says:

    Well happy Christmas to you and your family, as for life changes got lots of my own going on right now which may involve more traveling than I have been used to for a long while. On the plus side I might get to see more of the USA than ever before and lots of work growth challenges.

    Try not to get snowed in up there – Oz

  4. rogercuul says:

    I am still lurking and it is nice to see the familiar faces.
    Nothing much changes here in sunny Cheshire although it is probably just me in my little cocoon as everything passes me by.
    Best wishes to all for a Happy Christmas and a peaceful 2014.

    G’day Rog,

    Shame about the cricket (cough).

    Best wishes also to you and yours – Oz

  5. izen says:

    Seasons greetings to Ozboy and his tribe…
    Thanks for a year of stimulating debate which I hope you will be able to continue at some level.
    If only for the selfish reason that it it gives me somewhere intelligent to test my radicalism against its opponents!

    Happy holidays to all and I hesitate to recommend this as Xmas fare as I am still unsure how to judge it. But with a chance to give three hours of attention to one thing during the holidays I would suggest the film – Cloud Atlas.

    It is either a pretentious load of mystical nonsense with actors far to keen to raid the makeup box….
    Or it is a very clever espousal of the basic Libertarian ethic that slavery, coercion and the domination of the individual by social convention or personal power is an eternal wrong with consequences that ripple through time from our words and actions.

    If you take my recommendation and decide that it is the first and I have wasted three hours of your life, sorry, {grin}

    I’ll look it up. Warmest wishes to you and yours – Oz

  6. Merry Christmas Oz! And to all the keen minds on here, attempting to square the circles….

    Likewise Fen. Great to see you in print at the DT again – Oz

  7. farmerbraun says:

    Somebody has to post a “Christmas” song, right?

  8. Amanda says:

    That’s a relief then, Oz! You’re an institution now: you can’t pack it in! (Giggle) My Florida Christmas will be even merrier if I can find a tree to put my decorations on. They look a bit silly hanging off the knobs on the chest of drawers!

  9. Amanda says:

    Izen: Since you’re my favourite whipping-boy on this website, I figure I owe you a particularly nice, friendly, unwolfish, and sincere Merry Christmas. Even if you’re a Buddhist. Or Vehemently Atheist a la Dawkins. You’re always very pleasant and indeed chivalrous to me, and I appreciate it.

  10. Amanda says:

    The Roger-Oz exchange is laugh-out loud funny! Take care, Rog.

  11. Kitler says:

    Izen Cloud Atlas is worth watching so you haven’t wasted your time, whatever it’s message is, even if there is one, but then again Dances with Smurfs or Avatar was a good film. At least you are an unusual lefty one that is willing to debate rather than scream or shout and dip into the Saul Alinsky tool box first chance you get, anyhow merry Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Solstice or whatever dark cult you are into.

  12. Edward. says:


    Been a long time and seeing as over the years I gave some of our antipodean cousins a bit of stick about that damned game called um – cricket.
    I’m gonna hold up my hand and say, even though I’m Yorkshire born and bred and cricket is in my blood – England and Yorkshire – well played to the old enemy and fair dinkum you did us good mates!
    Out batted, out bowled and done over good and proper by the better team! Australia the brave!

    I love the Aussies and love to beat them at sport but we must lose sometimes – otherwise it wouldn’t be cricket old sport – what-oh!

    Best and seasonal wishes to you Oz and all the best to your nearest too – and do take care of yourself – keep making waves and surfing!!


    G’day Edward,

    Yes indeed, it’s been great to watch Australia reclaim the urn; I can’t help thinking that Darren Lehmann’s back-to-basics approach has been a large part of the turnaround, while England’s over-analyzing everything and chucking huge amounts of money at dieticians and bootlacing coaching panels has achieved the opposite. Cricket, at the end of the day, is a pretty simple game really.

    Likewise, all the best to you and yours over the festive season – Oz

  13. meltemian says:

    Happy Christmas Oz’ and everyone.
    I’m in England. For three weeks visiting friends and family and spending Christmas with the kids and grand kids so I’m struggling with using Mr. M’s iPad!
    Hope everyone has a lovely Chriistmas and we all have a better New Year- especially here in Greece. (Heaven knows it can’t get much worse)
    Hope to catch up with everyone in January.

    And to you and yours, Mel.

    I actually have an idea for an article which I’m sketching out already. I’ll try to flesh it out over Christmas if I get time – Oz

  14. Ozboy says:

    OK folks, I’m outta here. Best wishes for the season to all and see you again in a few weeks.

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