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Anthropogenic Global Warming: the theory or claim that human activities are pushing the earth’s environment towards catastrophic changes in climate.

Thrice Denied

Gosh—I’m a denier!

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The Missing Fifty Million

Fifty million people—the equivalent population of Burma, South Korea, Spain or South Africa—they’ve gone. Vanished. Or perhaps, more precisely, they’ve been disappeared.

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I promised myself that I’d stay away from Global Warming, at least until some new wrinkle turned up that promised some sort of interesting discussion. But seeing as GE is away, surfing apparently (you’ll forgive my antipodean snickering as I … Continue reading

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The scene: a desolate, barren moonscape. Lightning bolts flash occasionally across a blackened sky. Boiling, bubbling lava pools dot the ground as far as the eye can see, sending plumes of reeking smoke into the gloom. The only sounds are … Continue reading

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McLurg’s Law

I wasn’t planning to comment on the Japanese earthquake, as it’s being fully covered elsewhere. But last night’s hysterical treatment of the relatively minor damage at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on the local current affairs TV program Four … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Dissent Part III: Naked National Interest

The emergence of China as the world’s new superpower has raised many questions in the international community and across the blogosphere regarding the longer-range agenda of the Middle Kingdom. In a recent discussion on this forum, the question of Chinese … Continue reading

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MWP – The Warmists’ Retreat Gains Speed

I’m on the road at the moment, so just a brief post today. I was most amused to read the latest article in Watt’s Up With That? concerning a climate conference that occurred a month ago in Portugal, and attended … Continue reading

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It’s Started Again – Biodiversity And The IPBES

We’ve been predicting it, and now it appears to have happened. After Cancún, Anthropogenic Global Warming is generally expected to have oulived (by far) its fifteen minutes of fame, and will be quietly dropped by Western governments; so quietly, in … Continue reading

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A Bit Of British Fair Play…

…or so it seems from this story in the UK Daily Telegraph. Under new guidelines published on Tuesday, the BBC will henceforth be required to give “appropriate weight” to dissenting views on controversial subjects—like Anthropogenic Global Warming. Our God-Emperor is … Continue reading

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Should Governments Fund Science?

With this topic, we are getting close to the heart of the whole matter. The history of government funding for the arts and sciences closely parallels the 20th-century transition of Western governments from liberal democracies to social democracies I discussed … Continue reading

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