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Anthropogenic Global Warming: the theory or claim that human activities are pushing the earth’s environment towards catastrophic changes in climate.

Not A Good Time To Visit Tasmania

But before Tourism Tasmania sends a hit man out after me, let me tell you why.

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Gone Skiing

Well, I wish I was anyway. Today marks the start of the Australian ski season, and reports from all resorts indicate it’ll be a ripper.

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My Favourite Pom

Sorry folks: that’s it for penises and Jews for me for a while. I thought I’d pay brief homage to one of the century’s greatest philosophers, connoisseurs, insanely fast drivers and all-round bon vivants.

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Thrice Denied

Gosh—I’m a denier!

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The Missing Fifty Million

Fifty million people—the equivalent population of Burma, South Korea, Spain or South Africa—they’ve gone. Vanished. Or perhaps, more precisely, they’ve been disappeared.

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I promised myself that I’d stay away from Global Warming, at least until some new wrinkle turned up that promised some sort of interesting discussion. But seeing as GE is away, surfing apparently (you’ll forgive my antipodean snickering as I … Continue reading

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The scene: a desolate, barren moonscape. Lightning bolts flash occasionally across a blackened sky. Boiling, bubbling lava pools dot the ground as far as the eye can see, sending plumes of reeking smoke into the gloom. The only sounds are … Continue reading

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