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Seasons Greetings

And that’s it for LibertyGibbert for another year. Work and family commitments have meant I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked this year, yet we’ve managed to have some interesting discussions. Thank you to … Continue reading

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Misery in Motown

Every Wednesday evening at 8:30, my wife and I switch on the television in our bedroom for our weekly fill of Hardcore Pawn (you should see the raised eyebrows on our friends when we tell them this). It’s a reality … Continue reading

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LibertyGibbert Open Forum

I’m tied up with work at the moment so don’t have time for an in-depth article; so I’m throwing the floor over to you. A couple of starters: A number of British readers have expressed a bit of envy at … Continue reading

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The New, Libertarian Conscience Of the Senate

I said the other week that I agreed with Paul Keating’s famous denunciation of the Senate as “unrepresentative swill”. It’s now looking highly likely that, due to complicated preference deals which few voters understood or were even aware of, six … Continue reading

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Libel, Reputation and Thin Air

This isn’t something I had planned to discuss any time soon, but recent headlines in Australia have pushed it to the head of the queue. If you don’t follow Australian politics closely, you may have missed the recent news that … Continue reading

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Libertarianism And Gun Law

This post will be briefer than I had originally intended, and for a couple of reasons. First, I haven’t put up any threads for a while, and I feel as though I need a break from work today, so here … Continue reading

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Of Human Dregs And Piano Legs

Everyone else seems to be talking about sex this week, so I’ll devote a dedicated post to a topic raised by Luton Ian on the last thread.

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Abandoning All Pretence

Behold your future. Coming soon to a banking system near you. Last weekend’s announcement by Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades that, as a precondition of the acceptance of a €10 billion EU bailout, his country would impose an immediate “tax” of up … Continue reading

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The Liberals Have Taken Over California

An act of madness. Yet seemingly inevitable. Lost somewhere amid the circus of this month’s U.S. Presidential election was a potentially far more significant and historic poll result: that of the Californian state legislature.

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The Principles Of Freedom – Some Bedtime Reading

I’m still drowning in work down here, and will be doing so for at least another three weeks. The thread on children looks likely to happen probably around the second week of November. Sorry about the delay, but I know … Continue reading

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