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Greasing Wheels, Greasing Palms

So now, it’s the conservatives’ turn. This site over the last few years has been unapologetically scathing about systemic, entrenched corruption within the Australian Labor Party. Financial irregularities surrounding the Australian Workers’ Union, particularly in Victoria and Western Australia, have … Continue reading

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A Slap On The Wrist

Twelve months. With nine of them suspended. What a bloody joke. At long, long last, corrupt former union official and Labor MHR Craig Thomson, the man onto whose vote the Gillard government clung by its fingernails, was today sentenced in … Continue reading

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A Plea For Tasmania

Tasmania goes to the polls tomorrow to elect a state government. And never has a state election here been of greater importance.

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Not Right

I feel like a bit of a semantic quibble today. It concerns the term “right-wing”. As most of you are probably already aware, the terms “left-wing” and “right-wing” have their origins in the États Généraux, the old French Legislative Assembly, back … Continue reading

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The Ascension Into Heaven

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this. But in a secret deal, sealed only yesterday, James Delingpole, from next month, will be job-swapping with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. I will be looking forward to reading Tony’s Telegraph blog, commenting … Continue reading

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Judicial Activism And Its Threat To Liberty

This week, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the long-promised Royal Commission into union corruption. Its terms of reference—initially confined to a small number of unions and designed primarily to shine a light on the activities of the Australian Workers Union … Continue reading

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Some Musings On Specialization

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new these past few weeks, but I’ve been laid low by a viral infection that I’m finding rather difficult to shake. So I thought I’d start a discussion with a few jottings, on a topic … Continue reading

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Hoist On Their Own Petard

Happy New Year to all my readers. I thought I’d interrupt my summer holidays in balmy climes to have a bit of a chortle at two seemingly unrelated stories in the news over the last few days. One concerns cricket, … Continue reading

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Seasons Greetings

And that’s it for LibertyGibbert for another year. Work and family commitments have meant I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked this year, yet we’ve managed to have some interesting discussions. Thank you to … Continue reading

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Fifty Years On, And We’re None The Wiser.

I was alive when it happened. But as I was living in Sydney, and only six months old at the time, I’m not very high on the FBI’s list of suspects. Probably.

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