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Seasons Greetings

And that’s it for LibertyGibbert for another year. Work and family commitments have meant I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked this year, yet we’ve managed to have some interesting discussions. Thank you to … Continue reading

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Psephology 101, Or Why Britain Should Embrace Electoral Reform

You may recall back in August, I railed against the undemocratic farce that Australian federal Senate elections have become. As indeed it has. Since the election in September, things have turned from farcical to downright embarrassing. During a contested recount … Continue reading

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LibertyGibbert Open Forum

I’m tied up with work at the moment so don’t have time for an in-depth article; so I’m throwing the floor over to you. A couple of starters: A number of British readers have expressed a bit of envy at … Continue reading

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The New, Libertarian Conscience Of the Senate

I said the other week that I agreed with Paul Keating’s famous denunciation of the Senate as “unrepresentative swill”. It’s now looking highly likely that, due to complicated preference deals which few voters understood or were even aware of, six … Continue reading

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Clean Up Australia Day

Today’s the day. After six years of Labor incompetence and obsession with leadership battles, Machiavellian sub-plots, the best-forgotten Gillard Experiment, and the finale of Rudd Redux, Australians today will finally have their chance to go to the polls and cast … Continue reading

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Unrepresentative Swill

I said the other day I’d have more to say about Senate voting, and why I believe it has descended into an undemocratic farce. The Australian Senate is an artefact of our history. Our founding fathers in the 1890s, looking … Continue reading

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Coasting Home

If there was any justice, this election would already be long over. Having initially announced the election date back in January, Julia Gillard, and more latterly Kevin Rudd, have been determined to subject the nation to the political equivalent of … Continue reading

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Prai Minista Em Bin Brukim Promis Austrelia

Is anyone really surprised? Last Friday’s announcement by Prime Minister Redux Rudd, that as of now, all illegal boat arrivals would be sent to Papua New Guinea and, if assessed as genuine refugees, would be permanently resettled there, is an … Continue reading

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No Big Deal

Much has been made over the last day or so about the fact that the Member for Chifley, Ed Husic, was today sworn in as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Parliamentary Secretary for Broadband. Husic, 43, born and raised … Continue reading

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Parliament On A Knife Edge Part VIII – Panic Stations And A Palace Coup

This has now gone so far beyond a joke that I hardly know where to start. So much ink has been spilled by hoary press gallery veterans covering Labor’s leadership soap opera, that there is very little new that LibertyGibbert … Continue reading

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