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Violence An Inch Beneath The Surface

What are we to make of this lot?

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The Rainbow Connection

Last Thursday, Tasmania’s Lower House of parliament passed a bill which, if ratified by the Upper House next month, will make the Apple Isle the first state of Australia to legalize gay marriage.

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More Of The Shiny Stuff

A few random jottings on gold while I’m out on the road; back in a week.

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Liberty, Faith And Reason

Today, LibertyGibbert will look at the rôle of religion in an increasingly secular society, and question how religious faith can potentially add to, and conversely how institutionalized religion has so often subtracted from, the liberty of the individual.

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Comparative Advantage – Worth It On Balance?

I’m still hammering away on my next longer essay. Meantime, one recent article I noticed on the Mises Daily is something I’ve been meaning to ask you about.

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Deferring To Our Betters?

I’m in the middle of writing a longer article on religion; but meantime, here’s an article from today’s Sydney Daily Telegraph that caught my eye, and which has serious implications for the administration of criminal justice in all countries whose … Continue reading

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An Evening With James Delingpole

Today’s LibertyGibbert thread comes to you from Sydney, Australia’s largest city, where this evening I had the great pleasure of listening to James Delingpole, climate warrior and God-Emperor of the blogosphere, speaking live to a packed house.

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Calling A Spade A Bloody Shovel

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Our Traditions Are Worth Upholding

On this day, the 97th Anzac Day, I have been wondering about the motives of some in our community who, by all appearances, seem to want to ditch our national traditions, in particular our annual remembrance of those soldiers who … Continue reading

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Copyright And Intellectual Property – A Case Of Overkill

Two pieces of information I’ve received in the last 24 hours prompted me to open a discussion on Libertarianism and intellectual property rights. Firstly, the tragic death yesterday of Australian band Men At Work’s multi-instrumentalist Greg Ham, in his suburban … Continue reading

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